for those who are against medical marijuana:

You are making a terrible mistake in your thinking.  Marijuana is good medication.  I am not speaking of recreational use, as a matter of fact I say we outlaw alcohol while we are at it!  Let’s just give bankers everything we own right now and give up our freedoms too–they only upset the ruling classes after all.  You are helping America lock up your own kids by opposing marijuana and that is not a G0Dly way to go!  where’s the freedom? is this a talibangelist fascist puppet state now? I will run and I will end the wars fix the economy and save homes as well as legalize and forgive student loans.  I will do everything in the first one hundred days.  I will use what Heir Bush left me, and I will kick out the Fed, save the dollar, our economy, and bring peace to the entire planet.  how?  with my nuts and the knowledge of water that my people, the Jews know everything about.  I will make not green economies, but water economies.  I do not wish to live under Chinese Rule!!  


  1. Hemp is probably the most useful resource we have on this planet.  it is a source of paper, fiber, fuel, food and medicine and continues to be denied to mankind out of greed, ignorance and fear.  In this day and age where our main source of news has become the Internet rather than the newspaper and magazines “The Hearst Hold” should finally be lifted.  However, the legalization of marijuana would be admitting a wrong done to American society. The powers that be would NEVER admit a wrong, they just continue to wrap bitter pills in sugar and force it down the throats of the public. The inability to admit our wrongs, take accountability and the lustful greed of money is the fall of mankind.  I watch Roseanne’s Nuts and think to myself how similar creatures we are.  I too left the rat race, I was a private investigator and bounty hunter for 16 years, when my husband died I had a “what does it all mean” moment and sold everything and moved to the country to finish raising my three children.  Roseanne’s back to the basics lifestyle is exactly what we should remember about who we were as humans.  Before Industrialism we as a race lived off the land, we took care of the land because it sustained us.  We used all of her resources and gave back to as we should have.  Getting back to nature so to speak made me take a long hard look at myself and everything I thought was important.  sorry I have begun to ramble on.  Bottom Line:  Legalization of marijuana is the Right thing to do.  just do it America!

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    Love yer style Martin, and your use of ….., of which I am also a fan. Thanks for cleverly answering riverane. When I see how many more peoples lives are ruined by the poorly informed opinions of others, a tear comes to my eye. A tear of aggravation. Riveranes’ expectations of what celebrity means are equally unfounded. Roseannes Nuts is Satire, comedy, and politics wrapped in a sur-reality show. Ljg wonders if Riverane stayed tuned in for the second ” girl power” show. Now theres a great example of R using her celeb status for good! Backwards thinking by fearful believers in a failed system. And on a scale of 1 to 10, fuck scales of 1 to 10! Riverrane does a great disservice to this blog by attempting to undermine its host and her message. It sickens me to know such a poorly informed person would be spreading their “opinion”, about something they have obviously never needed. I am tired of people ranking on pot, when its big pharma thats ruining the people of Amerikkka. Vicodin( painkiller) is both physically and psychologically addicting. And its one of, if not the best selling drugs, along with xanax(anxiety)It doesnt take a fucking va-genius to figure out whos making huge money off of our mental/physical ailments. Heres a hint, they are the same asshats who are telling you medical marijuana is a” illegal drug”. Weed profits neither the AMA, or Big Pharma..Weed has no big corrupt lobbyists promoting its evil agenda… Its a simple plant that can help sick people feel better. Dont Believe The Anti Medical Marijuana Hype! Just cuz they cant control our independant production of our own medicine, doesnt mean the medicine has no value. The Government is trying to take away more of our dwindling rights. The right to cultivate our own food and medicine should also be inalienable.! BARR 2012 Grow our own Solutions!

  3. unfortunately many people are uninformed because they don’t read, don’t live the everyday problems and ugly conditions…… And then the experience leads saying or thinking things aren’t right. I admire you Roseanne and you support! Come on!

  4. Lady Rosanne,
    I am new to “Rosanne’s Nuts” ( 2 weeks )
    See, after they turned off the TV’s a couple of years ago forcing folks to buy a lil black box to attach to get TV, I simply refused to do so. Since then I watch my favorite dvd’s and I watch what I can on the internet.
    Soooo, a couple of weeks ago I came across “Rosanne’s Nuts” and I have been lovin it ever since!
    ALL episodes brought me joy and laughter and seeing Ms. Diller and Sandra brought back happy memories from the past cause FOLKS that have made me laugh hold a special place in my heart!
    I am 54 years of age and walked away from cancer treatments of chemo and radiation and the bag of man made pills cause this nature girl just couldn’t take it….So I smoke to relax and relieve stress and pain.
    Watching your episode on Marijuana has given me strength to go into a medical facility (I was scared to trust government and go in there).
    Continue being You Lady, cause GOD gave you the right, so continue to go forth!
    Love You Much,
    a new Sista Friend of yours! :)

  5. you are really uninformed.

  6. No problem. Those of us who are for a free world and legalization of a plant that has so many medical benefits must stick together.So you are very welcome. All my good wishes to you and I will definitely keep watching and listening to the people about what is going on around us :)

  7. Hey, thanks :)

  8. Peter Arth is the former mayor recently recalled and in his place is now Nick Mitchell who owns the only grocery store within 10 miles. The way the current water rates work that he proposed and was passed is “the more water you use the less you pay if you own a commercial building.” (he has a HUGE refrigeration unit using 100’s of gallons daily) Except if you own the building that is housing the current dispensary, then mystery water rates are added.
    Law Enforcement is vendored through the sheriff’s office and the new Sheriff is independently wealthy. His only platform was “eradicate marijuana in any form.”
    Yes, we are at the bottom of Mt. Shasta. Beautiful view from here….

  9. I will keep watching how things turn out for you in Dunsmuir. I hope someday the world will realize this is a good thing. A community garden to grow veggies and even MMJ for patients would be one of the greatest things. I’ll keep watching and hoping for you.

  10. Zelda wrote——>
    The current mayor owns the only store in town.
    mcovax writes—->
    Is the current Dunsmuir,Ca.
    Mayor,…….you refer to
    this Peter Ash guy?
    or someone else?
    The law enforcement also complained about
    crime ,and someone stealing the pot crop?
    Excellent view of Shasta there…very pretty.

  11. Tonya Cutrell says:

    ROSEANNE this ones for you….. CALL NUMBER TO LEGALIZE POT…LOVE ANY AND ALL SHOWS YOU WILL EVER BE IN.. forgive my terrible typing and prolly many mistakes on here but its not because im high, its because im tired and computer illiterate and yes my husband had to help me spell that word, lol… But seriously come on i don’t even smoke it and i say legalize it already… If and ONLY IF you think it should be legal please call this FREE number and let’s get er done for ROSEANNE…1-973-409-3274 please all HELP… i say Roseanne needs her herbs and i want to help her get them into any state or country she wants to go, and if you smoke it too than help legalize it by calling… P.L.E.A.S.E. FOR GODS SAKE CALL ALREADY… Obama will heaar your words if spoken loudly enough and by enough… # it everyone…

  12. Tonya Cutrell says:

    First off id like to say your full of CRAP if you think legalizing Mary Jane,Personally i don’t need it because i’m on soooo many medicines its not even funny, however i support Roseanne to the absolute fullest.Take in consideration of the countries debts and look at the billions we owe, now take away all the prisoners of which we wouldnt have to house, feed, clothe,and much much more, all that money would be saved, not to mention they could always just put the people whom do illegal stuff such as murder,rape, breaking and entering and shit like that while on ‘POT’ in prison or jail,and watch how fast this country and others get back to where we need to be NOW.THINK PEOPLE THINK. she is my idol. i couldnt immagine what id been doing had i not had Roseanne’s shows to watch. I can tell you word for word she has ever had on Roseanne and not miss a beat. I am told by my Adopted kids that i repeat some of her motherly love off the show towards my kids and they laugh so hard, I wish i could meet her in person, i love everything that comes out her mouth and its not because were the same damn size, i was a ‘exspected’ petite size and due to my medical reasons i am now PHAT again. and who says we must be a size 0 like my damn daughter just to be a actress, ahhh bullshit… Roseanne and Johnny your GREAT… and i have a number for you that will legalize pot,weed,grass,purp,home grown, and much much more if your interested. it only takes 1 million callers and takes 30 seconds and will be addressed to Obama once received… Roseanne i love how open, honest, real, and sincere you are about helping the world with world hunger and giving your own veggies and such out on a whim was very REFRESHING to see… i hope to see you on t.v. even after Roseanne’s Nuts, or i’ll go NUTS for real. Tonya Cutrell also on Facebook. live free!!!! Not CAPTURED!

  13. The new City Counsel just passed a restrictive ordinance that is illegal. There’s a local newspaper online that has kept pretty good track of what’s happening.
    The current mayor owns the only store in town. We were just trying to create a community garden space that happened to grow some MM as well. But, a bunch of old people panicked and won the vote.
    Currently, there are two issues, the water and MM. Dunsmuir is known for “the best water on earth”. We wanted to make food and grow herbs, vegetables, flowers and MM with that water and it would have worked.
    Stay tuned… We will never give up.
    We are very close neighbors…. eh? is on it as well. I will check out your site. : )

  14. Riverane wrote—–>
    being a celebrity, your standards & actions are mirrored, i think you did your new show & yourself a great disservice by promoting the use of M.M., just my honest opinion, i hate to see the show ruined….don’t feel like you need to always push thee envelope–it gets old real fast…
    Mcovax writes———–>
    Hi Riverane…….
    I haven’t seen all Rosies’ Hawaii shows……..but if she admits she uses cannibis
    ….for whatever her personal or political reasons are….she is gonna be open and honest about it ……
    …….that is her style.
    I don’t think she is “always” pushing the envelope
    As a public figure, yes,…she does have a “spotlight”
    on her to a degree……….but so what?
    Don’t buy into ….or give that word *”celebrity”*
    too much weight or importance…
    she is setting examples
    by just bein as real .
    There has been ALOT MORE HARM done by
    people being dishonest …in the history
    of the world………than from people using cannibis.
    I vote for honesty FIRST…….i hope you understand.

  15. Bravo to you Oregon Medical Cannabis University. I agree with you completely in regards to Riverrane. I pray that she never has to suffer when THC could make her life more bearable. As far as Roseanne, I am grateful for anyone who takes the time and stands up for Medical Patients. Saying it lowers someone’s opinion of her is ridiculous. I think more of Roseanne for her bravery to stand up in this day when people still look down at MMJ patients.

  16. Oregon Medical Cannabis University says:

    Riveranne, I feel sorry for you and pray you never are denied the healing herb so any millions of Americans choose to use. Perhaps WE don’t care for your opinion. Your voicing negative comments regarding medicine you obviously have no scientific knowledge of has lowered my opinion of you to a ZERO.
    Hoping you never get cancer and need THC to cure you!

  17. I am going to comment first, then read the comments that are already posted here…So dissappointed in the marijuana show-there are so many people, young & old,ruined by drugs and alcohol, it just sickens me-If you use M.M., that’s your business, we *ALL*, don’t need to know about it, it lowers the respect level so much, ten being the highest amount of repsect and zero being the lowest–you just went from a 8 to a 3, being a celebrity, your standards & actions are mirrored, i think you did your new show & yourself a great disservice by promoting the use of M.M., just my honest opinion, i hate to see the show ruined….don’t feel like you need to always push thee envelope–it gets old real fast…

  18. Smiles your way looking for the friend request. Friends are a good thing to have. Marijuana Hillbilly loves it’s friends.

  19. ok guys, I sent the friend request on FB and I showed the group ”
    Marijuana Hillbilly “on my bulletin board!! we must Continue in this way , so the distances are getting shorter!

  20. That is awesome. How is it going? Are you going to be allowed to have your community garden? Check out Marijuana Hillbilly Magazine and Terry Ann Johnson on FB we are neighbors in Lakehead. :) Wishing you all the best on the garden would love to hear more.

  21. Just knowing people support helps. Check out Marijuana Hillbilly on FB as well as myself. The more friends we can gather together maybe we can actually make a difference. The world needs to be enlightened.

  22. “I worry that drugs have forced us to become more creative than we really are.”
    Lily Tomlin

  23. Jeanne Boerner says:

    the difficulty with the country is that people are too apathetic we need a complete governmental overhaul get those money grabbing high horse rich bastards out of there and get some like minded,intelligent,spiritually enlightened people in there…I say change the color of money…and legalize drugs all of them take criminal element out of it and then more drug wars,fix the budget and live and let live..yeah let’s do it !

  24. imho it is unconstitutional. people have the right to determine their treatment when dealing with illness.
    the govt. does NOT know what is best for us. I’m sick of the government being my overlord. The govt needs to get off of peoples backs. It’s nobody’s business what an adult citizen of this FREE country chooses to put into her/his body.

  25. I absolutely agree. As a rather Nerd-like type, I can say this without some ulterior motive. When my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, a cancer from which she died, the legally available pain killers were anything but marijuana. Doesn’t that seem absurd? That a person could be legally prescribed all kinds of heavy drugs but not marijuana.
    It’s kind of like Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant,” where he’s sitting on the bench with the Mother Rapers and the Father Rapers for littering. Truly absurd!
    So, if you want to deal with your pain, you can get an unending supply of Oxycontin but you’ll get handcuffs for marijuana.
    And I say this as someone who doesn’t use marijuana. I say this like the kid in the Emperor’s New Clothes…Yes, the emperor is naked!

  26. hei thebluebells!!! prima parlavi con me? dicevi che sei stato in italia? e dove? a presto!!!! spero di incontrare molta gente bella qui e sopratutto di aprire un dialogo con Roseanne che stimo moltissimo!
    Hey Thebluebells! Are u speaking with me? you said that u’ve been in Italy? and where? see you soon!! I hope to meet many beautiful people here and especially to open a dialogue with Roseanne that I admire very much

  27. thebluebells says:

    Ciao Martin…sono stato in Italia per 5 anni.
    Anyway, LOVE you Roseanne! And completely agree. I think every politician on Earth could do with a nice big toke.
    And you mention the big banks etc. taking control of the world? Check out Margot Kidder being arrested today in Washington D.C. and read up on the oil pipeline being constructed that will destroy the environment. Everyone in politics talks about how important the environment is and fuckety bla blah blah…but NO effort is made to make eco-friendly energy sources and we are spending BILLIONS more for future oil usage.
    p.s. My first post on here. Love your new show and am a big fan of macadamia nuts too. And think the hippy on your show is kinda sexy too. In a weird way. Guess I am weird.

  28. Martin hey! I know that Italy isn’t far, but what Roseanne says for me is very important and I agree fully.
    Fortunately, the Internet shortens the distance! eh hehe! Thank you for the compliments for the language, I studied a lot when I went to high-school, university exams and then I argued at Trinity College here in Italy. What you asked me? Where is Libya? I think that it’s not even close but far away .. something in between. Why?

  29. If the world had a spine we would all stand up to china for devaluing their currency and “monkey-ing” with the books for all these years. It is the only thing Donald Trump ever said i agreed with.
    I don’t think the world likes the Chinese products, we all just tolerate it. Case in point, the crash test of a Chinese car went like viral, but we still bomb around in death trap neon’s, old fiestas, and bubble back civics with no concern, or quibble.

  30. Fabio……’s just so nice
    to hear from you ..and Italy..
    ..I love Italy.
    You are not too far away…this is the net.
    Your English is as good as any American.
    I am in Southern California.
    We have medical marijuana legal here presently.
    maybe you can give us the
    perpective from there…….
    Libya is close by? Where’s Momar K. ?

  31. I say for both. Because old grow ops are pretty devastating on families going for that first place.
    Tax it, regulate it, open big corporate to it. The communists once built an actual car, from a plastic like substance that was derived from cannabis. The uses are unlimited. The plants themselves also produce more oxygen than your average tree. I’m sure that almost every plastic based product could be made from cannabis and fuel as well.
    Why not pay the deficit on the ashtrays of the nation, the only thing anyone killed while High on weed was a refrigerator.

  32. Roseanne you’re right! if we continue by this step we will live under Chinese rule !! I also agree on the use of marijuana (not recreational use)but medical .. unfortunately many don’t understand …

  33. I wish I could do something.. but I’m too far away .. or not …. I’m writing from italy .. What can I do??

  34. Hello. I’ve been a fan well I don’t about you but let’s not say exactly how long. Anyway, my daughter and I run a brand new magazine (Marijuana Hillbilly Magazine)and we would like to send you some t-shirts and tote bags of our stoner gear. We are trying to do our part in placing a face to the world of medical marijuana patients. Because we are so tired of the stupidity of the people who have no idea what they are talking about when they say NO to legalization. After I saw the show about you trying to get a medical card in Hawaii I was so terribly upset that I felt the need to reach out. From one patient to another I hope all is much better for you. Godspeed to you and never, ever stop speaking your mind. That is why we love you. Terry Ann Johnson / Marijuana Hillbilly Magazine

  35. Peter wrote—->
    I can’t believe how expensive peanut butter is.
    I want to grow my own peanuts, grind them and put Smucker’s jelly on top between Wonderbread
    M Covax writes—–>
    Are you eating Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches while posting on this site?
    You have absolutely no moral compass or manners.
    The Peanut butter ain’t such a bad product tho…..I mean…it’s all going up in price across the board…
    isn’t it?
    don’t know about growin the peanuts…legume isn’t it?…..if I start a garden……I wanna know what the best producing veggie is…….squash?etc. or whatever.
    but……If it comes tommorrow…
    ..I will die a slow death…probably mumbeling..
    ..”why didn’t I listen? why? WHY????…
    Zelda wrote——>
    Our mayor wanted to have a community marijuana garden. We were going to call him Mayor-wanna.
    martin covax writes——->
    I support the Mayor-wanna platform, Zelda.
    Here in the LA Crenshaw District…..which is
    basically a more income challanged Black area here….
    this black guy started to grow a garden down a
    mid-street parkway…(LA City owned).that was just unused space…..weeds
    ..and it has become popular…and more and more
    of this parkway is becoming a popular neigh. garden.
    He is kinda doin NOW…. what RB says
    we’re all gonna be doin soon….and it is working WELL DOWN THERE……..The guy was a hero imo.

  36. Decriminalize and LEGALIZE!!! PERIOD!!!
    Yes, it’s great for MANY MANY physical and emotional ailments, but come on now.
    Marinol is the pharma version. It does work for anyone afraid to be a test case in areas w/ no medical MJ laws.
    Medical or recreation, it’s all goooooood…. Thanks for stepping up to the plate, Roseanne, and showing the country just how gooood it is.
    BARR 2012!!! Fix this shit alreay!

  37. Oregon Medical Cannabis University says:

    Thank You Roseanne! We need more folks like you to stand up with us for the freedom to use medical cannabis, without fear of prosecution.
    There are groups like “Mothers against Drunk Drivers” but there has never been a need for a group called mothers against stoned drivers! There has never ever been a death related to a Cannabis overdose, yet thousands of people die daily due to accidental overdose on government approved pharmaceuticals. We did not invent the plant, nor is it ignorable that we are all born with endocannabinoids in our brains. (a natural processing occurrence in our brains to accept cannabinoids from the plant)
    The problem for the Feds now is all of our evidences are more prevalent than ever. State by state we are all making a difference.
    Perhaps when I open my second facility in Pahoa Town ( we are hoping by 2013 ) I can make a difference in your quality of life by giving you some medibles and tinctures to keep your anxiety under control. I can guarantee you we know what we are doing and you will not taste dirt in anything ever again! LOL
    Please feel free to contact me if I may assist you in anyway. Our webiste is
    Thank You again for standing up for your medicine.
    The President/Director of Oregon Medical Cannabis University

  38. If marijuana was legal society would, oddly enough, move more quickly and the right wingers want us to slow down, ie control.
    We might not physically move faster, but some of our minds will get sharper, due to pain relief–the brain that processes pain 24/7 is not able to work, except as a robot–and a lot of wars can be won by words.

  39. I can’t believe how expensive peanut butter is.
    I want to grow my own peanuts, grind them and put Smucker’s jelly on top between Wonderbread.

  40. I am sorry my post showed up twice. It was an error that happened. It said there was failure to post.. so I posted again and now it is there twice. Sorry to all, I swear I am not an idiot!

  41. Simple thinking : Alcohol is legal.. Mary Jane is not. I have been drunk, and I have been High(been a long time..was in college) Being drunk requires much more recovery time, and can cause more embarrassing moments. I don’t get why Marijuana is not legal, but drinking is. As for medical reasons.. I totally know it would help my dad, he has a list of problems that forced him to retire early… but he refuses even though I am 100 percent sure he smoked it in the 70s. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke or eat marijuana. I think as long as people are not bothering me, what do I care. As for medicine I am not a doctor and I cannot speak on it. However, I don’t see why so many people speak out against it.. it is a waste of productive time. Just as it is the people who speak out against people like me. Let’s make the easy stuff happen and focus on creating jobs!(That’s for the politicians who won’t listen anyway)

  42. Simple thinking : Alcohol is legal.. Mary Jane is not. I have been drunk, and I have been High(been a long time..was in college) Being drunk requires much more recovery time, and can cause more embarrassing moments. I don’t get why Marijuana is not legal, but drinking is. As for medical reasons.. I totally know it would help my dad, he has a list of problems that forced him to retire early… but he refuses even though I am 100 percent sure he smoked it in the 70s. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke or eat marijuana. I think as long as people are not bothering me, what do I care. As for medicine I am not a doctor and I cannot speak on it. However, I don’t see why so many people speak out against it.. it is a waste of productive time. Just as it is the people who speak out against people like me. Let’s make the easy stuff happen and focus on creating jobs!(That’s for the politicians who won’t listen anyway)

  43. Oh good a whole new incoming slate
    well…this is Ca. here…….you know what that means…
    it has caused no real problems being
    partially legalized here,… far as I can tell,..
    ..I was able to get it for pain…….i am glad I did.
    De-stigmatize the marijuana plant…
    …it’s not poisonous…it will create jobs….
    I just got back from a quality food market……there
    were at least 50 different products in the nut butter area aisle…..Tahini—-> Peanut Butter………..
    not one single macadamia product…
    .i couldn’t even find a whole mac. nut anywhere……….
    so what has the Peanut Butter Lobby been spreading?

  44. i agree with you roseanne because i have a couple family memebers using it for medical reasons and it helps them alot and by god if i ever need it i’m sure the hell gonna use it !! love ya

  45. Its a hell of a lot safer than the anti depressants, anti anxiety, opiates, etc. As people get extremely addicted to those medications and go bat shit crazy if they are cut off. The medications cause people so many people problems from side effects. I don’t use mary jane, but I would certainly prefer it over any medications. Keep on fighting Roseanne! Fight for the peoples rights! It should only be used for those who need it for depression, anxiety, pain and cancer or in my case when your mother in law is around. Lol

  46. I hope things change soon. I’m hopeful. I live in California. Dunsmuir, CA. Our mayor wanted to have a community marijuana garden. We were going to call him Mayor-wanna. Google it, Dunsmuir, mayor marijuana.

  47. I don’t think you ever have to worry about anyone trying to force you not to have kids. Maybe your kids or your grandkids will face that out of necessity. But I do think that it is very important that the idea of not reproducing start to percolate in our society. Just today a colleague was talking about how many babies there are poppin out in Witchita Kansas. I can say the same for my town Portland Oregon. It’s as if overpopulation is some made up thing that doesn’t actually exist. The joke about Kansas was: what else is there to do? Well get a fucking hobby I say, but the point is people need to see that not having children is a viable option. I have chosen not to have kids, but plan to be a mother and adopt when I hit 40. There are just too many uncared for children out there. I think counseling people not to have kids is necessary and will be a very normal idea in probably ten years.
    I also have to say that the decriminalization of marijuana would have such huge positive repercussions in our society. I think it was Roseanne herself that wrote that pharmaceutically dependent rich people are throwing in jail marijuana dependent poor people. Marijuana is the easiest (maybe biggest) money maker for the justice system and the quickest way to put disadvantaged people away. All the most intelligent, creative people I know smoke marijuana. Sure people abuse it and waste their lives in a haze of laziness but at least they aren’t out killing people. That would entail leaving the couch! lol

  48. My mother survived esophageal cancer in 1985 because I introduced her to medicinal marijuana. I was a new RN who drew my nursing philosophy from a holistic view. This was a new concept at the nursing school I attended. They focused on physiologic. I was the student who always wanted to know what were the patients thinking and saying bout their illness. The program integrated psychosocial into every aspect of their program the year after I graduated and attributed it to me. Was invited to speak to many classes about my view of nursing and my role as a woman who wanted to be equal not subordinate. Was disciplined early in my career in the 80s for encouraging a physicians nurse to stand up to him and not allow him to berate her like he did especially in front of others. I also have partaken of medicinal marijuana for severe degenerative arthritis that has put me in a wheelchair. Have had to stop because the state I live in does not advocate its use thus pushing me to use legal medication that has many side effects that I hate but need for severe pain. I know my mother would never have survived her cancer if had not been introduced. She had lost weight and was down to 68lbs and unable to eat. Severe nausea and vomiting and the smell of food. She was wanting to stop chemo and radiation and just die until I introduced her to smoking MJ. She used to have roaches in ash trays all over the house. It was a joke in our family but she survived a cancer that had a very poor cure rate in 1985 thanks to MJ.

  49. My older brother got in legal trouble for a pot pipe. The Law is not perfect, the Law is not God and the Law must be changed!
    When I worked in a hospital, I saw an itemization for liquid cocaine. Never for THC.
    THC is great for people who have broken brains and broken spines, broken anything! It provides relief. The joy of having your soul functioning without pain, is something every human being deserves to experience.

  50. I agree with your thoughts on marijuana, however, in a post earlier today, you advocated mandatory birth control. How do you reconcile the populace being FREE to make our own choices while imposing mandatory birth control?
    No government needs to get involved in what I do with my body and that includes pregnancy. In fact, I am of the belief that the government should work FOR me NOT attempt to rule over me in any way. I am smart enough to make my own decisions and would run far away from someone who thinks they have the right to tell me what I can or cannot do with my body.