Watch me SURF this week – Wednesday on Lifetime


  1. lol, I’m watching it right now. I had to record it yesterday b/c I had to work. I could tell you were having fun. Your daughter looked a bit nervous when you first got in the water. I like your small town, or at least it looks small.

  2. Holy shit I love your new show! Glad you got out and tried surfing. I tried to run the “Warrior Dash” this year and blew my knee out. Now I have plenty of time to watch your show. Wine is always the answer and gas must always be passed. Smooches!

  3. Rosanne, I just loved this episode. Johnny and Jake are so funny together. How long did it take you to discover their secret on the housecleaning.

  4. Kona_wahine says:

    I’m thinking of trying when I come over in march, and you have given me inspiration! The tiger shark sightings this week are a bit freaky though!

  5. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Can not wait to see you Surf. I need to learn myself, well that and swimming.

  6. I love this new reality show of yours :) peace V always..

  7. Looks like you fared better than me the first, and last, time I surfed I took a wave right into the beach and ate sand!

  8. Tippy -Lite says:

    Dude, you know i live 4 houses from the sand because you’ve sat on it……. but you never mentioned a desire to learn….
    we have two 9ft “sponges” waiting for you, when you want, I will watch you paddle out…..
    Freaky granny surfer.
    Haven’t u heard of Fukashima?

  9. Taylor Miller says:

    Hey Roseanne –
    We love your mission and your show, and would like to have you come and speak at the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs Pennsylvania in September with Ed Begley Jr.
    If you’re still interested, let me know how I can send you more information, or how to get in contact with your manager.
    Here’s our link: http://www.motherearthnewsfair.com. I’m sure all your blog readers would love to come and hear you speak!
    Thanks again!
    Taylor Miller

  10. dashus christ says:

    i’m really excited to see you surfing-can’t wait for this episode!!!

  11. This is so cool! And you apparently also fun to it!