told u this was coming:



  1. I think the reason people keep voting them in is their inability to separate church and state. They think that if the lawmakers “believe” or have the same faith that they will take care of them. Bull Shit!!! Peoples spirituality should have nothing to do with politics, has any of us ever discussed our faith at a job interview. My point is that separation of church and state was a founding principle of this country for a reason.

  2. Wisc. is yrs behind S.D. these red neck inbred S.O.B.s in dakota elect repub. continuosly,home blds. assoc,chamber of com.,and moronic poppulas for decades,republican,rep,rep,and what do they get in return,convicts building houses continuously,housing here is down 80% from 4 yrs ago and these guys who the convicts put out of work keep voting the same dumb asses in,one of the lowest in wage states in the country,Right to work state,pretty soon with the republicans in office there will be 50 R,to W.states and then I will know, its not morons and imbyciles that keep voting these guys in,its alliens.

  3. Moon Shadow says:

    Ok, so if you’re arrested during a protest to protect your legal rights, and are put in WI state prison system (after jail, since it will likely now be a felony to oppose the fascist regime); the state then puts you to work possibly doing your “old” job. I need to see a financial breakdown on that one. Something to consider if you need the housing, food and medical.
    That is one fucking expensive scab, and YOU become the scab. Mindblowing really.

  4. Ladyjane Green says:

    Patriarchy in action! Go Big Daddy, Go! Watch as this prisoner work force literally sweeps the nation. In those “republicanazi” states such as Arizona and Alabama, where the hardcore anti immigration laws are being put into action, there is now an exodus of those who work the lower economic level jobs. (aka shit jobs) Watch as the void is filled with prisoners, and the corprations grow fatter and happier exploiting all that “free” labor. Meanwhile the private company that puts up the prisons( hallieburton, no doubt) swallows all kinds of federal taxpayer cash to incarcerate marijuana criminals. whatta cuntree!
    Barr 2012 End This Babylon System!

  5. joaby.boaby says:

    What’s next, slave trading between states?
    I think it will definitely be a case of you get what you pay for in terms of outlay. I’m not against labour being part of reform, I mean I agree with the principle of a hard days work, but not at the expense of union workers. Times are tough enough as it is without the prison system competing in the job market! And how does anyone justify profiteering off of the misfortune of others?
    They should be servicing the community, not private enterprise.
    R. has it right as usual. Americans should be outraged.

  6. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    OMFG. What country am I in? Why did all the men in my family serve in the Armed Forces?

  7. Right to work transferred to inmates? Hm…