this guy inspires me so much! i want to get my nuts over there too!


I want to get help making a macademia nut paste to get to this guy or somehow to those poor kids over there who are hungry while my protein rich nuts just rot on the ground.  I will meditate again this friday 2 am la time and keep seeking a way to have people help me to figure out how I can get this done!  I ask people who can help me to please contact me here!  We have to do everything ourselves, because no government can do a damn thing about solving even the simplest problems that plague our human family!
hunger is coming to america as i told you all–grow those gardens–share food community is what matters most and is also what will defeat the greedy hoarding piggy billionaires at their own game–we will freeze them out and shame them.  The rich 1% of Americans have NO PATRIOTISM AT ALL!!  they want all the good of american society FOR FREE!! they give nothing back and then they all talk about how they are the ones who will create jobs, but that is a LIE!  they have had all their tax breaks for years and they have created NO JOBS in america–and we taxpayers had to subsidize them the whole time–they do not care if their own neighbors starve, or freeze to death–how do you get that dissociative?  money makes people crazy and miserable–and not one rich person gets into heaven at all -as per jesus, (unless they start to help).


  1. Josie&Tammy says:

    We will come there and make the paste! We will help you with whatever tasks you have in mind! We don’t want to be famous and ask for nothing more than to help you make all your thoughts come true!! We don’t require much and could help with so many things! I’m sure you are thinking who the hell are these two ladies… and I will tell you, we are hard working women who want to make a difference in this world. Oh and we will bring the red wine! There are some amazing blends here in Washington state! We kind of live in the middle of no where, and rent to a llama rescue. We would love to send you some pics. Is that possible?

  2. i just heard you are running in 2012 great you will be the best one yet i have always admired you fight on

  3. ROSEANNE! I would love to help! I have no resources to put up except for my physical ability to work. I’m willing to put in the physical work/administrative work…anything I can do to help make this a reality. Call me!…or email, since I can’t post my phone number for obvious reasons!

  4. I heard something that I didn’t know!! Some people where making home made sandwiches and lemon aid and fruit for people who where homeless.They got fined for not having a permit or license to even be doing this..I thought my god some of these people are so hungry they will eat from the garbage can and or pet food.And the darn old gov wants to make money off permits, cause you know they could care about their claim, could be food poisoning..And I doubt even if that happened, from the kindness of another human, that a homeless person would even litigate a food illness..go figure yeah…

  5. i will do anything i can to help i am moving there in about 6 months i want to go now but my husband says we have to wait and make sure we have jobs there first i will be happy to help in any way i can i am a great cook i just need to get there our kids are grown and gone there is nothing holding us here i will work very hard making the paste let me know if you would like my help and i could see if we can come sooner

  6. Stay on this one, Roseanne.
    For inspiration, remember Clifton’s South Sea Restaurant in Los Angeles? Did you know the waterfalls flowed and people were fed because of saintpower? Well, just about …
    I look forward to seeing a life size statue of Rosanne in your macadamia orchard when you figure out how to create this action. As I can almost visualize that statuary right now, except for the color of the headscarf, I am certain you will bring your heart’s deep wish into being. I sent your message on to some people who are smarter than I am and hopefully they will post their ideas here, too.

  7. thebeachwife says:

    Create jobs Roseanne! Sounds Presidential to me…..seriously macadamia nut paste sounds amazing! All the above comments look like sound advice. Keeping it local helps the economy locally & helps keep down the costs. Keep us posted on the progress!

  8. start by asking this guy how to harvest, process, package etc.

  9. twistedmonkee says:

    non profits are making/taking quite a bit of money….sad. what happened to people who like to help, give back to communities, the government has proved to the people that, we dont have a voice, no matter what we vote for, whats right or wrong. its the rep and dems that take advantage of the american people, the american way, to take away our freedom, to take away our right to grow our own veggies, have our own animals, to have seeds that are not genetically altered so that big companies continue making more money. and, as i am not going to get started on the damn smelt again! give the farmers back their water! those assholes in washington are banking off of that. there is no reason we should be buying our produce from other countries, its raising prices, and they pic the stuff green, its not healthy! GREED in WASHINGTON. We THE PEOPLE have to start being WE THE PEOPLE and not pawns in the big ponzi scheme of the government. errrrrrrr!

  10. twistedmonkee says:

    i dont know to much about the labor that would be involved in producing the paste. i am going to research it tho, sounds interesting. but how about come harvest time, you have a bunch of trustful volunteers(friends) come pick, pack your nuts, and ship them off. have a bar-b-que afterwards to thank them for their hard work. the pigs are free :)))))jkjk. it would be a community effort and spare you from the headache of having to have a company?! it would give jobs HOPE and educate the young people on EFFORT
    just thinking, i will be thinking better in about an hour…haha

  11. Moon Shadow says:

    Nice. I’ll check back in a few months to see where things are at. It all seems to be happening in 2012!!
    Granny got game!!!

  12. yes we are going to do this at the museum too

  13. yes i know you were sorry if i sounded too rough–its hard to communicated in cyber sometimes–love you

  14. Moon Shadow says:

    I like the grass roots thinking you present.
    Would you consider some type of co-operative with a portion of your farm land? Create a system where the members receive produce in exchange for work on the farm; delivering food around the island (enough poor and hungry on BI alone); hold workshops on farming; coordinate island-wide “barter exchanges”; play music; write; sing; create art; lomilomi; tell jokes; anything to CONTRIBUTE!
    Create a local model and encourage others to learn by example, and cater to their specific community needs to develop new projects which are controlled by their local communities.
    I think local is the way to go, and those with the capacity (BARR 2012!) will develop a new vision for transforming and changing the world by simply feeding the hungry.
    Watchu tink?

  15. Yes, I already did. I made a phone call and left a message for Paulie The Director of Development.

  16. JaneViolet says:

    The happiest times in my life were when I was volunteering in hospitals and soup kitchens. I was speaking from those experiences, not magical thinking. There is need everywhere and you will match up your resources with those needs.
    I was trying to be supportive and responding to your statement that government can’t do it.
    I also have experience with raw food and would like to help you develop recipes if you ever need that.
    I think its a great idea to use your farm in this way and we all have different ideas that can come together. I meant no harm.

  17. Gotswag101 says:

    The part about all this that I think is sad is the fact that the people who put the commercials on tv of these children should really be putting the money toward the children not the tv. And even so the money donated over the tv isn’t actually put towards these starving children the greedy Assholes keep it for themselves and put it towards their things, atleast that’s what I think. In this world now adays if you want to do something good and make sure it actually gets done you have to take charge and do it yourself. And admire you a lot for doing that Roseanne. To help get your nuts over to the children I would definitely maybe look towards a charity so you know what your doing is actually getting there! It’s sick how many starving people their are in the world and I really don’t see anything being done about it, so I really hope your plan works out because it’s a damn good one for sure. There needs to be a change in this world people have to Starr coming together and helping out. I read your president\ prime minister speech and you have awesome ideas I really hope the world comes to it’s senses and votes YOU! When they vote u I really think we will then see all this stuff happening because you have what it takes to help this world. BARR 2012

  18. tina can u do this?

  19. The people I need to talk to at Unicef’s are only open Monday through Friday 9to5 eastern time. I will call again, first thing Monday morning.

  20. QuackQuack says:

    why don’t you contact these people. See if they could help or offer advice too.

  21. Yes, I will.

  22. genius i nominate you for my cabinet–joogle !! add her

  23. yo yo yo baby–thats what grannys talking about!!!

  24. tina can you research this further? I can pay you a little bit for the work

  25. so am i thats the whole problem and that is the problem i want to help solve–getting the food to the hungry, not building a company or any of that business shit

  26. also the supply side never mixes with the demand side–it doesnt work like that–

  27. that is not true. It’s that magical thinking they have women doing these days. production costs money and no one works without money, even if it is non profit i find–

  28. JaneViolet says:

    Any way you look at it, once you start production, the needs will present themselves.

  29. JaneViolet says:

    I think the best thing you can do right now is develop your recipe and production and keep it in Hawaii for the moment. Develop your strategy there.
    Decide if you want volunteers or employees. Develop a really good tasting recipe and start giving it out in hawaii. If you build a strong operation there, perhaps you can combine forces later.
    I think this doctor is reacting to the difficulty of shipping food in from around the world.

  30. dashus christ says:

    Yes The Queen of May!

  31. dashus christ says:

    and when someone believes only in their own self,they don’t really believe in themselves.or trust them self either.

  32. Ladyjane Green says:

    2 pm LA time, will be there lighting it up! Build and fill that “vessel” inside. Cellular Spring clean for the May Queen..(;

  33. dashus christ says:

    i Agree-it’s about what one does w/ what they have or/and capable of.

  34. Ladyjane Green says:

    “Money makes people crazy and miserable– and not one rich person gets into heaven at all, as per Jesus, (unless you start to help).” LJG is going to have to take your word for that, R. Chasing tha money can also leave you crazy and miserable. All part of the same Babylon System. Same world, different kinds of problems. Didnt Jesus say” it was more likely for A camel to fit through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven?” That one always cracks me up, just cuz of the camel/ needle thing! Who would even try! lol that Zany Jesus. Its not what you have thats important, its what your doing with it. They are trying to keep me out of Heaven for homosexuality reasons. LJG will settle for para-nirvana. This so called real world we now inhabit some consider a version of Hell, with the Demons and Satanics running our government. Im not so sure I disagree.
    “As for heaven, why would I go there, none of my friends are there?” Oscar Wilde ( infamous Queer Literary Icon)

  35. UNICEF Contact information…
    1.800.FOR.KIDS (1.800.367.5437) or
    by mail at 125 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038

  36. Dr.Mark Manary, aka, The peanut butter doctor received a 50,000 grant through unicef to do his work. Perhaps it would be good to contact unicef about getting your nuts over there, or maybe some other charity like, http://www.worldvision.org/worldvision/eappeal.nsf/egift_feedhungrychildren
    2am LA time…

  37. dashus christ says:

    Yes the greedy,evil Must step away NOW!-Let’s push The LIGHT to obliterate the evil powers that be.I’m ready for 2AM tonight!
    BARR/YOU 2012

  38. Moon Shadow says:

    This is a most unnecessary tragedy. How many decades do we need to go back to see the repetitive pattern, highlighting the racism and genocide targeting an entire continent. It’s bullshit!!
    Hunger is bullshit, and a fast track to hell for all the greedy millionaires and billionaires (and DICTATORS!) who choose not to end it all, TODAY!!!
    No compassion, no peace. Let the financial systems fail, it is the resourceful poor who shall survive. The only fix is to now destroy and rebuild a new society where resources are SHARED, not OWNED and controlled by capitalistic greed.

  39. If I could help Hunger in America, I always wanted to share crop. Hire labor (create Jobs) Hit up all Major Corporations to rent land and grow food for all employees as it is a right off. Charge The company per square foot have employees come and pick up a basket of what we grow for that company, For free so many people think that people that have jobs can afford food, well they don’t know that they have family member living with them all under one roof depending on one pay check and don’t qualify for food banks because you have a job. Any and all foods that are not picked up or a percent to be donated to local families and schools. 200.00 per square ft is not too much to ask from Black and Decker Major software co etc..

  40. I would love to help through fundraiser and sponsor events..
    It’s what I do (or did).

  41. Hi Roseanne, I don’t understand. Why are your nuts rotting on the ground? In relation to providing nutrition to the kids in Malawi and even other parts of Africa – is it possible to send the nuts themselves? Sounds like making the nut paste provides an income to the local people so am wondering if you could just send the nuts. If sneaky-arsed drug dealers can fly their ‘product’ around in a plane they own then, surely, you could get a plane and fly your nuts to Africa – ‘with a little help from your friends’. Who knows, it could also work for the starving in other parts of the world too – including the US. Just a thought. I admire your desire to help those in need and really hope you can make it possible. Best Wishes, Christine

  42. THank you for posting the article, I’ve forwarded to my mail list. I have a friend who was recently inspired to sell her home here in FL and moved to Hawaii to learn organic farming. Shes traveling around exchanging her labor for practical training experiences and room/board.
    Shes having the adventure of a lifetime and sends pictures and updates regularly. She’ll teach me everything she learned upon her eventual return (or she may never come back!) Mind you, shes in her 50’s and already raised her 3 kids. Shes really stepping out of her normal box.

  43. Give me 6 months to save up for a plane ticket and I will make Maconut paste until my fingers fall off. Really. It must be hard to look at all the nuts on the ground. Wish I was there to help(help to make paste, not look at nuts on the ground). Does Maconut paste go with wine?