the light moved Lsam–and he got me on the ballot in every state!

THE GREEN TEA PARTY OF AMERICA!!!  SUSTAINABILITY. COMMUNITY. PEACE AND TRANQUILITY.  WE PROMISE NOT TO GO THE WAY OF ROME, WE ARE NOT REPUBLICANS!  THIS COUNTRY WAS BORN OF A CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY RUN BY PARLIAMENT, AND MANY OF US WISH TO ANNEX OURSELVES TO CANADA, AND TO SUCEDE FROM this UNION, WHICH IS OUR RIGHT.  we declare this government irretrievably broken by special interests of billionaires, and their corporations.  we know the labor camps await the permanent underclass of America’s unemployed, who will never again get a decent job in their lives because of congress!  throw them all out both parties at the same time–and elect me I will print a new currency that has value for americans–it will be called the United States of America’s DOLLAR!  i will bring those troops home and I will let each one of them buy a home for just one dollar–I will re instate the GI Bill, and all the other wonderful safety nets that taxpayers actually got for their money, before the actor Ronald Reagan sold his soul and our country to the Devil!  



  1. Joshua-Paul says:

    I’m ready to get to work Roseanne!
    2012 all the way to the Oval Office!

  2. Skip Hunt says:

    No shit?! Ballot in all states? That’s no small feat. Kick ass!
    I’m getting further and further behind on news and it’s doing my head good.
    Unfortunately though, I’ve caught some tropical bug with fever i can’t quite shake off. Eating raw garlic to try and kill it. Probably doesnt help that i’m out making new inages & getting caught in rainy season showers. Must forge on!
    Congrats on the ballots, that’s awesome!

  3. I am currently using my GI Bill to finish my BA at University of Hawaii Hilo. Twenty years as an Army Air Traffic Controller gave me this benefit; though my retirement is a welfare wage, as was my active duty pay. I joined the military when I was 23, as a way to raise my two sons as a single parent, and get the hell out of a physically abusive marriage. I rent a beautiful, small house in Waimea, with two roomies because i cannot afford to BUY one. Congress votes themselves higher and higher retirements each year, and may draw on them after ONE term of service. Fuckin Fucktards!
    BARR 2012/ BARR NONE!!!

  4. Lucifer Sam says:

    Speaking of which, Have you heard from Sec. Ogle recently?
    And when should we begin rallies for you Roseanne?

  5. dashus christ says:

    On the Ballot in Every State-Very Significant-Yes Right On LJG!!!

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    Power to the people, Power to the people right on.