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Hi, Been having login problems from the road here in Mexico and then getting posting errors. Figurred since this is at least an art-themed thread it’d be ok to post here. If not, please forgive and i will abandon my attempts with apology. :) Firgured since R mentioned me posting from that matriarchal community, i’d try one more tine. :) The post below is from Oaxaca but I’m in Mexico City now trying to get over a little annoying bout with dysentery. Feeling a bit better & may be on the road again by tomorrow. Although I am also shooting a regular camera as well, all the images, video/audio & writing are being done via iphone. So there likely typos & I’m guessing on the iphone photo edits. :) Here’s the posting I mentioned about the matriarchal culture in Juchitan, Mexico! In Oaxaca now, but just posted my Kickstarter update about the bizarre few days I spent in Juchitan de Zaragoza just before here. It’s called “Hey Babe, Take a Walk on the Wild Side” and here’s the link: 
kck.st/nuV099 This one is a non-exclusive public update, but if you dig what I’m doing and want more access as well as cool artistic incentive rewards, please support by becoming a backer of my Kickstarter creative project “Off The Deep End” here: kck.st/jYKIvo Enjoy! _________________ Skip Hunt @ kaleidoscopeofcolor.com


  1. The intense yawning was particularly strange. That has never happend before. It’s a typical reaction when magic mushrooms begin to take effect in various phases of the experience, but the complete opposite happens with peyote. Some say peyote is “of the sun” and mushrooms are “of the moon”.
    With peyote, you sometimes feel ill if you haven’t been careful to eliminate meat, alcohol, and various other toxins before you eat the cactus. And you get an incredible mental focus, much more visual detail, and an almost overwhelming level of energy. You don’t yawn and drift away in the shade under a tree. So bizarre it happened this way.
    Here’s another bit for you. I’ve often seen things to come while in this area during the same sort of ritual. I’d say the visions of what’s to come have been about 85% accurate. I don’t have any control over it and it doesn’t happen every time, but it’s the primary reason I stopped smoking 3 years ago. I was shown a glimpse of my future if I continued to smoke beyond my 45th birthday and took heed.
    I have also “traveled” or somehow been transported to someone who is sick and have gone within their body to remove what’s causing the ailment. Again, I don’t have any control of it and it doesn’t even seem like it’s me that’s making the decision to heal and carrying it out. It’s as if I’m some sort of conduit for it. For example, if someone I love was very sick, I’d be just as powerless to do anything about it as anyone else. It simply isn’t my choice.
    This has happened about 7 times now and each time the person was healed… or went into remission for a good while before passing. In one case, I told the man’s daughter what I’d done expecting her to think I was a completely delusional lunatic. She didn’t at all. She asked me if I knew the date that I did it. I told it the date of July 11th. She was silent for awhile and then answered that it was July 12th that the doctors came into her father’s hospital room and said they didn’t know how to explain it, but that all signs of the cancer were gone and that her father was miraculously in remission.
    On this trip, I didn’t know of anyone who was sick except for our neighbor’s cat. I don’t even like this cat. It sprays everything in our garage if I forget to shut the door, and it’s very annoying with it’s begging for food and incessant meowing. It’s been very ill for a long time and my wife and I hadn’t seen him for a good while before I left for Mexico 2 months ago. We figured he’d passed.
    While I was on the trip, my wife said she’d seen him but he was now just skin and bones and his meow was pathetic. She volunteers at the local ASPCA animal shelter twice a week and is REALLY into animals. She said he was now surely gone.
    In the desert this time, a couple days after the event described above, I thought of this cat and felt my lungs full and something malignant in my sides… as if I was now helping the cat. I drew up as much air as I could and kept forcing it out to try and clear out whatever this malignancy was inside this cat and coughed hard several times to expel it.
    Afterward, I was thinking… “Wow Skip, you really have lost it now.” and then I laughed to myself.
    When I got home I asked about the cat and my wife said he was gone. She really loves animals and didn’t want to talk about it. I asked, “Are you sure?” And she said most definitely, he’d spent all nine of his lives and was certainly gone. I figured, well, maybe it doesn’t work on cats. Or, maybe my imagination had got the best of me this time.
    When my wife leaves for work in the morning, I hand her the tumbler of coffee I’ve brewed for her and follow her out of the garage to get the paper. The morning after I get back, I open the garage door for my wife and in comes running into the garage… this cat! My wife looked disturbed and ran back into the house to open a can of wet cat food for him. She simply couldn’t believe he was still around.
    Here’s a gallery containing a handful of the Olympus compact images I’ve just started to edit from this trip: http://www.kaleidoscopeofcolor.com/galleria/mexico-2011-summer/

  2. Some seem to think this last posting is a work of fiction. It is not. However, I need to clarify that the 5-pointed star that I kicked the points off of was not created by me. It’s a much older one created by another.

  3. “Transported from Quemado” ~ Huiricuta, Mexico (c) 2011 Skip Hunt
    It was going different this particular time. I was more sick in the stomach and the pain lasted nearly two hours. 
    Near the peace sign I’ve been building out of stone since 2009, about 30 meters away is another primitive design of a five-pointed star. It too is in stone and was really bothering and irritating me for some unknown reason. Perhaps because it looked like a pentagram? Or perhaps the peyote sickness was just warping my imagination. 
    I had been somewhat ill off and on for the previous three weeks or so and just asked Mescalito to heal me during this ceremonial session. Perhaps this healing is why I was feeling extra sick this time. There’s a good reason why the indigenous call this plant “medicine”. Sometimes healing hurts a bit I’ve found.
    Another very strange effect this time was very intense yawning. That simply does not happen with this plant, at least for me it hasn’t in the last 17 years I’ve imbibed it. Something was definitely different this time.
    Just before this intense yawning started, the five-pointed stone star was bothering me so much and because my stomach had pain as if I were digesting broken glass, I forcefully kicked away the stones on two of the star’s points. This didn’t help at all and only increased my pain.
    I looked up toward the sun boiling above and began to feel over-whelmed and dizzy. 
    There is a mesquite tree nearby so I smoothed away the dirt underneath the tree and brushed away most of the thorns and cactus spines so that I could lay down for awhile.
    As I looked up through the thorny mesquite branches toward the blue sky and the sacred Huichole mountain called Quemado in the distance, I yawned hard one more time and then drifted away.
    The next thing I knew was that I was no longer in my own body. Nor, was I in the desert in Mexico. All I could make out is that it was night and I was somewhere in Europe, possibly London. I had small, wire-frame glasses and whispy light brown hair. My body was taller and thinner than my own and my face was thinner and slightly gaunt. I was about the same age but maybe a little younger and I was either stumbling or trying to get away from something or someone. There was a large group yelling toward me and I was yelling back toward one particular woman. I can’t remember what the words were but I was confused and sweating.
    As I scrambled on the slick cobblestone, I stumbled a few times and then… just like that, I fell and was back in my own body again laying underneath the mesquite tree in the Huiricuta desert looking up through the thorny branches and leaves toward the sacred Quemado.
    It felt like it lasted maybe a couple hours, but I looked at my watch and only ten minutes had passed. 
    All of my sickness was gone. And, I no longer felt the illness I’d had for the last three weeks. I felt perfectly healthy and so full of light energy. 
    I smiled as I lay there looking toward Quemado and realized in exactly one week I’d likely be home in Austin, Texas and it would be my birthday. I smiled again while I concentrated intently on the present feeling and experience to send ahead toward my future self in a week to remember the complete feeling as a birthday present.
    When I got up out of the dirt and brushed away the dust and ants that were crawling on me, I felt compelled to go back to that five-pointed star and carefully put back the stones I’d kicked away.
    See the photo here: http://www.kaleidoscopeofcolor.com/mexico-2011-pt2/2011/8/18/transported-from-quemado.html
    Skip Hunt
    Austin, Texas

  4. What’s strange is that everyone I met in Nuevo Laredo & on the bus going there, were saying the same things. 
    However, on recent previous trips to Mexico I was hearing the same sorts of reports from locals. But not one of them could could claim to have seen any of it first hand. Not one. They all just reference the news. I have yet to find a single person who had seen this level of violence  first hand or knew anyone who had. The U.S. Officer I talked with claimed she had but I also got the impression she didn’t like the fact I was telling her it’s not as bad as it looks on the news. I think she might have lied about first hand knowledge to counter my argument.
    So, do you think it’s all made up? I heard horrible things about Michoacan too. From people there and near there. But I saw nothing but some of the nicest & most hospitable folks in all of Mexico.
    Of course I don’t live there so I’m not an expert, but you know I’ve been all over the country several times and recently. I’ve traveled extensively in Mexico via bus, motorcycle, train & plane, but have never witnessed ANY of the reported problems at all. All I see is military at the border.
    What do you think is really going on?
    If the problem was as bad as the U.S. border official was saying or reported on the news, it seems bizarre there would only be a military presence on only one side of the border. If “they” the cartels really wanted border territory control, why not just take it on the U.S. side too? There’s not there keeping them from it but a chain fence & a few dozen border patrol folks with nothing but side arms & shotguns.
    Do you think this is all manufactured to create fear? Or, do you think it’s based on some reality but simply exaggerated a bit?
    If the situation truly warrants a heavy Mexican military presence, why wouldn’t there be an equal military presence on the other side of the shallow border river & flimsy fence?
    Something just doesnt add up.

  5. Dashus, I’m still not quite sure what to think. I didn’t see any gang or cartel activity. The Mexican military guys had a MUCH colder demeanor & there were more heavy-duty combat vehicals that looked even more modern than Hummers with really big machine guns mounted on top and all manned by cold looking soldiers with mirrored sun glasses watchin every move.
    They tell me the cartels are actually even better armed with more sophisticated weapons. And now they’ve graduated to lobbing grenades as well?
    The only thing that separates the U.S. from that is a shallow river, a fence & U.S. Officials with only side arms & shot guns. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a situation that could potentially get much worse very quickly.
    Again, I saw no violence personally… But the RAW fear in the air was palpable.

  6. Just plain ol stupid I guess. Or, determined to do my best to live and be free of fear. :)

  7. dashus christ says:

    Yea Skip-You had us goin a bit-I’m glad you got back ok!

  8. Moon Shadow says:

    The US Govt will always create division to avoid unity and solidarity. That’s when things start to turn and it scares the shit out of the US.
    Glad you made it safely. My stupidest young gun, “knows it all” move was hitchhiking from Tunisia to Morocco through Algeria (early 90’s). Didn’t make it through Algeria… :(
    I was YOUNG, what’s your excuse! BE SAFE!!!
    Welcome back to the Land of the Lost…

  9. Thank you! That’s exactly what I’m hoping to do starting with you art museum. :)
    Made it over the border & on a bus headed for Austin. Tuns out it was even more dangerous than I thought. The U.S. Customs officer told me that not only are innocent people getting shot in the crossfire of machine gun fire between 3 different cartels & the military… All fighting to claim territory, but she said they are now throwing grenades into the street as well. She said the area I just walked through was the most dangerous.
    One other thing I found disturbing was that every single one of the officials on the U.S. side were Hispanic. Hearing Hispanic-American border officials refer to their Mexican brothers & sisters as “those people” really didn’t sit well. How did they manage to turn people with nearly the exact same heritage and family trees against each other?

  10. Hope you enjoyed the work. :) I’m not beaten yet. Will try again.

  11. Thanks Dashus. It was a project funding that failed. Not art sales. I will regroup and try again at some point with what I’ve learned thus time.

  12. dashus christ says:

    I ‘d hoped things would have been better w/ your art sales,I love your work so much!-Enjoy A Very Happy B-DAY Skip, keep taking care and posting.

  13. jesus man! you need to do some art shows. some exhibits you have enough stuff

  14. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    sorry skip- i do not have money to back you. Times are tough. but i love your work and hope you have a happy birhtday. Have fun and be safe. Do you have a date to share it with?. hope you do- your the best.

  15. Thanks Moon Shadow :)
    I’m dragging my feet before walking to the border. I don’t want to admit it, but I’m slightly scared this time for some reason.
    I wanted R to retweet my promos but didn’t want to become annoying since she disks say she wanted to buy some of my work & will show my work in her museum. So, I figured best to keep the self promo to a minimum since it’s her blog and all. :)
    Thanks again for the support. And, I just remembered I bought a bottle of Mezcal in Oaxaca and stuffed it in the bottom of my pack. If it ain’t broke, might be nice to have a bit on my birthday!
    Off to the border, wish me luck!

  16. Moon Shadow says:

    Just got the email notice. That’s fucked Skip. Why don’t they just GIVE you the fucking money that people WANTED to give you.
    Capitalist bullshit. Trying to teach you to raise A LOT of money, or else it’s all fucked. You should be rewarded for raising ANY money!!
    If you try again, see if Roseanne will tweet the link. Good luck getting back home and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Have a few shots of tequila (on me)… ;)

  17. Hi,
    I’m sad to announce that my Kickstarter creative project failed to reach it’s goal and is now officially cancelled.
    I posted a photo and a link to an audio phone blog with some final thoughts about it.
    I will not give up, but first I need to get past the cartel thieves and over the border without getting shot. Tomorrow Aug 17th is my birthday & I intend on making it home & celebrating with a nice glass of wine. :)
    More here: http://www.kaleidoscopeofcolor.com/mexico-2011-pt2/2011/8/16/this-is-the-end-my-only-friend-peace-out-nuevo-laredo-mx.html

  18. Likewise C. Michael Ward! :)
    Just made it to Matehuala late last night… several hours later than I’d hoped & had to get a room. I’m heading to the desert this morning where I won’t have Internet access. 
    Managed to add a new post to my blog from one of the bus stations & will try to update again before I’m cut off. If you feel I’ve earned your support, please take advantage of one of the creative award incentives before August 14 so that my project will be funded and live. :)

  19. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    It is ok skip- i have talked to you before and i thought you knew my name was chris and that is what the C stands for. I love your work and i want to meet you in person if your ever in the Columbus Ohio Area.
    Love Chris Michael Ward

  20. Just added update #21 “Sonrisa de Caletilla” to my Kickstarter creative project “Off The Deep End” as a non-exclusive public post. 

  21. ps. For your pleasure, I have been adding these square-cropped iPhone shot/edited images to this zapd collection as I move along on this trip: http://offthedeepend.zapd.net/

  22. Excellent! I guess I’ll need to get in touch with someone regarding a date & details about the space. Chat when I get home?
    Do you want me to just select some stuff, or would you like to help me curate it?
    After Guanajuato in a couple days or so I’ll be going offline in the desert again while I put more stones on that big peace sign I started in 2009. No connectivity out there but I may take the bus to the nearest town to check email & update my blog.
    Hey, I’m not sure if they so this, but maybe I can have a collection printed with archival inks onto silk. Then I could just roll them up and display then like tapestry? Will look into feasibility.
    Exciting! :)

  23. Everything uploaded to the blogs was created and edited on an iPhone. But, I’m also shooting a regular camera as well. When the trip is over, I’ll be going through and editing the best stuff and in higher resolution/quality.
    If the project makes it’s goal & gets funded, I’ll be putting together a best of photo book and a completely new gallery of images from the better camera for backers to choose from. The iPhone stuff is mostly because it’s easier to edit & upload from the road. :)

  24. i will show your stuff at my museum, but you have to do the work and bring it–

  25. Oh, Yes of course! I’m still traveling and in Morelia now. Leaving for Guanajuato tomorrow. Should be back in Austin, Texas by August 17th (my birthday). I would love for you to own my work & maybe even a spot on the wall of your museum. :)
    The contact info on my sites kaleidoscopeofcolor.com & skiphuntphotography.com is my email address and the phone number normally goes to my cell, but I have it going to my Google Voice number while I’m traveling. I basically leave my iPhone in airplane mode while I’m here because the Mexican cell phone rates are obscenely high especially for data transfer. I use free wifi when I can find it to do the blogging.

  26. ok–but—again—can i buy some of your photos? can i contact you?

  27. Oh I didn’t realize you had posted photos already. Just took a look at them. Oh man, they are fantastic. Let me go see what’s in the Piggy Bank. I’m very tempted to break it open!

  28. I do get that, but folks get to select whichever they want and what I’ve shown so far is only a taste via iPhone. I’ve read that many people paid $150 to attend Charlie Sheen sitting on a stage “winning” and others have paid to be in the same room with dear “Snooki”. I would hope at least more than a few would find some value in an earnest attempt to wake up from zombieland. :)

  29. Hi, sorry. Got discouraged and started to whine a bit.
    I think many get lulled into the daily routine, the bad news, the commute, the grind… to the point that they no longer remember to experience their lives fully. Happens to me as well.
    What I’ve found is that when I break out of that routine and comfort zone, forcing myself to deal with fresh and foreign experience through travel without itinerary, I begin to wake up. Details I hadn’t noticed before present themselves anew and everything I experience feels more alive. I feel more alive and fully experiencing all of the incredible variants in sound, color, texture, thought and emotion.
    What I’m trying to do is communicate that experience through images, writing about it, audio &?video clips and general musings along the way. Many have told me that after they’ve followed along on one of these excursions, they begin to notice things they hadn’t noticed before or are inspired to dive into their own life’s experience.
    I know you can also wake yourself up by shifting your perspective in thought via quiet meditation, walking your dog, working in the garden or a trip to your local library or art gallery. I’m just doing “it” more in the extreme through travel in order to capture more dramatic images and drive the point home more vividly.
    The Kickstarter project is just my latest attempt to get my costs covered, provide incentives like fine prints, books, etc. and maybe have a bit left over for another adventure.

  30. Hey Skip, If I could, I’d make a purchase. 6 months ago my income went from 70k to 20k due to giving up my job to live with an aging parent. I think more people would purchase from you if they weren’t having to pinch pennies these days. And 1 other thought …. people will receive a photo from your current journey. Well, they are paying before getting to see the photos right? Some of your photos I’ve seen are pure brilliance. Even though you are very talented, personally, I like to see what I’m buying before I pay. Maybe others are feeling the same way? Best wishes, have a great journey!

  31. what r u trying to do? i would like to buy some of your work but i dont know how–you never follow up with me to do that–lets talk–

  32. I’m sorry Chris. I was standing outside a cafe that had just closed and was trying to get off as many “thank you’s” that I could before they cut off the wifi and before I had to dash to catch my bus.
    I’m beginning to feel like a hopeless fool with these road trip dispatch attempts to get funding. I’ve done my very best but it’s beginning to become painfully clear that many don’t support my efforts beyond the committment of an occassional “atta boy” or click of a “like” button. Beyond that, it appears most are indifferent. I don’t regret giving it my all and not giving up, but I am starting to regret not seeing the cold hard truth much sooner.
    The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but I can hear her warming up. I’m going to stick it out until the bitter end, but I’m thinking this may be my last attempt. The tribe had spoken and they evidently aren’t diggin what I do as much as I’d hoped.
    Here’s a fresh audio phone blog I just uploaded if anyone is interested: kck.st/ofnPcK

  33. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Please call me Chris or C. Michael-thanks.
    your very welcome

  34. Hey Nancy, I think I know that place. I like to swim near there. Heading to a very remote place in Michoacan if I can find it. Thanks for the yogurt tip! :)

  35. Will do Michael, thanks :)

  36. Thanks Moon Shadow!!! On my way to try to find a place called Caletilla. Will be going offline for a bit but back soon. :)

  37. Thanks Tina! My pleasure.

  38. Thank you so much for the love R! :)

  39. Nancy Wonderful says:

    Hi Roseanne, I have been to Mexico many times, My aunt lived in an artist colony there.
    Dysentery. go to the kitchen of the best hotel get a large bowl of Yogurt eat it. you will recover fast.
    When my friends and I traveled to Port au Viorta many times there was this restaurant down the coast kitchen was in the side of a stone cliff(who knows what lived in there). The tables were on an outcropping of stones right out into the water, fabulous. The food was so delicious we ate until we couldn’t take another bite. Every night we got dysentery ate our bowl of yogurt felt better fast and back again the next night.
    Have fun.

  40. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    very good work and i have enjoyed all of the work you have posted on here, or linked on here.
    keep it up my man.

  41. Moon Shadow says:

    Aloha Skip. Sent a little to kokua (help) on your journey…
    Stunning as always. You are a very talented writer as well. A really beautiful combination, the pics & text, all from your perspective.
    Hope you’re feeling better by now… if not, try crushing some papaya seeds. You can put on food, with a peppery flavor, and good for digestion.
    You are inspiring. The reality of the day-to-day for you is not lost on me. Getting the shits doesn’t help either. :)

  42. Thanks Skip for sharing your amazing art with us :)