shabbat thoughts:

I will have perfect faith in the decency of my fellow human beings.  I will rebuke all vampires and ghouls within and without my sphere.  I AM.

getting ready for sundown.. as the light begins to fade on a week gone forever, I have to digest that which my brain recorded all week–and get rid of the negative parts and hold fast to the positive.  Positives definitely outweighed negatives this week, and that means I had a wonderful week.  If I got too depressed or negative or felt too tri-polar (as johnny calls it)–I just stopped and breathed in for ten counts, held for ten more and exhaled out to a ten count.  It is so amazing how this little gem meditation changes the entire scope of the universe, and my POV seems fresh, and again I feel fearless. 
  At sundown tonight, I will begin a period of twenty four hours of peace—there will be NO separation between me and my Higher Self, (Hashem), there will be no fragmentation in my mind/s and there will be no separatism between myself, and all other Human Beings.  I will become one with all human beings (Eloheim) and leave my ghetto of fear implanted in my mind, an engram.  I will again behave as if no devil no satan no hitler no separatist ponzi pedo priest has any sway over anything I think do or say.  I am free and I am protected under the Mythical Wings of the Dove who Descends upon humanity this eve. 
   Welcome Sabbath Bride!  lecha dodi likrat kala pnai shabbat ne kabballah.  Le cha dodi means tonight our souls will be free to leave our bodies and all that is finite.  we are transcending human suffering and limitation tonight.  breathe in through your nostrils and let the air fill your sinuses and ears nose and throat.  then your lungs–when the breath gets into the lungs,hold it and  disperse it to all cells and regenerate them.  the breaths you take are counted and Holy–use them in service to the web of life…hold them in the lungs disperse and then exhale the breath out into the world where it can nourish Trees, which are Asherah’s-the Hebrew Goddess of the Groves.
  She is Unity and Sythesis.  She is Integration of Systems.  She is the Human Mind re weaving DNA.  holy holy holy.
shabbat shalom!


  1. RandomWhimsy says:

    nothing to add here, except that you left me feeling it.
    Good job. :)

  2. I wish to discover the faith and spirituality which you share with people every day. I totally applaud your food truck. I am so glad you are at peace. I hope some day I shall find the same. I hope we can spread Roseanne’s food trucks around the nation.

  3. Dear Madmoiselle Roseanne:
    I admire your faith. I admire your humor. I love your show on Lifetime, and pardon me for saying, you are gorgeous. Shalom to you.

  4. I have looked around for more on the guy in the tent that lives on your farm land. I think he is a hoot and would like to hear more about him, you are the bomb also. I am a mid 50 hippy and grew up with you. Would love to ride in your cart! If there is an ER close by.

  5. thank you for putting the buffaloboy org link on your web site. it is awful the poverty we have kept this race in. These lower plains natives are the poorest people in this country over all. Thank you for your kindness. Shalom my friend

  6. Lucifer Sam says:

    I was thinking about September 28-30, 2011 the whole time while I meditated off of G-d’s Green Earth.
    And also 9/11/11 is going to be the World Power of One Day we all remember the victims of 9/11.
    I may not be christian at all… but we should keep the steel beams that form the cross at Ground Zero in honor of the grave site.

  7. Dancin4Joy says:

    Roseanne… What I was trying to say is that in the past my efforts have been more outward-oriented. You know like World Peace or sending healing wishes to someone, sending a creative or birthing energy to something that the world or our nation needs, that sort of thing. Doing Merkobic cut through all the rhetoric and any formulaic indoctrination and just focused on all the beautiful reasons we are drawn to H”S and Tanakh to begin with which in turn, helps us (the individual doing it) as well as everyone else ultimately.
    That was a huge blessing because it’s rare that what I’ve done in the past really helped me that much too other than the knowing that I was helping somehow. This went much deeper than that because I had more of a mentality that was only for others and ‘somewhat’ for me but mainly to relieve any stress in my worry for others. Instead the focus on the 10 breaths and virtues just aligned everything the way it should be and brought it into balance.
    Thank you so much again for asking me to join you!

  8. Shavuah Tov Roseanne!
    What an interesting experience at 2am with you!! When you first started meditating/davening on the 10 virtues did it make you cry? The piercing light and overwhelming ….. sense of …… love and courage was almost too much. It’s such an interesting process when you don’t have anyone around to chat with about it.
    I’ve driven by on errands and considered going to the KC on R’son but I really need a location much further south and the website for our county hasn’t been updated since January/March. =/ That’s why I’ve never had the chance to be in a group or learn about it that way.
    I wonder if they need help down here, I’m willing to help if I can. I’ll email them and see if we can help grow the movement down here behind the O Curtain (as they say lol) – we need it BADLY!! I’ve got the ‘baggers’ having meetings down the street – the political/religious atmosphere can be so oppressive sometimes. (Albeit beautiful and much more suburban..) It’s sad because every other time I’d checked for meetings down here I never did find anything… well at least they tried, hopefully it can rise again!
    Looking forward to next week! Thank you! ((Roseanne))

  9. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    your very welcome hon- you tell the truth and that needs to be done by everyone. your my friend too by the way.

  10. dashus christ says:

    AAAW- Thank You for always so dang cute and sweet!!! You Are My Buddy/My Friend!

  11. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    yes- you tell it friend.

  12. dashus christ says:

    Moon-Beautifully said as well!!-ONE LOVE-All Together Now

  13. dashus christ says:

    So True LJG!-Beautifully stated w/ your GIRL POWER of WORDING!! TY Always and see you 2am LA Time.

  14. Shabbat shalom!

  15. Moon Shadow says:

    Beautiful. The perfect preparation for tonight’s mediation.
    There seem to be so many black-hole orifices trying to suck the mana from our souls. Laser beams of light to fill the deep dark abyss. May their bodies begin to expel the vile darkness and absorb the light.
    Unity in community, and community is for ALL.

  16. American 1 says:

    Thank you for those words on this Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom. My assistant Alberto spent time with you at the Kabbala Center. I wish I could of been there at that time as well. Send me a mail. There is something I would like to ask. :-)

  17. Ladyjane Green says:

    Its like the ultimate pep talk from our Divine Coach of Soul. This writing is exciting, to those of us who look to the meditations light for unity and strength. The vampyres and ghouls flee from this unified front. So brightly positive it cant be ignored.

  18. Cool!

  19. dashus christ says:

    Your shabbat thoughts are very encouraging and beautiful!!-TY for what you’re saying here as you do.Roseannearchists/Light need this.

  20. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    yes- tonight we get rid of all the things that pissed us off, and hold on the things that made us laugh, be happy and put more joy into our week.
    Shabbat Shalom