ROSEANNE’S NUTS JULY 13 9pm Lifetime

YES, IT HAS COME TO THIS–I HAVE BEEN FORCED INTO BECOMING A PIG HUNTRESS!  (what shall I do?  Kill and eat them, or free them with a psychic warning?).


  1. this really as nothing to do with the pig i am writing to ask about getting my dog to maui without him having to ride in cargo he is very old we are coming in dec. and i am i a little worried about this please help thank you

  2. Pig feast for the homeless?

  3. Pig feast for the homeless?

  4. we could have a pig roast with a big apple stuck in its mouth and i like applesauce with my pork .

  5. Just finished the first two shows…AWESOME!!! Your family is just like mine…my son said you reminded him of me hahahaha! Bravo!!

  6. Aloha Roseanne! I too am a new resident of the big island. Leasing a place for now but planning to buy land and do a little farming and ranching myself!
    As far as your hog problem goes…Welcome to The Big Island!! hahaha! And yes, you can donate pigs to hungry families…just go to Puna district, Pahoa, Kapoho, etc., and ask around!
    Heres an idea…a music promoter friend of mine on the mainland wants to start a “safari” of sorts, bringing Rock stars here for pig hunting expeditions…
    BTW…I hung out for a few days with your old co-star a couple of years ago, John Goodman…boy he had some stories!!!! Hahaha!
    For real though…seriously…I want to come work for YOU!!!
    I see your boyfriend plays guitar…I run a pro recording studio here on the island…brought it with me from Louisiana where I worked for James Burton(Elvis guitar player and band leader)…he and I should get together and jam!
    Glad to be sharing an island with such an awesome and kindred spirit! Aloha!!

  7. Yes, welcome to the Big Island. I have pigs and coffee. Love them both……roasted. Come on over for a good cup of Ro-Jo kona coffee @ mile marker 104 in Honaunau.

  8. Pigs…. hunt them, trap them, smoke them, eat them. It is THE WAY in Hawaii. I have a nice imu dug in the back yard if you don’t want to cook them at your place!! Getting one with the earth out here in the rainforest has been a wonderful experience for me. I have 30 acres near Volcanoes National Park… the Real Rain Forest! Been here 7 years now. Have cows, sheep, chickens, an outdoor garden, an indoor greenhouse and lots and lots of woods. We even have entry to our own lava tube! You have chosen a wonderland to live in. The Mac Nuts aren’t the sustenance powerhouse they once were but it is still a good solid business to be in. If you are interested, there are tons of things to grow here. As I tell my mainland friends “It’s not that I have to be self sufficient, but all my experiments with growing and animals and such are teaching me that I could be if I needed to. It gives one a bit of inner rest!”
    Welcome to the Big Island.

  9. I am excited to see the show. Roseanne, I am not sure if you will read this so I won’t go into detail as much as I like. We come from a similar background. I saw you on a rerun of Oprah yesterday. You gave me back a missing piece of my soul and I found a little peace. The “word” you are looking for isn’t incest, it is perhaps, emotional-incest?
    I dunno, but thank you.

  10. it is ironic and prescient that in your 1994 book you made reference to a female pig on her back being slaughtered, when in Roseannearchy, you write of pig dogs hunting and finding the mama of all wild pigs on your ranch, and then having the non haole natives kill her. The pigs are not natives, they are feral, just as on Catalina Island, and having been invited to a luau and tasted Kailua pig, i would stick to a more vegetarian diet, and let the natives take away the invaders with a prayer for Pele. I would pass on the sausages too…

  11. “Sharing thoughts with animals is the next evolution”. Oh, LOVE that.
    I heard David Wolfe speak about being very careful when killing the wild pig in Hawaii! I forget the exact story now. But, David was given advice from Hawaiians who are familiar with Hawaiian wild pig killing & the harm that has come to people after killing one. D.W. was told if you kill a wild pig in Hawaii, that something physically, like an accident would likely happen to you. I was going to give you this info when I heard it over a year ago, since you were talking about killing the wild pigs. I decided to stay out of your business. But then, after a pig was killed on your property you fell into that hole!! The first thing I thought was, maybe this was the pigs’s retribution.
    I think D.W. mentioned something about only allowing people who have been ordained, in some fashion, kill a pig on your property. ‘Holy Pig Killers’, lol
    Has anyone else heard these things regarding killing a wild Hawaiian pig?

  12. Ladyjane Green says:

    On a Royale With Cheese….

  13. Tippy -Lite says:

    “Bacon tastes good.”

  14. kill the pig,nothing like a greasey chop,or hairy pickled hock on sunday morning with a red beer and egg.

  15. Elisa "Pieg" Stene says:

    Ready To Crack Some Nutzzz by Pieg
    ..Coming to a bay of crystal blue water near you.. moving away from this San Diego Zoo..
    All the botox in the world couldn’t keep us in this lame ass zone…from TJ to Ojai- our minds are blown..
    -‘cus “Oh Say Can YOU see”…yeah we remember the 8o’s
    …And you- the loud mouth crazy TV lady
    -After all these years still makin’sense..
    .Makin’ your point >she ain’t on the fence-
    …We’re down with it bi-otch…Makin’em laugh
    …We’re down with it bi-otch…Givin’ ’em the gaff
    The Army of Love…you’ve been recruitin’
    Honking the horn..we’ll be out tootin’
    Truth be told…We’ll be telling it..
    For those ears a little waxy…We’ll be yelling it!
    We’re already rolling…and we’re ready to ROCK!
    We got the shlisls and the super nova lox!!!
    So come on over…when we get there…we’ll go for a swim>>>
    This pathetic ass rhyme…has just been drained of it’s vim.

  16. yes–that is true and I will write about it later–it is quite humbling, the prayers over living food. ur awesome dude–

  17. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    understanding animals on the primal level humbles us helps us understand about all of life. Be the animal you want to harm. Change their journey but not their destiny.

  18. Ladyjane Green says:

    psychic blast from mental mountaintop,

  19. Lucifer Sam says:

    I agree, I can hear new thoughts breathing through the trees when the wind blows. Must be a stoner thing lol!

  20. Lucifer Sam says:

    I’m just saying great ideas have a louder message than that of killing, which is what religion did (it killed through sacrificing), but now the only message that needs to be delivered is that we should be helping each other survive. Like what you do by delivering the message about various things that you see going on in the world, or America, or with people.

  21. seems the pig meat would taste best if one psychically connects with pig and make some sacrificial bargain.

  22. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Set them free. I thought you stopped eating meat?.

  23. Moon Shadow says:
  24. explain what you mean–? i think it should say–sharing thoughts with animals is the next evolution.

  25. Lucifer Sam says:

    Psychic warning! Thoughts are more powerful than hurting animals!