read and sign: Casey Anthony tried in federal court this time!:


She murdered a baby by giving her a shot of chloroform and duct taping her airways. There is all the proof in the world that she did it needed for a conviction.  Jose Baez used jury nullification to get her acquitted…confusing jurors as to what “reasonable doubt” means–the same Johnny Cochran tactic that all lawyers learn in sleazy law practice 101.  Jose Baez was a public defender who screwed over the public, and turned a mentally ill child murderer loose on the world for profit.  Now is the time for a big change in this country–starting with child murderers and their immoral defenders. Laws protect the innocent–and should not be at the expense of children’s lives and safety.  
 Let’s do this, America!  Read and sign! Let’s not let rinky dink podunk judges and juries rush to judgement at the expense of the moral heart/soul of this country!


  1. lexiemayhunter says:

    Boycott is tomorrow! Please join the “I hate Casey Anthony” page on Facebook and the “Boycott Casey Anthony, her family and her legal counsel” on Facebook as well! Thanks Roseanne and all those who continue to fight for liberty and justice!


  3. JoAnn Blondin says:

    Oh my God, this is sickening what I just heard on the News!
    Her SLEAZY attorneys say that she will not do any interviews now because she is going to see a doctor because she has so much trauma about her daughters death! Oh really, when the death first occurred, no she was partying the “beautiful Life” They definitely have to know that we want her ass in Federal Court!!
    This makes me hate her even more then I do already!!! NO, Casey this will not stop us from pursuing the JUSTICE that is so WELL deserved for “Little Angel Caylee”

  4. in the interest of all readers here who genuinely want to see Caylee obtain justice by and through Federal prosecution of this wicked psychopath. What this means is that the Petition for which is referred to her should be signed and endorsed by as many people possible, because I can tell you, as a Federal attorney, it is making quite an impact with USA Robert O’Neill, and even more importantly, Attorney general, Eric Holder, who would make the ultimate decision whether to authorize federal prosecution of Casey Anthony pursuant to the longstanding “Petite Policy”.
    From a federal attorney not me a guy from change.org comments

  5. For real Roseanne, that bitch is just insane. What can we do to continue that fight?
    I met this fucking bitch at a club earlier tonight that looked like Anthony who liked to run her mouth so I ended up beating her boyfriends ass but as it would turn out it wasn’t her!!!! I managed to get outta there before the police showed up but fuck, I was soooo pissed and I am determined that that fucking slut must serve fucking justice, so what can I do further to help ensure that justice will be served, Rosie???

  6. We should all do what ever we can to keep the heat on this baby killing hag. Thanks for the link. Baez is a scum bag, his past includes porno connections and other skanky behavior.Im sure there are decent lawyers…Baez aint one.The sooner he joins the “firm” of Cochran and Kardashian, the BETTER. I just dont like that guy.

  7. JoAnn Blondin says:

    Relax my friend, Justice WILL Prevail for Caylee soon!!
    Leave it up to the FEDS!!

  8. JoAnn Blondin says:

    You are absolutely correct!! Abused it was!!

  9. JoAnn Blondin says:

    These comments were written in the Miami Herald: Very interesting:

  10. JoAnn Blondin says:

    Hi, the following comments are from a Prominent Attorney Please read:
    From Wendy Murphy…(Attorney)
    “I don’t give a damn about Casey Anthony. I think she was pimping her child and that she is a horrible mother…But there will be no justice for Caylee Anthony until the full truth is known, which means release the entire case file, including the sealed search warrants and the sealed photographs.”
    Murphy is hoping that the files will be unsealed, and that Casey Anthony will be re-charged with “what she really did” before being released from prison. “If they found photographs of that child in any form of undress and that is not brought to light and there is no prosecution, then shame on our legal system.”
    Since none of the evidence was used in the murder trial, if new charges involving child abuse, prostitution, and sexual abuse are brought against Casey Anthony, double jeopardy would not apply. “I am hopeful that the reason you didn’t hear about that stuff is because she is going to be prosecuted,” Murphy commented.
    If charges are filed, Anthony would be prevented from signing any pending publicity deals surrounding her story.”

  11. ‎5525 West Gray Street
    Tampa, FL 33609
    Phone: (813) 253-1000
    E-mail: tampa.division@ic.fbi.gov On the news, the FBI said for the public to write letters to them. Then they could take action, FB is wonderful he said but they need actual letters wtitten to them. So, lets start writing !

  12. JoAnn Blondin says:

    The FBI does want us to also write letters to them besides the petition here is the info for them:

  13. Thank you Rosanne!! Thank you very much for posting!! We have to bring some honor back to our justice system because right now, there is none!!!

  14. hi rose ann thank for doing what your doing from james scruggs and lori jones we love your show rose ann with dan goodman and the rest of the cast and thanks for being a voice for little caley all we need is for 50 peopal to sign this petetion to send casey anthoy to death and put her back in jail were she belongs so please do what you can to get the federal judge to put her back in jail and arrest her and who ever helps her to get away they will be charged to for being assory be fore and after

  15. hellow rose ann we me and my girl friend we the love the show rose ann with dan good men and the rest of the cast you all wer and still are great we have watched you for years and you are a great actress by the way and thank you for becomeing a voice for caley anthoy we have been to we hate casey anthoy and the verdict we need adleast 50 peopal to sign to get the federal judges to re open and re try the casey anthoy casey and have her chargeed with all 7 charges that would be enough to send her to death so please get all of your friend to sign this petetion please do what you can i am beging you thanks sincelery james scruggs

  16. JoAnn Blondin says:

    I got this from the Examiner blog.
    On the news, the FBI said for the public to write letters to them. Then they could take action, FB is wonderful he said but they need actual letters wtitten to them. So, lets start writing !

  17. JoAnn Blondin says:


  18. Rosenne, you rock.

  19. JoAnn Blondin says:
  20. JoAnn Blondin says:

    I was just reading a blog on the petition for Caylee. She says that she heard Baez is trying to get all the evidence that was used against Casey in the trial back, including the car. The Sleaze, Baez, definitely knows that we want to get the killer re-tried in federal. Then his meal ticket would be gone!!!

  21. johnsonconnie34 says:

    Casey Anthony and her attorney’s thought the jury was going to come back with a guilty verdict. The jury was not educated enough to understand this was a circumstantial case and they would have to look at this case with using their own common sense to see the circumstantial evidence along with Casey Anthony lies. I was shocked and felt betrayed by our criminal justice system when the verdict was “Not Guilty”. Then to hear the jury say they all knew she was guilty, but didn’t see concrete evidence. The jury was not educated or had enough common sense to understand that this trial along with many other trials would have to be judged by the circumstantial evidence and common sense. The State of Florida wasted so much of tax payers money on these 12 un- educated members of the jury from clear water. I hope and pray we can get this case into Federal Court. Casey Anthony needs to be in Prison and Caylee needs justice.

  22. Please also petition the Attorney General in NSW, Australia: http://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/latest/a/-/newshome/9935852/nsw-killer-mother-released-from-prison/
    Department of Attorney General and Justice
    Parramatta Justice Precinct
    160 Marsden St
    Locked Bag 5111
    Parramatta NSW 2124
    DX 1227
    Sydney NSW 2001
    Phone: 02 8688 7777 or 1800 684 449
    Fax: 02 8688 7980
    Website: http://www.lawlink.nsw.gov.au

  23. JoAnn Blondin says:

    Good Morning! Not sure if everyone know that there is ANOTHER PETITION FOR THE SAME THING IT IS CALLED:
    This petition has so far 7,222 signatures. The petitioner originator is from Stoney Brook New York

  24. Hi Roseanne,
    I just wanted to say Thank you for being the person you are. I have truly always admired you for the way you stand up for what you believe in.
    Thanks for your support.

  25. Dear Roseanne,and everyone that wants justice for little Caylee and other children like her! I have a petition @change.org called End Child Crime Profiteering! If we all push this issue together quickly,we may be able to prevent Casey Anthony,and plenty of others whom are trying to profit from a child’s death!!! The petition is under the Criminal Justice category! Please Sign and Share with everyone that you know! Thanks Roseanne for being the person that you are! You are SO down to Earth,and that is why we love you!! To everyone else Thank you,for standing up for Caylee!!! I have been standing right beside all of you!!

  26. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i told people when the trial first started in 2008, that i thought it was going to be like the OJ trial and i was right. casey is a female OJ.

  27. Wow.. awesome Roseanne! Thanks for speaking out about this horrific crime and I hope that more celebraties like you take the time to sign the petition, I also think that if anyone gives her the money she wants for an interview we should all speak out about it and tell them to go to hell!

  28. Keith Olbermann’s exclusive interview with Casey Anthony is reprinted in its entirety on The Daily Rash. Pretty interesting! http://www.thedailyrash.com/keith-olbermann-lands-first-interview-with-casey-anthony

  29. Good Evening everyone! She is pushing a book selling on Amazon! Please leave a message for Amazon and a review and please pass along to all you know to do the same! Inside My Mind, C.M.A. http://www.amazon.com/C-M-A-ebook/dp/B005EUOP4S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1311892329&sr=8-1
    Please do NOT let her profit from the death of that sweet little girl!

  30. JoAnn Blondin says:

    Hi again, I was just reading an article and came across this little comment:
    WFTV also relayed the comments of Dr. Harry Krop, who said he found no mental illness in Anthony earlier this week. But he said that Anthony doesn’t appreciate how negative the public views her.
    What does a child killer expect? ROses

  31. I AGREE!!! While you’re at it Roseanne, please have everyone know that any Advertiser that advertises their product in any Crazy Anthony Saga on TV or print, will be boycotted!!!!

  32. NightFaery says:

    Way to go, you are the bomb, lady! I appreciate the comments as they are my feelings exactly. Here is my sign-in and support 

  33. I am so glad that you believe what 2/3s of the Americans believe…and they say we are crazy…well I am just a bit…but this doesn’t excuse bad verdicts…and cheap shotty defense….thanks again Love your new Show

  34. Roseanne, you rock!! Thanks for speaking up about this.

  35. Get her. This country is already in the shitter:(

  36. JoAnn Blondin says:

    Hi, I just noticed this on another blog regarding the petition!
    We must keep this going!!

  37. Roseanne,I have been a fan of yours for many,many years and I was so thrilled to see that you feel as passionately about this bogus verdict as most americans do! Please tell me that it is possible to get this case retried under the federal law because I heard it was not possible…I will do anything in my power to help move this along..I have been sick since this verdict and justice has to be done! I admire you even more now that I know you feel the same…thank you for the years of laughter and now your involvement in this cause..I love you!!!!!!

  38. JoAnn Blondin says:

    I just read this on one of the blogs, thought I would share it with everybody:
    “You can get a retrial if there is defense misconduct­, including if the defense misconduct was erroneousl­y allowed by the court. Witness tampering, if by the defense, is one cause.”
    I did send Matt Lauer an E mail. He wanted to know what we think of him interviewing Baez. I told him (Birds of a Feather flock together Sleeze and Sleezier. Him and casey want to profit from a child’s agony and murder. I asked him “where is your integrity?

  39. hey thanks again rosanne but now we need your help to get other celebrities to be behind us it awsome to have you behind us but we need more media and news channels to be wih us please you need to share this info with other kinds of media

  40. hey thanks again rosanne but now we need your help to get other celebrities to be behind us it awsome to have you behind us but we need more media and news channels to be wih us please you need to share this info with other kinds of media

  41. Roseanne: Watched the interview with you and Joy Behar. I thought the crew on that show would never stop laughing at your quips! You had them rolling, also myself, I’d been ill for a few weeks and I was laughing out loud my cat got scared, you are the “sugar” needed in all our sour days!
    I’ve never seen you look more beautiful,radiant and healthy. Good luck with the “Nuts” show.
    Thanks for helping us by getting our petition out there to try that skank,Casey Anthony in federal court. We knew you were the woman who stands by all that should be honest and safe for our children. Help us boycott NBC or anyone that pays to put that lier on.
    Love ya girl…!

  42. I’ve been a fan since ’88. I love your nut farm. So cool. If you ever need any help around your farm just let me know. I would be more than happy to help. Take care.=-)

  43. JoAnn Blondin says:

    We all knew that we could count on Ms Roseanne Barr!! I always liked you because you tell it like it is!! Definitely want to thank you!! Hopefully, we can get the “Proper Verdict” and get justice to prevail for that Beautiful Little Child Caylee. Her Mother did destroy her life and liberty! The Jurors obviously did not follow the Judge’s instructions. We can not let their incompetency be the final rule in this case!!

  44. Rosie…YOU ARE THE BOMB! You took a risk by speaking out about the horrible death of a beautiful, defenseless child who was killed by a selfish, demented, and evil mother. I applaud you! We cannot let this horrific crime be the reason for financial benefit of the perpetrators! I’m not sure these perpetrators understand that these offers of millions of dollars is infuriating to the world. Casey and her clan should wise up and just go off and die somewhere–do the world a favor! The Anthonys are instigating their own demise by adding fuel to the fire with these ridiculous money-making schemes off the murder of Caylee Marie. We will not back down! Again, thank you so much for your support and hopefully others will take the same risk you did.

  45. Roseanne, you rock!! Thanks so much for speaking up about this. A little girl is dead and her ‘beloved’ family is negotiating for the best deal. Makes me sick. But it’s encouraging to see how many people are fighting this injustice.

  46. Roseanne, you rock!! Thanks so much for speaking up about this. A little girl is dead and her ‘beloved’ family is negotiating for the best deal. Makes me sick. But it’s encouraging to see how many people are fighting this injustice.

  47. Roseanne, you rock!! Thanks so much for speaking up about this. A little girl is dead and her ‘beloved’ family is negotiating for the best deal. Makes me sick. But it’s encouraging to see how many people are fighting this injustice.

  48. twistedmonkee says:

    oh, to run into her somewhere, just five minutes of her time is all that would be needed. all there is left now, is for them to make money!
    that scum bucket lawyer and her must of had alot more going on, i think they both plotted out the whole confuse the hell out of the jury with bullshit! and it worked!
    do you think the judge should have imposed a cooling off period? fuck no! they wouldnt/havent done it for anyone else. how did she get to be so special.
    she has just thrown a wrench in for every victim out there, its gonna go back to not believing the victim(which im not sure it ever changed) and believing the perp!
    the victim lives out the rest of their lives with pain and suffering, waiting for the lion to attack, while the perp does a little time and gets out to do it again and again.
    she killed her fucking kid, she didnt report it for 31 days, and then her mom had to do it! crazy fucking bitch!
    do you think she would have enough nerve to show her face in public?
    will she get a facelift? new fingerprints? lol
    who the hell is hiding her? who is helping her? who is the daddy and where is he?
    do you think she is scared? fearful? intelligent, i think so! will she figure out a way to survive, temporarily, yes! BUT, she got away with murder, her lies, and betrayal will catch up and she will screw herself! look at OJ!
    I THINK SHE IS FUCKING INSANE! and in a couple of months she will start raking in the dirty money, but shes gonna fuck up, and then maybe in a year or so KARMA!
    just venting…so frustrating!
    i think it infuriates me more that she used the “molestation” crapola as part of her defense, even tho they didnt use it. it was still brought up and that is a setback for victims all over the place, it will always be questioned more than it is now!
    done venting, i think, gotta go breathe!!

  49. Kaylin Alida says:

    im pretty young, at age 17 and i cried like a baby when i followed this story