Rad Artwork archie and marcia from “roseanne’s nuts” museum:

Check out this website for Marcia and Archie from the Reality Show. 




  1. dolores mollring says:

    roseanne I love your show. I laughed so hard last night I had tears in my eyes and my stomach ached. I’m still laughing as I’m sitting here typing this comment. I also live in Hawaii on Oahu in downtown/chinatown. If you ever have too many vegtables you can send some to me. I can’t afford to buy local. Welcome to Hawaii. Aloha and Mahalo for making me continue to laugh. I’m not erasing last nights show I am going to watch it everytime I am in need of a good laugh. Its the one about the food truck. Yes I’m still laughing even right now. Again Mahalo for bring humor into my life. and Bless you and your family. Aloha

  2. Nancy Wonderful says:

    OMG Feather earings long ones
    Feathers from Johnny’s Chickens Shut UP You could be chasing his Chickens to get feathers he could be protecting the little money makers

  3. Nancy Wonderful says:

    OK More
    In Hawaii there is a large Japanese presence Selling some of there most popular items with a portion going to the Nuclear Power plant surviving children or animals.
    Hawaiian carvings with special stories and meaning
    Every shipped package could include some volcanic rocks as some ritual to pale to calm the giant volcano
    I would get some 13 year old Hawaiian girls together and ask them what are their favorite Hawaiian items.
    Tourism Suppliers, check with them they will give you a list of there top 10 items that visitors buy when they visit Hawaii.
    I think Kona Coffee is big.
    I think Kona Coffee ice cream mix
    Of course Hawaiian Tatoo temporary stick on’s Big
    I would make a deal with a local Lea Maker, put them on the store. Then on the show say how you are sending all your family leas for specific holidays like Valentine or Mothers day.
    I need to give this more thought.

  4. Nancy Wonderful says:

    the Hawaiian Textiles are fabulous,
    Hawaiian Tatoos are very popular, I think T Shirts with the most popular Tatoos would be outstanding. T Shirts have a huge mark-up
    One with Johnny and You with a saying Doll
    There are by the way some beads, they are made of volcanic rock, but they look just like pearls this could be good
    I need to give this more thought

  5. Nancy Wonderful says:

    Then just put the store on your web site.
    Use the museum to display items.
    You do not have to have an actual store. Use a virtual Store.
    Your Reality program is the perfect marketing tool
    People who come to your museum could go on line in the entrance area and order any item they wanted.
    I just want women to vote with there food shopping dollars. 99% of all Food stores in the US have male top managers. I want women to say they will not shop in there food store unless the top manager job is a women.
    Not the assistant, TOP
    Women could change the whole food industry with the power of the weekly food shopping dollars. Billions.

  6. the museum doesnt have a store. the zoning doesnt allow it–next idea ?? you have some good ones keep them coming! something will click!

  7. Nancy Wonderful says:

    a 501 (c) 3 could employ hundreds of Hawaiian’s making Hawaiian Items to sell on you site Museum Store.
    Things that are worn on your reality show.
    Sell them on HSN, QVC
    You could create a huge female economy in Hilo, Hawaii
    Empowerment, then you could drive them all to vote.

  8. Aloha Kaua,
    I watched the show about the Kamuela Museum last week. My great grand uncle was the original owner. My mom, 87 years old and aunt who is 88 thank you for taking care of the place. Albert Solomon was my grand uncle he still has a sister living on Oahu who is 103 years old. Uncle Kehau passed awai in his late 90’s. My uncle possessed for many years a wicker basket of Iwi, (sacred bones, from an alii. He wanted to pass this on to another member of the family, do not think he did. If there is a presence felt there it may be the iwi. I The blessing was a very good thing. Auntie Harriet would never sleep in the room where the bones were. Hopefully one day soon I can bring my mom and aunt to the big island and they can visit and share the stories of growing up on the big island.
    Your show is unique and I thank you for being so respectful and sharing our islands with the world.
    Cetta Fialkowski

  9. thebeachwife says:

    I Love the artwork! The website is beautifully done.

  10. Nancy Wonderful says:

    Hello Roseanne,
    Marcia and Archie are just to to cute.
    His singing adds such a wonderful Hawaii vibe to your reality show. But, or course you know that.
    Museum, interesting I liked his focus on one item.
    Love your show..you are the pro..a museum shop on your web site for mass consumers could help raise money for the renovation and maintenance.

  11. WOW those 2 artists are wonderful.I love their work.Now while watching the new show I can enjoy them even more.I was raving about the 1 painting on wall in the show and now I see it was 1 of Marcia’s.Will be excited to see the progress with the museum.;-)

  12. Moon Shadow says:

    “If I don’t make the goal by deadline in two weeks, I get nothing.”
    Well, that’s pretty fucked Skip! What happens to the donations if they DON’T go to you?
    Maybe Roseanne will tweet the link. She’s got well over 50,000 followers at this point.
    Some countries support (or used to) a weekly stipend for artists. Maybe you can be Minister for the Arts if Roseanne becomes Pres. :)
    Keep plugging along, we’re all enjoying traveling vicariously through your images and stories. Patience, good things are coming your way (sorry, just read a fortune cookie…). ;)

  13. Thanks Dashus! Though I wouldn’t quite say Kickstarter is taking off for me. It’s an all or nothing deal. If I don’t make the goal by deadline in two weeks, I get nothing. I’ve been working hard reporting from the road for over 30 days and haven’t even made half of the goal yet.
    I have high hopes but I can’t tell if I’m basically giving away too much or over promoting it to the point of becoming annoying. It’s the first time I’ve tried this and everyone seems to love the content and story so far. Just hoping enough are compelled to kick me a few pesos before it’s too late and my deadline runs out.
    I’m confident in my photography and storytelling. My writing is tolerable enough, but the art of marketing & self promotion is another animal altogether. Haven’t quite figured out what proper balance is. Could likely take lessons from R on that. :)
    Just added a new photo and ambient audio from mariachi Garibaldi Plaza while hanging out there last midnight here: kck.st/r92lLW

  14. dashus christ says:

    How Cool Skip,i’m so glad to know you are doing better,yes the melon works well. I am pleased to hear Kickstarter is taking off for you. Revolution is exciting work you’re creating!!-We Love that you keep us all posted! Keep taking care!

  15. Gracias Dashus! Actually feeling better now. I think the Guayaba is working nicely. :)
    I think the problems with login were related to Facebook login & this blog doesn’t like HTML code. After I stripped out the HTTP from the links it seemed to go fine. I just updated the Kickstarter blog with a fresh Mexico City post called Revolution here: kck.st/r92lLW
    The people here seem much more apt to take it to the streets than they are in the U.S.
    I’m not sure how effective they are, but it’s encouraging to see folks at least trying to make a change… much like most of the stuff I read on RW. :)

  16. dashus christ says:

    Thx Moon, i will do this!!

  17. Moon Shadow says:

    My pleasure. :)
    Take some fresh lavender, put it in a clear glass with spring water and place in the sun for 3-4 hours. Drink the water.
    The vibrational essence is different than a tea, which uses dried flowers and leaves; and the essential oil, which is aromatherapy. All are effective, but the vibrational essences are for shifting “patterns” to affect change.

  18. dashus christ says:

    Glad you made it onto blog-hope your symptoms calm down real soon-Love your work so much!!!-Take good care

  19. dashus christ says:

    Yes the museum is awesome!!!

  20. dashus christ says:

    i been attracted to and using lavender for awhile now-you have explained it so nicely here,Thx!-i was referred to as high strung when i was a kid,so i really appreciate what you are saying!!

  21. Hi,
    Been having login problems from the road here in Mexico and then getting posting errors. Figurred since this is at least an art-themed thread it’d be ok to post here. If not, please forgive and i will abandon my attempts with apology. :)
    Firgured since R mentioned me posting from that matriarchal community, i’d try one more tine. :) The post below is from Oaxaca but I’m in Mexico City now trying to get over a little annoying bout with dysentery. Feeling a bit better & may be on the road again by tomorrow.
    Although I am also shooting a regular camera as well, all the images, video/audio & writing are being done via iphone. So there likely typos & I’m guessing on the iphone photo edits. :)
    Here’s the posting I mentioned about the matriarchal culture in Juchitan, Mexico!
    In Oaxaca now, but just posted my Kickstarter update about the bizarre few days I spent in Juchitan de Zaragoza just before here. It’s called “Hey Babe, Take a Walk on the Wild Side” and here’s the link: kck.st/nuV099
    This one is a non-exclusive public update, but if you dig what I’m doing and want more access as well as cool artistic incentive rewards, please support by becoming a backer of my Kickstarter creative project “Off The Deep End” here: kck.st/jYKIvo
    Skip Hunt @ kaleidoscopeofcolor.com

  22. Ladyjane Green says:

    Wow, R, such a cool, eclectic space! Im glad you had the spirit removed, with respect to the Hawaiians. Thanks for trying to ” school” J n J about honoring Pele, and Hawaiian spiritual belief. The Goddess is found here, and now, in the museum,where music, art, island culture and laughter can come together. Archie and Marcia are treasures themselves. The Big Island is a special place, where the ( female) creative energy wells and spurts forth, like the lava beneath our feet..We are here now, ready to rock, an we salute u.(thanks to ACDC)

  23. Moon Shadow says:

    Will do. Mahalo.
    You ever try Lavender Flower Essence (vibrational).
    Working w/ these again after some time away, thinking this may be interesting for you to experiment with…
    Lavender Positive qualities:
    Spiritual sensitivity, highly refined awareness.
    Patterns of imbalance:
    Nervousness, overstimulation of spiritual forces which depletes the physical body.
    The Lavender flower essence helps those souls who are highly absorbent or spiritual influences. They tend to be very awake and quite mentally active, with a strong attraction to spiritual practices and various forms of meditation. However, they often absorb far more energy than can actually be processed through the body.
    “High-strung” and “wound-up” are words typically used to describe such personalities. They especially suffer from afflictions to the head, such as headaches or vision problems, and neck and shoulder tension. They are quite often plagued by insomnia or other nervous maladies.
    Lavender first works to sedate and soothe such persons; at a deeper level, it teaches one how to moderate and regulate one’s spiritual-psychic energy. In this way the soul learns to use its highly sensitive capacities in balance with the physical needs of the body.

  24. we def. want to do that once the museum is completely restored–it doesnt even have a kitchen fixed or a stove yet –just put in our floor-it was a stinking mess! getting there though–another few months–check back then-def. want to help local artists and do shows and benefits there!

  25. Marcia and Archie from the Reality Show ROCK ! awesome people :)

  26. thebeachwife says:

    Roseanne your show is real & that is why I like it & you. What you see is what you get like it or not. More women should say, “Enough, stop pushing my buttons or I will grow a pair!” I grew a pair of knobs & I’m proud of them! LMBO!!!!

  27. Moon Shadow says:

    Well, it certainly is nice to see artists living and caretaking the museum. Much responsibility, but the place and artwork is stunning.
    Any pics of the murals from Parker Ranch Center?
    Would love to develop a partnership with the museum and our kanaka maoli artists… possibly workshops, exhibits, lectures… Any interest?
    This is who we are and what we do:

  28. Kaylin Alida says:

    thanks for sharing, i really like the stuff on the website, i might buy some things :)

  29. dashus christ says:

    Yes, and hemp being used as fabric also i’ve heard!

  30. Dancin4Joy says:

    Many of the prints are so pretty! I could see using them as borders on the wall or making material and linens and things that has those designs on it. Hmm Bamboo and Cotton would be a good fabric to use for that idea. Wonder if they’ve considered things like that? Posters would be nice too tho – good that they have that as well.

  31. dashus christ says:

    This is very nice art-Marcia’s work of the horses is quite amazing!

  32. Checked out the website, I may buy some stuff!\

  33. Got caught up on your last four episodes. Just about popped a nut watching!


  35. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    very nice website, and i will try to stop in if i am ever in town.