old women must take care of young women!

Just because many of our daughters are really not all that smart whatsoever about the necessity for feminism in a society, a culture or a religion, in order for that society to be a healthy and productive one quite yet, does not mean that we the mothers and grandmothers of america can sit back and let these people start running things.  We must do it, as we are the smartest women ever on earth–the richest and best educated of all women up til now–we must make sure that things do not go backward for our grandchildren, or their mothers, or their mothers mothers or their own grandchildren.  women are the light of the world and we must get up off of our too fat asses and start fixing problems right now before we are dead–no women will ever be allowed this chance again, if we do not.  elect me!  I’m a strong and smart woman–I’m no HO!  vote pour moi! 2012!


  1. honkforsaudiwomen says:

    Yes and YES!
    Check out this grandmother honking to support Saudi Women’s Driving Rights: http://youtu.be/a42wV6JIlls
    Roseanne, we hope you are still planning on making a Honk for Saudi Women Video?

  2. …Rose de Anne…
    …if ye Bee my bodygaurd…
    …i will bee your…
    …long lost friend…
    …stung today…
    …3 true…
    …bull’s eye…
    …third eye…
    …de honey bee…
    …vacinate me…
    …i am…
    …truth es stranger…
    …de fiction…
    …yah sistah…

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    Tippy tha hooper! Hula hoops are cool,.The hoop dancers at the Pow Wow were so amazing with their holy hoops! I love the old utube video u put up ( i think it was when the” tsunami “hit)with the young girl talking about, then performing a hoops routine. Was she one of your super hoopers? joining activity with any healing process is the key. U inspire me to try to get up off me arse, especially the thought of hooping elders. Junior roller derby is now empowering my favorite teen niece! Its so badass, and very Girl Power!

  4. Roseanne, please put Facebook Like buttons on your posts so we can share them! YOU GO, SISTER! lol

  5. RockieTrena says:

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  6. Moon Shadow says:

    Hoola Hoop ROCKS!!!
    Yes, core and balance!
    Also recommend gyrokinesis and Qi Gong!!
    A little joy & lightness, and a little strengthening to prepare to core for the slave revolt taking place right NOW!!

  7. Tippy -Lite says:

    but i don’t teach typing or spelling

  8. Tippy -Lite says:

    I work now with young and old women inside “the Hoop”…..
    While your core builds strength, so does this empower all who step inside……to play.
    it’s a sacred circle.
    I’d love to teach anyone to hula-hoop, as i believe it protes balance.

  9. Tippy -Lite says:

    saw her at the capital at a march for choice.

  10. shortpack says:

    love it, love her. Was fortunate enough to see her on the 10th anniversary of the dupe of 9/11 where she recited the poem she wrote in response…one of the best experiences of my life…
    “here’s to our last drink of fossil fuels” and the whole crowd cheered and cried…

  11. i just had to post this .. lol i am watching Roseanne on the repeat episode of Oprah..i watched it the first but its even funnier the second time..you have to see Roseanne on this episode where she talks about her book, life, family and arm wrestling with Oprah..LMAO..I love you Roseanne, you keep me inspired btw i have became good friends with Anne Kissel the best Roseanne impersonator ever!..

  12. Tippy -Lite says:

    Comming of age durring a plague of Reagan and Bush,
    watchin capitalism burn down a democracy,
    it has this funny effect on me….. i guess.
    ~ani D

  13. Ladyjane Green says:

    The Girl Called Meat sez, wheres the “Q”, Tip? (((((exhale))))) Ladyjane sezThe Wild-Fire Horses of 66 have no illusions left. We used em,when we made it out of our mothers embattled uteri. As unwitting generational repositories of destructive passion-centric powers, we have been blazing our paths cross continents for decades.Chinese Astrology, Theodora Lau, check it out. Women should help other women on their creative paths, even if we have differences of methods. Celebrate difference, celebrate diversity, but support the sisterhood, cuz here is where we need it most. We must judge less, and accept more. My 14year old hanai neice keeps me teaching the youth. Shes a leader, and i know she thinks about what i say precisely cuz im not a traditional “role model”. ” We will still give and accept help. From all generations. Who can blame the youth of today” Peter Tosh

  14. Tippy -Lite says:

    To Roseanne:
    Yeah? Well how come u aint taking care of me then?

  15. Rock on! I really admire your courage!

  16. Saturday night I was sitting up, playing some music and just enjoying the quiet, and this song came up that made me immediately think of you. I’ve heard this song a million times, but I never really ‘heard’ it until then.

  17. Ladyjane Green says:

    Blazin that trail in our” big girl panties” is truly what separates the women from the “daddies little girls”. Many a throwback beeattch exists out there, safely ensconced in their patriarchal underoos. LJG can hear these gender traitors saying “ignore that man behind the screen.” Meanwhile,Patriarchal Oz the Magnificent can be seen pulling all the levers on his fine and fucked up creation. Women are the greatest( most evilly effective) agents of the Patriarchy. We need to throw off the yoke of our “ForeskinFathers” in the form of wageslavery for the militare industrial aristocracy. Women need to take care of other women, not undermine each other. May R Barr usher in a new era of Peace, Justice, and Matriarchal Agrarianisim.

  18. This is precisely the path that i am on, to use my ’51 years on this planet’ education and mentor young women. I’ve been doing it for years, and the rewards are priceless. To see an otherwise steamrolled by MAN young women blossom, grab her big girl panties, and blaze her own trail is COMPLETELY fulfilling.

  19. It’s difficult to save people that don’t want to be saved…..

  20. Ladyjane Green says:

    Long live The Queen!

  21. Moon Shadow says:

    And the drag queens must take care of the gay youth and whip some fucking common sense into their vain brains.
    Their bravery and wit shall lead the path to their only true salvation from the tiny-pricked breeding males –
    …support of the MATRIOT!!

  22. from marianne williamson book”to be a princes is to play at life. To be a queen is to be a serious player”. Roseanne you have reached queen status,and we have so much to learn from you.
    I don’t have children but I try to teach my nieces to think outside the box. To get an education and to never rely on a man.BARR 2012