in my new show next week I re-sing the national anthem

It’s a real serious episode.


  1. 1strangelittlegirl says:

    You did absolutely wonderfully!! I have always been a fan since Roseanne. That was & still Is the only show that portrays real life! I grew up wondering why my life wasnt like many on tv. My dad wasn’t a Dr & my mom wasn’t a lawyer we didn’t live in a mansion instead my dad was handicapped was a total ass to everyone & worked 9-5 as civilian for the government & my mom worked in my school cafeteria not exactly every kids dream! And yet those Cosby kids saw their parents more than I did? My life was & still is real. We wonder if when I wake up if our water has been turned off if so we send the kids around the neighborhood filling up cups if water & hope our electric is on so we can heat it up on the stove & seem to wash all 3 kids. Unfortunately I live my life like the show Roseanne we work hard to make it in this materialistic world but in the end we don’t get the paycheck for acting what real life is like to many. I still watch Roseanne everyday & Roseanne’s Nuts that is if our tv isn’t turned off or our electric. Thank you for your new show & I’m happy I still have re-runs & some DVDs of your show & Roseanne. I don’t remember the scandalous National Anthem but I do know you were beautiful, brave & wonderful and I am so happy you sang it again. It was also so cool to see Bonny again. I remember Bonny on the show Roseanne had an awesome voice especially singing at the barbecue. John Goodman or “Dan” was also a great singer and of course I always loved your singing! Congratulations your wonderful!

  2. dashus christ says:

    Yes, So Beautifully Sung-inspiring to All!!!

  3. Hi…I thought you were inspired! You sounded beautiful…

  4. Kaylin Alida says:

    beautiful voice, roseanne lol:)
    american idol, for sure!

  5. You where really great. I knew you would be. I also love your show and would love to see you more. Wish you would do another sit-com. I know you would have millions watching as soon as they hear about it. If you can come back like you did on your show you can come back again on the sit-com circuit. God knows there is not much on tv right now worth a damn!

  6. I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed seeing Miss Bonnie again. I remember her from “Delaney and Bonnie”. That song, “Only you know and I know” still rocks. If I remember correctly, she also sang with Ike and Tina back in the day. She has as such soul! All the best Miss Bonnie!

  7. I’m thinking new grammy category for a 1 time live performance by a reality show nut farmer. You’re a shoo-in Sis! Seriously, I know this was a very important moment for you. I think you have redeemed your self once and for all.

  8. Just watched this episode online. What a tear-jerker! Really pulled on the ol’ heartstrings seeing & hearing you re-sing it so beautifully.
    Now Bush & all the other Ass-Hats can just go & eat their crow pie.
    Love the Hawaiian singing trio too.

  9. Taylor Miller says:
  10. Taylor Miller says:

    Hey again, Roseanne –
    Love your show. We’d LOVE to have you join Ed Begley Jr. and speak about the environment, your politics, your farm, and your nuts at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Fair this September in Pennsylvania.
    The MOTHER EARTH NEWS Fair is dedicated to teaching people sustainability, and we think you’d make a great addition! It would be a pleasure to work with you, and i hope we can set it up.
    Let me know,

  11. Roseanne……..i was so choked up watching you, i felt like a proud Mama at the same time. Even as i type this, i have ‘chicken skin’. Unreals lady, unreals…….mahalo nui……

  12. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    You have taught me that i have to forgive myself for mistakes i have made, and i must face my fear. Thanks miss barr.

  13. thanks so much ljg

  14. Ladyjane Green says:

    You really did Great! and went right for it with your Heart and Soul. We are proud of you!

  15. American 1 says:

    I watched the show. When you sang, I started to cry. I felt if only everyone could know your true heart for our country. It was very beautiful and well done. I never expected anything less. It was a truly entertaining episode. Keep up the good work. xxoo

  16. heya roseanne!
    haven’t had the time to comment yet, but i wanted to say ive been DVRing your show! my mom and i both really enjoy it. The interaction between Johnny and yourself crack me up. I love when you two crack on each other and then smile about it. Its reminiscent of your sitcom and the feeling between John Goodman and yourself, when you would tell jokes at each others expense and then smile at each other. My friends and I here in Iowa are supporting your show and will continue to do so. I woke up early today before work so though i would take the time to give some feedback! the only episode i haven’t got to watch yet was the National Anthem, ill be able to watch it tonight when i get back! but i saw the other three and they were really good! You and your family keep up the good work!

  17. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    you rocked the banner and i was with you on the live tweets did you read anything from me?. It was good to see bonnie and now people can leave you alone and stop saying your a bad singer. IT IS NOT TRUE ANYMORE!.

  18. Sunshine22 says:

    You rocked the National Anthem tonight!!!

  19. Jason Bagshaw says:

    I am at my sisters tonight and we are going to watch our first episode of Roseanne’s Nuts. July 20. 2011. Whoo Hoo!u

  20. Saw you on The Talk today. Great interview. I like it when they let you talk and keep you on for a while. Can’t wait for the show tonight, to hear you sing and snore?!? Anymore TV appearances coming up??

  21. QuackQuack says:

    I went to that web site mylifetime.com and did the Roseanne Barr Trivia Quiz. LOL. Sorry to say, I only achieved 4 points!! It said: “You’re Not Domestic Goddess Material
    Do you even know who Roseanne is?” LOL. It is not my fault if I have not followed your showbiz lifestyle. I did guess a couple of them, which proved right. I suppose really then, my result should be 2 points.
    Sorry, will try harder!!

  22. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Can i just say Roseanne you also try to quit snoring this week too?.

  23. Hey Roseanne,
    Is there anywhere that Canadian fans can watch your new show? We don’t get Lifetime here :(

  24. Bahaha! Stoked!

  25. Sing it loud! Do it YOUR way. This is the land of the Free and the Brave. You are both.
    All my love.

  26. Your show rocks!!!!!! To be in your shoes for a day sounds like a vacation….. Im so stoked to have something to watch again on TV crap makes you feel like crap and humor make you look at life for what it is LIFE. Thank you!!!

  27. I was young when I saw the national anthem. Men grab their crotch and spit all the time. It made me happy to see someone understand the irony and act on it. Im pretty sure it changed my life. Make people mad. People need to get mad.

  28. Can’t wait to see you do this. The Anthem is so difficult to sing. Remember Roseanne, practice, practice, practice!!

  29. Lucifer Sam says:

    That’s going to be a good recovery.

  30. Ladyjane Green says:

    LJG admires the fact that you are lookin” satan” in the eye and singing this” song “again. Revisiting tough, painful experiences is traumatic, and when singing in public is the experience being relived…..We are glad you chose Hawaii, (or did Pele chose you) Cant wait to watch the next episodes…..Our National Anthem Still Blows, oh did i say that out loud? Id rather hear you sing something by The King.
    Suspicious Minds would be delicious….((tipiexhale420))
    Caught in a trap,…. cant get out,…. because I love you too much, Baby…..

  31. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    can you tell us if you sing it without making people mad?.

  32. I cant wait!

  33. You looked SO awesome on the David Letterman show!! And PS Sing a Wahenni song, not the national anthem!!

  34. I can’t wait. I love your show!! I want to work on your farm. :)

  35. ……..Waimea watching!