In case you missed it – here’s a link to the National Anthem Episode from Roseanne’s Nuts

Click here to watch –>  National Anthem Episode

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  1. I never truly understood why they had invited you to sing that song the first time. You have always been known for comedy and when you hit some raw notes we could all hear you laugh at yourself for hitting them.
    It wasn’t until your show where you stated all of the things that had happened to you and your family that I, personally, realized all the heartache you and your family endured.I think that President Bush exercising an opinion on your singing as disgraceful was just another humiliating part of him being in office.
    I loved the way Ms Bonnie explained the National Anthem and for an unprofessional singer I think you sang it with heart. (Note wise you suck darling but you already knew that lol )
    The most important part is …..How you sing the National Anthem does not make you more or less of an American. Your loyalty and dedication to this country should of never been questioned.That isn’t what makes you an American. What makes you American is what you did……after the flames, after the smoke and after the world beating upon you …….YOU STILL STOOD UP AND YELLED I’M AN AMERICAN AND STOOD YOUR GROUND…
    Your temper is only there because you have so much in your heart that you want to do and say it doesn’t come out fast enough…just embrace it and learn to laugh at it and it will lessen for you..

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    good to see bonnie- and it is one of my fav episodes of the show. GOOD JOB MISS ROSEANNE BARR.

  3. Sorry, the title of the book was”Fire and Rain”, not 1970. It was about the year 1970.

  4. Hey Rosanne. I just finished a great non-fiction book titled “1970”. It was about the music of that particular year. Anyway, it had some very flattering things to say about your friend Bonnie. If you get a chance, pick it up at your local library. Since we are the same age (almost) I know that you were listening to the same stuff that I was.

  5. good job roseanne

  6. Roseanne,
    I really do hope you check your blog comments because I just watched your National Anthem episode and I cried tears of joy as I watched you overcome such a previously traumatic experience. I am currently in school to become a psychologist and have overcome a lot of trauma from my childhood so I always love to rejoice in other peoples triumphs.
    I grew up watching your show and when it went off the air I was so sad. My 13 year old daughter loves watching your episodes on DVD and thanks to Netflix my 2 year old son and I discovered your childrens music video which we love.
    When I saw you were going to invite your fans into your home I was delighted. Your strength, sense of humor and honesty is inspiring. I don’t even know how to express how much I appreciate you. While I have a great mother, I learned a lot about being a mother from you. I learned that my house didn’t have to be perfect, but interacting with my kids was more important. I learned open and honest conversations create long lasting relationships with our children. I have learned to laugh at myself, by watching you do the same. I thank you for that. I am firm believer that we can often learn not just from our own mistakes but from others as well. Your willingness to share your life through humor, and a rawness is wonderful. Thank you for being you. I look forward to reading and seeing more about your views on life :) Bless you Roseanne :)

  7. You make me proud for so many reasons, but mainly for your judge of character, being able to find the soul of a person, and connect. Watching you with Bonnie, was the best part of the episode. Hearing her, talk as an artist, about the songwriter of the Star Spangled Banner, and plunging into the depth of the mans soul, understanding the lyric, and then sharing that with you, so passionately, that’s my kind of reality show! Seriously…wonderful to watch, experience and grow from. And Johnny, well, again, the understanding you two have with each other, should be CHERISHED. You’ve connected…he feels you, don’t forget to feel him. (take that any way you want to…heh-heh…I’m sure that’s what he’d say…) As for the song itself, you inspired and moved every person that saw it. Anyone that says something different, is lying their ass off, or heavily medicated. Way to go….you still have so much to teach, and learn, and your willingness to do both, at a time when you don’t have to, is what keeps us all growing.

  8. Roseanne ,
    I love you :P and love the roseanne show i have so many of them in my dvr .I got my 9 year old son all into the show too . you remind me of me :D you are so funny and have brightened up so many of my days :D !!!I love the new show too its great and so funny .Seems like its so peaceful up there and that you are very happy there .I wanted to know if you are planning on doing any comedy shows any time soon??? i would love to go to one …let me know thanks Amanda

  9. You sang from your heart and it was beautiful! And I too got choked up, it was strange how I was proud of you, like your an old friend! :)

  10. I agree…i had a tear also

  11. Hi Roseanne! I’m new to your site here and would first like to tell you that I adore and admire you. I have always been a fan! I’m 30 now, and grew up watching “Roseanne”. To even be able to write something to you that you miht read is truly an honor. Ok ok , with that being said…
    I think you did a fantastic job singing that day. Even more than your actual singing, what came across so powerful was your passion to do a great job. it was heartfelt and sincere and to me, that matters more than even the greatest talent. You overcame a fear of yours and faced it head on. We have all made mistakes in our life and have things that we wish we would have handled differently. Anyway, love the show, and your family!

  12. Roseanne, You sang The National Anthem beautifully. I feel that anyone who questioned your feelings for our country should take the time to see you sing this again from the heart. It took a lot of balls to do it and I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself. I am such a fan of your show and welcome back to tv, you are truly a inspiration to all of us.

  13. I got goose bumps when you were singing. You were amazing. You never have to fear singing in front of people again. I’m so proud of you!

  14. My grassroots non-profit, the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration has been in Bosnia-Herzegovina since March 1999. Mostly middle-aged, these women are even stronger copies of YOU- Roseann.
    Suffering in the aftermath of a third war in one century, most live off the land, or growing vegetable in pots on their apartment balconies.
    And they would love to sing with you but really, I could not help but know that they would show you how to rid the wild boars from eating your nuts.
    I have not been able to fundraise for their annual trip to the Bosnian coast, but I would love to think of a way to raise funds for them to go to your farm. To farm, and cook for a few weeks.
    It would be the best trauma treatment for them- that is for sure. But I am afraid you would laugh too much, as they would–
    Just wanted to really thank you for inspiring me in this work, to keep at it, and not give up.
    I would certainly vote for you Isis- our true Goddess!

  15. You sang BEAUTIFULLY!

  16. I just watched the first 4 episodes of Roseanne’s Nuts last night, and I just have to say how awesome it is to see you on television again. I really enjoyed the show. It kind of made me feel like I was home again after years of being away. You look gorgeous, too.

  17. Leslie_Adele says:

    That episode came at the perfect time. I had just been thinking that there aren’t enough examples of women being brave for me to look up to. After hearing how much singing the anthem the first time hurt you, watching you have the balls to get back up there and do it again made me CRY! I mean CRY! I was so proud of you and the example you set for all of us to not let fear stand in our way. We must face our fears and be courageous like you! LOVED Roseanne, and LOVE you now more than ever!! Stay on TV, I missed you!! I believe you ARE making a difference to save the world and I loved you on Lopez Tonight! <3 Your loyal fan, Leslie

  18. Dancin4Joy says:

    Did you see my comment on the picture with Sarah? It’s some ideas for ways to make more money through the show/using land for location fees for Sarah and Galecky and that way if Johnny manages it he can build a chicken condo etc, we used to have one hehe. (But I put it in more detail there.)
    Another thing that’s so awesome for me – is to see you in TEAL (Picture with Sarah etc) so often! My whole place is in one form of teal or another including the majority of my clothes. I consider it the PERFECT marriage of blue and green which represent peace and nature and healing , creativity and new beginning etc. I have some ideas and concept drawings for some new JEWelry with this all in mind but finding someone to cast it could be a bit complicated/expensive. Any leads here or on Ben Yehuda? Hey, have you ever considered selling macadamia tree seedlings assuming you could have extra popping up all over the place… Many people love the nuts but can’t afford to buy them and don’t know how to grow them!

  19. Dancin4Joy says:

    That’s so true, music is totally spiritually transcendent when it comes from a place of love and surrender and I’m not saying that’s easy to do – there’s usually some kind of sacrifice involved. IE – pride, the past, offenses, etc have to be cleared out – and I truly believe you achieved that after watching it. I backed it up and re-experienced it a few times! Thanks for making it available and posting it here, I’m sharing it with anyone I can and some don’t have Lifetime. WTG Johnny! I’m so glad you have a guy who can even appreciate things like that – no wonder you say you CARE what he thinks! To be honest it’s totally part of the package – to see him accompanying you like that and what it does to build your neshama is palpable. I used to sing backup and choral (seems like a hundred years ago now) but the vulnerability you are able to tap into with the right people surrounding you will catapult you that much further forward. Bonnie too was key here as the spirit and teaching she brought into it by painting the picture for you was incredible – what a blessing to have such people in your life Roseanne!

  20. Sorci From New York says:

    Hi Roseanne. I don’t have TV service so I did not know you had a new show until my sister told me tonight and I went straight to LifeTime and watched the episodes that are posted. First, I have to say that I have always loved you and the fact you speak your mind. I do too and like you, I am in trouble quite a bit especially at work. Anyway, second, I watched the episode with you singing the American Anthem and I have to say, it brought me to tears. Not just the way you sang it, which was wonderful, but the fact that you did it. Congrats on your new show, you are hilarious and I love the clothes you wear, very quirky. If you are ever in Niagara Falls, NY, you have a place to stay. Susan

  21. thebeachwife says:

    you know you are a Shero for the lil’ F’ers crowd (the forty to fifty something females)! We should work together on a project I’m looking to pitch….have your peeps call my peep…WTF? Just email me & I’ll shoot you the details ldmorgan@mchsi.com
    It’s right up your alley……comedy meets reality!

  22. All I can say is ‘ AWESOMELY WELL SUNG ‘ *****5stars :)

  23. Roseanne, 34 yrs. ago, my husband and I went to Hawaii on our honeymoon. We visited all the island while we were there. Which Island do you live on? I think my favorite was Maui. I would love to live in Hawaii, but it’s too expensive for us. Paying for college education for 2 son’s, it has taken a huge cut in our retirement. Also, our youngest son is getting married in 2 weeks. I love your new lifestyle1 What I love about you is that you don’t care what people think about you and what you say. You are a free spirit!

  24. Congratulations Roseanne! I’m so proud of you! You did great!

  25. Roseanne, first of all I love, love, love your new show! I was feeling really depressed today, and when I came across your show, I could not stop laughing. The episode was about your snoring. Too funny! Thank you for adding some laughter into my boring life!
    I must congratulate you on having the courage to sing the National Anthem a second time. You did an amazing job!
    I envy your new life in Hawaii on your nut farm. I just love Macadamia Nuts. They are my favorite! I start eating them and I can’t stop! They are so addicting. Can’t wait for the next episode. Thank you for the laughs, and you also have a wonderful family !

  26. John-boy's Mole says:

    I was a fan of yours before the Roseanne Show even existed and I am so happy to see you back on television. I am, by no means, a fan of reality tv, and you and your family are so engaging, I can’t not watch. This was the first time I caught your show and it is so good to see you so happy and at peace! It looks like you have a wonderful life in Hawaii! Great job on the National Anthem too!

  27. You did a great job singing The National Anthem, especially not having any music to listen to. I’m so proud of you Roseanne. I hope President Bush saw/sees you conquer the fear. I love your show and can’t wait to see you surfing tonight.

  28. Damn you’re brave!!!! Great episode, made me cry! Great to see Bonnie again too.

  29. Never knew before seeing this that you were so damaged by your previous performance. Thanks for showing us your heart on your sleeve.
    Congratulations for facing your fear. You did wonderfully. I was holding my breath all the way through and cheered when you finished. Good lesson for your grands to try to right a wrong, even if it is years later. Very classy and respectful thing to do!

  30. TexasCricket says:

    My husband and I watched this episode, and I thought you did a wonderful job. I was holding my breath when you got to the high notes, but you did splendidly. Congrats on putting the old ghosts to rest.

  31. I watched the whole episode on my iPhone and was captivated and rooting for you all the way. You did a remarkable job and as your family said, wonderful for you, and your family and now for everyone who watches it.
    You righted a wrong with your bravery and support of loved ones. A great lesson. Thank you for sharing it worldwide.

  32. Ladyjane Green says:

    that resonance that you feel, when hitting those pure true notes is harmonic and very real! The human voice is the hardest instrument to”master”, so LJG has read. Hence the need for voice corrective programming devices. it is also the most moving, and internal type of harmonic convergence. A wise olde crone once told me that the human voice singing is the only thing that can ground people having a” bad trip” or similar psychic disturbance. Each chakra even has a musical note assigned to it. Thanks for JA’s explanation, Singing is Meditation, with the energy radiating outward as song….When its going harmonically(well) it IS transcendent. You really do forget your worldly sorrows when playing/singing. Music, MacNuts, MMJ. Now thats a power trio.
    “One good thing about music, when it hits u u feel no pain” RNM
    BARR2012, Sing It Out!

  33. I just told my mom that we could watch Roseanne’s Nuts at 5 today when my parents usually watch news. My mom said “I’d rather watch that than the Congress nuts.” I told her I’d post it on your blog so there it is!

  34. Roseanne, I got tears in my eyes when I watched this episode. You sang beautifully! My heart was racing and wow, you blew me away. I record all of the Roseanne episdoes and really enjoy your new show. Take care Roseanne.

  35. Just saw your show for the first time and loved it! Great job on the national anthem. I think you were so brave and did a great job singing.
    I had a crap week at work and needed a laugh, and you had me laughing for an hour. I love how your son cracks you up. (My 4 learned long ago, they could get away with almost anything if they made me laugh.)
    Your farm looks wonderful. I admire you picking the life you wanted. (I plan on doing the same, once I get all these damn kids out of college and outta my house.) I had better never end up in a nursing home, I tell ya!
    Tell Johnny to try a couple of nesting boxes and oyster shell grit. (The boxes will keep the chickens from stepping on the eggs and the grit keeps them from pecking.)
    Thanks for representing strong, loud and real moms over 50. God knows, we may be an acquired taste, but we need someone to represent!
    The show is so real and so funny, I know it will do great.

  36. johnny taught me that being in tune and harmonious notes are transcendal–real spirituality not based on fairy tales–but when everything is in tune it resonates inside the singer and outside the singer–as in meditation

  37. Roseanne, why the hell aren’t you President yet? I’ve been having a good chuckle at the clips of your new show on youtube, and frankly, I’d like to see someone with real nuts in the White House. Not that I can vote being Australian but we all know voting, compulsory or not, can put gutless wonders in the top job.
    In the meantime, are your nuts coming to Australian TV? Our telly is so freakin’ boring, I would rather poke my eyes out than watch another bullshit ‘reality’ show about cooking or renovating.
    You should visit Australia, no one here even knows all the words to the national anthem so we have a sense of humour about anyone trying to sing it!

  38. Great job, brought tears to my eyes! You confronted your fear & made it right.

  39. Dancin4Joy says:

    I know what it was – with each note – you left behind, lifted up and forward and transcended the issues of the past that tried to bring you down and created a new history and covenant with that song for yourself. Nicely done – thank you for modeling for all of us that it really can be done no matter how public or devastating!

  40. Bonnie Hollifield says:

    Hi from a fan in Hawaiian Paradise Park down Pahoa way. I love watching my home on your show. Tonight watching the National Anthem show I cried never liked that song until now

  41. GramCrackerx2 says:

    Brought a tear to my eye, the first time I watched the show and the second time. It felt like a hymn and for the very first time I totally understood the visual of seeing the flag as bombs exploded. Be proud–and thanks.

  42. (I meant authentic in the sense of ‘the family’ doing it together ya know ‘ohana’ style but now that I just saw it – I see it was beautiful and authentic just the way it was.)

  43. Watching it right now woohoo! You’re sounding great. I can sure appreciate what a challenge it must be tho for you and your kids. It’s as tho when your kids were talking about it – like you sang it ‘in character’ once it didn’t go the way you hoped. That makes sense too, we all revert to what works for us when we need it. YGG!! I kinda wish Johnny could have like backed you up somehow tho just to make it that much more authentic. Great to see Bonnie again! Wow you made me cry watching it and i got tingly all over. The passion was definitely there for you and everyone who watched it!! WTG!!

  44. dashus christ says:

    Such a cool pic-anxious for 2 new episodes of “NUTS’ Wednesday LIFETIME-Can Not Wait!

  45. I love the picture and you were amazing. I got teary-eyed. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  46. Pamela Ayotte says:

    Hi there Roseanne !! Been a huge fan and supporter for years I think your just the cats meow :) I saw you on Chelsey Lately and thought it was a great interview, I am really interested in the Macadamia Nut!!!! I am actually from Summerland BC Canada and its really hard to find these wonderful nuts out here. I currently work at the local market once a week and sale Coconut Macadamia Macaroons and Gluten free too..but I am at a loss to get these nut its a huge hit here. Please email if you can cause I would personally love to chat with you about them.
    Sending Lots of Hugs and Kisses To Yah Girl

  47. jesus, roseanne, i was praying you’d let bonnie bramlett (who is, you are correct, the best singer in the world) sing it while you lip synched. are you running for somepin?
    all kidding aside, you brought a tear to my eye. for real.

  48. Roseanne, watched your new show ‘nuts’ … loved it. Second episode I see you had chicken problems. If you feed your chickens eggs that should stop the egg cracking problem. I have a dozen chickens and I crack a dozen eggs, scramble them and feed them the eggs and shells. At least once a week and it fixes the problem.
    Good luck.

  49. JohnnyNebraska says:

    good for you and thanks for doing a courageous take on the nation’s song. Hope all is well on the farm

  50. Damn. You have some huevos! It’s most difficult to sing and you pulled it off!!!!!