In case you missed it – here’s a link to the National Anthem Episode from Roseanne’s Nuts

Click here to watch –>  National Anthem Episode

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  1. When I watched you sing the National Anthem the 1st time I never understood why everyone went so balistic, but to watch you stand up and face what had emotional scarred you brought me to tears. It was empowering and I applaud you. I keep thinking of it as I reflect on the past 9yrs of my life and the struggles I am facing due to my past employer asking me to out myself and then firing me for doing so. The struggle has been long, the court battles endless, but I know I too have to stand up and show my strength for my children and those who follow. You inspired me. Thank you, Melissa

  2. Roseanne,
    Caught the national anthem episode tonight….and have to let you know that you have always been an inspiration since the very first time I watched Roseanne….which I still find myself watching all the time.
    I teach voice and tell my students all the time that as long as you mean it you are have way there.
    It couldn’t have been more evident that you did, and it was really a beautifu.l moment….
    Continued happiness and growth to you and thanks for the best sitcom ever.

  3. Roseanne, your show is my favorite thing on TV right now. I feel like you are a member of my small tribe of friends here in Nashville. Very similar energy. Anyway, I saw the snoring episode and was wondering how you are doing with the CPAP machine. I also have apnea and gave CPAP a try. It was like sleeping with an alien on my face and I hated it. I now have an appliance that I wear at night like a retainer. It is much more comfortable and I think it helps. If you also couldn’t stand the CPAP you might want to try it. Looking forward to seeing next week’s episode.
    P.S. being a resident of Nashville, I have seen Bonnie Bramlett several times and I think she is great. So is her daughter.
    Thanks for sharing your life. Jane from Nashville

  4. Hi Roseanne! My family (husband & 31-year old daughter) and i LOVED the way you sang and how brave you were for your grandkids! You sounded beautiful and it was so nice to see Bonnie – we loved her on your previous show.
    You’re a fabulous doll and deserve every accolade, compliment and well-wish that your friends & fans send your way. Thank you for the great entertainment, we absolutely lovelovelove you♥

  5. The Blessing episode? I saw a descriptor of it but missed it somehow (and I think a few others) – will they do another marathon soon or could we see that here too? Something about blessing the land…

  6. Loved it, inspiring. Thank you.

  7. I’m hooked on “nuts!” and this has been one of my favorite episodes! Not many of us get to redeem ourselves of things from the past that didnt’t go as well as we imagined. This episode was very moving and I was so happy for you. I felt the same way Jake did-very proud of you for turning what must have been a low (if not the lowest) point in your life into something positive. I love the way you just grab any challenge by the nuts and overcome all those nay-sayers! I have always enjoyed your humor and I love how you’ve transformed your life and your new view of life. God bless you and your family and all the best with the new show! Now tell Johnny to get off his ^%# and do something (just kidding, kind of).

  8. I have to admit, I was one of those that was upset with you many years ago over your singing of the Star Spangled Banner. I got it as far as the joke but didn’t like it and was offended. I watched you tonite sing it on your show and was very choked up. I was rooting for you in my heart. I am so glad that you did this episode. You truly are a brave and very funny woman. I appreciate what you did. Your show is great. I love it and have told people about it. Glad to see you back on TV and especially because it’s a reality show and not a scripted sitcom.

  9. I watched this episode tonight..The heart that you put in to singing our National Anthem was endearing. To see you standing in the rain with your eyes closed singing from your soul. Thank you for giving our Nations Anthem what it deserves..a person who knows why it was written and what exactly it is they are singing it for!

  10. ddaugherity1799 says:

    Wonderful!!! Great job….so glad you stood your ground and faced your fear….as you always have. You make me smile and without even knowing it you have helped me through so many battles in my life. I thank you for the strength you have shared with all and the blessed way you impower us. Keep on living your life and keep blogging…. you have great ideas!!! Thanks again for sharing yourself with all of us. And I love the new show!!!

  11. Love your show! No surprise, I’ve always loved your shows. My husband and I saw you in Vegas while on our honeymoon. I want to say congratulations on your National Anthem redemption. You didn’t deserve the way you were treated before, and I’m glad that you were offered and accepted the opportunity to make it right for yourself. I was moved, thank you.

  12. Love your show! No surprise, I’ve always loved your shows. My husband and I saw you in Vegas while on our honeymoon. I want to say congratulations on your National Anthem redemption. You didn’t deserve the way you were treated before, and I’m glad that you were offered and accepted the opportunity to make it right for yourself. I was moved, thank you.

  13. Roseanne,
    I am so damn proud of you, sweetheart. I have to admit that I got kind of teary eyed watching you pull off a most excellent job of singing the SSB. I can’t even imagine how tough it was to do it. You definately got some nuts!!! I just watched the show for the first time tonight because I JUST heard about it. Now me and my partner, Tracy have set it to record on the digital recorder. I love the quote “It only takes a moment to do something that you will regret for the rest of your life”. Every single person in the world has at least one of these. Well honey, you have done your time and that’s that, although I always thought the whole thing was really blown out of proportion anyway. Anywhoo… time to move on, and thanks for being you and we absolutely love you.
    Bruce & Tracy
    New Orleans, LA

  14. Lucifer Sam says:

    Found this on youtube.com from 1990 National Anthem, the 2011 version was a GREAT redemption.

  15. luckykimbo says:

    Rosanne: yeah for you for having the guts to try again and get it the way you wanted it. I think as we get older our voices (and hopefully our minds/hearts) improve. Yours certainly has. You can actually sing. And the effort almost made me cry. Particularly as this is an extrememly difficult time in my life and I am about to turn 54.
    I have 2 sisters, one not so famous like me and one is famous. You even mentioned her on an episode of Roseanne. And her voice was strongly criticized at the beginning of her career but as time went on her voice tho unique improved as she worked on it.
    Even at my age now I find you a particularly strong role model – I simply find an undeniable closeness and fondness for you. Thank you for you and staying accessible in this world. I’ll keep up now that I know where to find you. YOu did conquer fear and never forget it. Kim Smith