help for the chronically unemployed

and the American Indians now living in third world conditions inside the USA- and the poorest African Americans and immigrants of America–all the suffering, heed what I am telling you!

   If you join the Mormon Church, in exchange for donating ten percent of your income–you receive cradle to the grave protection–food clothing and shelter.  the Mormon Church is a fantastic socialist construct!  I am a socialist and I therefore will be voting Republican in the next election!  Republicans are all taking big government socialist money–they have medical coverage, retirement as well as a job in the Government that they supposedly abhor–(this is just the lie they tell the voters–Palin was a great socialist governor too!).


  1. No disrespect but no matter how hard Puna gets, we can not compare our experiences to whats going on at some of the reservations. Many in Puna face the Dengue laden mosquitoes/no water/electricity by choice, and i have seen more than a few opt out and return to the privileged life, whenever they feel like it.
    My hardest times in Puna, anyone remember the year it did not stop raining and we couldnt get cars out of driveways nor dry firewood to cook, were a cakewalk compared to winter at Big Mountain or Pine Ridge, where there is no choice to leave.
    Comparing experience’ is embarrassing. jus saying
    aloha pumehana

  2. I agree with what you say and about how many people are ignorant of the how the Indians were and are still treated in this land. For example, most people don’t know that Geronimo had his eyes burned out because of the last time he tried to escape by the soldiers who put him in his prison. And yes, I’ve had mosquito bites on my ass and other non-mentionables. I also live in the country and have had to rough it with no water or electricity many a time. We used a trash bag over a bucket. Not pretty, especially for a girl.

  3. Cannot pay for a couple of wars using our countries’ military, and get less government out of it. We must take our country back from the international corporate and financial interests. While socialism seems the most realistically beneficial system to impose it is not perfect either. “In Order to Form a More Perfect Union…”

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  5. I read some of Guns, Germs , and Steel by Jared Diamond for a college course a few years ago and I was blown away by the inhumane way Native Americans were treated by the Europeans! I must admit, being a pruduct of the U.S. public school system, are version of events of how this country came to be is quite skewed! However, as an adult I have learned the actual account of what our “forefathers” did to the indigious peoples of this land! I am sickened by the treatment of all those innicent people! I needed to let you know that not all White Euro-aMericans buy into the bullshit!

  6. Vanessa,
    Your “Dear” and “Darling” are obviously meant to put down Kathleen. Stop it.

  7. Hey, Roseanne… I know what to do with the pigs! Unemployment is very high! I am a college student who is married and has 3 little girls and living on the mainland really sucks. I would have ZERO issues with working for you on your farm. You name it the job it gets done! My family has it all planned out! I am not looking to strike it rich, I just want to provide for my kids and I am damn fine farmhand material!

  8. joaby.boaby says:

    Roseanne should half-breed jew Australians become mormons?
    And speaking of Jewish Australians (I’m not one but I know one who’s great!) have you heard of John Saffran? I think you would enjoy his schtick!
    Did I use that right? :\
    Anyway – he’s on twitter!

  9. I’m glad you posted. I was just talking to my husband and father about the Buffalo Boy Foundation Saturday night. I’m so sorry about the storms and the destruction. I will keep donating what I can. I wish I could do more.

  10. New to this . Just read Roseannearchy . True visionary . Can’t wait to see new show . Al;ways a fan . I live in Orange County . There are more homeless people lately and thats scary to me . Tired of this war dance we are in . The country is circling the drain . I’m nearing 5o and I feel as if the good times are in the past . But the sun is shining and Women rule . Tired of limp-dicked men ruining the life dream . Roseanne for president .

  11. I agree with you Crazyhorse! We live in the land of “milk and honey” yet we still have horrible poverty, hunger, homelessness people living where you do in the good ol’ USA, and THAT has to change. Feed us and our people first. Lets get back to the basics of living and knowing HOW to provide for yourselves. Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; SHOW him how to fish, he eats for a lifetime. Good comment CH!

  12. Roseanne you are a Hero of women! I love your ideas, in fact, the Guiliateen was one I think personally SHOULD be put back into service. An example to other people wishing to rob, cheat, steal and kill those of us innocents who end up in their path. Im a very Proud Alaskan woman and I must say, I can see you really making the CHANGE we were promised when the most recent pawn took office. RoseAnne for my Prez!

  13. can someone please tell me when her new show starts on lifetime? I’ve looked through her site and I must be missing the info on it. I know this is off the topic of this particular conversation and sorry about that but I dont want to miss the first show?
    Thanks in Advance!

  14. Moon Shadow says:

    Ladyjane Green, Roseannearchist and fellow blogger.
    Puna is a district on Big Island.
    Always so much work to be done…

  15. crazy horse says:

    God I hate drunk people. So sick of it.
    Moon Shadow, thank you for the info. I will check it all out tomorrow. Gotta crash. Who is LJG and where is PUNA? I take it Hawaii?


  17. Moon Shadow says:

    Hard to focus on employment when you’re ‘working’ to save your home.
    I’ll send some info to your web address. ANA grants http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ana/programs/program_information.html can be written specifically to improve economic development and self-determination.
    Yes, I HAVE had mosquito bites on my ASS! No, NOT fun at all! Used to live in LJG’s neck of the woods, PUNA, notorious for the HELICOPTER-sized (and sounding) mosquitos. No electric, water catchment, propane fridge, mudslides… oh but the sweet sweet sticky air. Spit seeds and bare fruit in days…
    There can be no peace until there is prosperity for ALL.
    Peace brother.
    Malama pono.

  18. When I was a child I spoke as a child. When I became a woman I spoke as a woman.. and I put away childish things.

  19. crazy horse says:

    I just can’t help it. Probably should not be reading or writing after the last couple weeks I have had. Not having water or toilets in 102 degree heat is getting to me. Good thing I live in the country and go outside. Ever had mosquito bites on your ass? Roof is leaking. I could go on but I won’t. The storms and tornados here have left a lot of us in shitty conditions but we survive. We had a big buffalo feast at the powwow grounds for everybody tonight so that lifted us some.
    anyways, don’t want to hijack R’s blog, so thank you for the donation, so appreciated and so generous and kind of you. Don’t know how to receive an ANA grant I will look it up. Thanks so much.

  20. Moon Shadow says:

    That’s the longest post I’ve seen from you. :)
    Mahalo for expressing and always sharing.
    So sorry to hear about the tornado. I just made a donation. Great update on the site.
    DONATION page (paypal button at bottom):
    Has your 501(c)3 received an ANA grant? Up to $500K/year for 1-3 years, depending on project.

  21. crazy horse says:

    just one more thing: perhaps instead of buying some more booze that obviously distorts not only your ”blogging” but your reality as well, you could help some of the poorest people in the world, yes, they reside right here in your ”America” by donating that booze money to :
    but I’m sure you won’t. booze and blogging is so much more attractive and ego gratifying to rich people than actually doing something.
    I apologize if I have offended but please do some research on the true history of your beloved country, and also on the poor and disenfranchised who live amongst you at this very moment, who do not have a ”voice” no matter how hard they try to be heard.
    Wakan Tanka Ninci U Wo

  22. crazy horse says:

    and yes, you sound like an entitled, white, drunk, well-off white woman. sorry, but you do. there is so much wrong with what you said that I probably should not write a word. I guess the best thing I could say is you are disillusioned and your false/fake sense of patriotism is not based in reality at all.
    We all have a voice? We all should be proud we do not live in a third world country? How privileged we all are? And pretty much EVERYTHING else you wrote?
    Your America was built on greed, genocide, and Christian lies. Not to mention rascism and prejudice.
    Well why don’t you come visit the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation? This is The Third World smack dab in the middle of your beloved country. Land of the free, home the brave? Only for some, mostly people like you. YOU may feel priveliged and proud, but don’t put that hyperbole on those of us who are not part of your ”America.” Who were forced thru guns, disease, and genocide to give up land, culture, spirit and family. And it is STILL going on today in your proud democracy. It truly makes me sick and sad to read ignorant things like what you wrote. It really does. I suppose you think all the Indians, the Indigenous First People of this land, are all dead and gone? Or perhaps you think we are all rich because of casinos? Most of you do think that. Ya know what? I am so tired and hot from trying to help poor people replace their roofs from a tornado that I cannot write any more. I hope your God blesses you and wakes you up

  23. Moon Shadow says:

    Accepting online applications? ;)
    Can we add BARR for governor? Who’s ready to open a dispensary? Chonic-mobile, will travel…?
    DAMN! Mormon? Uh, I think they’ll try to send us for ‘conversion’ therapy. Such pure little innocent bicycle bois in their crisp white shirts and ties. So sad, so much hate and denial.
    Native Americans, Native Alaskans, Native Hawaiians – the solution is simple. LAND!!! RETURN THE STOLEN LANDS (revoke ALL false treaties, and accept existing UN resolutions NOW), and peace shall reign and the knowledge of the elders shall flow once again – as the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers have shared.
    The Native Hawaiians should ALL have free health care & free education if the state mandated 10% of the revenue from all of the CEDED lands was received. 10%? It should be 100% – THEY WANT THE LAND!!.
    Republican? Pass. Democrat? Pass.
    BARR 2012!!

  24. Yeppers, Roseanne is right. First of all, I am not Mormon. However, I live in the great state of Utah. The Mormon church has a great welfare system for their members. However, they also extend help to nonmembers if they come to church or work in their food processing centers, donation centers etc. I have never been helped by them but know many people who were “saved” from hunger and homelessness. That being said, I agree that the current system we have in place is not benefiting those who need resources and needs them now.

  25. Ladyjane Green says:

    i like to constantly Employ Chronic! And you know the Mormonians wont have us queers. ); Maybe they are so hetero- accepting because of their intact foreskins? Sacredly Ensconced in their funky undies?

  26. And like many other things, just keep in mind that this is a very drunken response (which is what I may add is the best way to blog, hahaha) but I just want to let all of you know that I do love all of you for all of your different perspectives of life given, and no matter what I may have to contribute from by own background which yes of a very much of a Hollywood privileged sort of perspective that I am glad to be able to give because of the legend that I was born from that I am able to what different sides of what the world may think!!!!

  27. You know, just to read this blog brings tears to my eyes and I have to thank you, Miss Roseanne Barr, to bring forward a place forward that we can all bring forward a place that all can express the ideas that we have we have all lived through throughout our experiences in life because that is truly what America was founded on, and you are a person that understands that more then anyone I have ever come into contact more then anyone in my life. Like many other things, I am so glad to have visited here!!!!

  28. No darling, do not get me wrong. Experiences have nothing to do with it. Experience just makes you just more of a respected individual if you can take that experience that you have of the lower classes and move up then that makes you someone that we would respect more. All that I am saying is that that is what our four fathers (or however there may have been that founded this country) have created, no matter what background you may have come from you still have an equal voice in where this country should move forward. I meant, be lucky that you were born here, do not be proud (my apologies if that was worded wrong) but we all have our own faults just as the rest of the world has but we are lucky enough to be born in a nation where we are able to make whatever change we feel that needs to be made can be made possible. That is all I meant gorgeous, nothing personal.

  29. And I’m proud of my accomplishment, not the happenstance of my place of birth. I’m lucky to be born in America, not proud. I have nothing to do with where I’m born.

  30. What makes up a person, Vanessa — their experiences, no?

  31. I cannot say that I would agree that someone’s ethnic background would matter in jury deliberations too much, dear. I think that the current system of comprising a jury with the equal peers as the defendant is adequate because it allows them to understand the motives into the alleged crime more.
    I myself though have always voted Republican, well with the exception of the ’96 election because I truly just did not think that Bob Dole could effectively run the country, but I think what political party you vote for depends on your own social class because the poor people are surely not going to vote for someone whose rich and has the mentality of a rich person and vice versa. People are raised different, if your raised in a position of privilege then your going to have different expectations of those that are raised within the poor class. And that equally is what is so great about this country and why I am so proud to be an American, we live in a country that has all different types of people rather it be social class, ethnic background, sexual orientation, other areas of interest but yet we all at the base have an equal voice in the debate about how this country should be moved further. For any country to have that sort of democracy is just absolutely gorgeous!
    No matter what group you belong to you should be proud to live in such a land that will allow your social change to occur because there are quite a selection of third world countries where this could never happen. I think a simple visit to one of these places would put into perspective for any American just how privileged we all are.

  32. People of colour have more experience with more cultures so they should lead jury deliberations.

  33. Lucifer Sam says:

    Love it!