Casey Anthony’s dissociative problems-

At first I thought Baez had won the case in opening arguments, and I thought it was the beginning of a whole new chapter in mental health defenses.

  Casey is definitely dissociative.  Many dissociatives are highly intelligent and functional, though not all of them can hold a job for too long–as the switching from part to part (the self sabotage) followed by the amnesia (repetitive robotic actions) makes a job impossible, unless you are in a position to delegate your ideas to underlings–that is a very functional job for a dissociative person. You can invent a “boss” persona. I don’t think the Casey that sat in the courtroom knows what she did,  because she is able to switch personas when the truth comes too close.  
   I think she believed that she was saving her daughter’s life in a schizoid break from reality.  She did not want her to be raised in that same family.  Lots of dissociatives have schizoid breaks, but most do not.
   I offer a simple meditation here to those who have mental challenges–and fight to stay present to themselves–it’s easy as counting to ten while breathing in and then holding the breath and then exhaling the breath.  Lots of smokers do this…and may not be aware that that is the reason many of them actually smoke!  breathe in while counting to ten-then hold the breath for a count of ten and then exhale the breath for a count of ten.  in actuality you are receiving containing and sharing holy breath with your cells.  breath is life. Take no action after meditation–rest your mind.  take no action.  rest. Begin to breathe in when your pulse is raised-especially if you feel victimized–that is the realm of darkness–victims must not take action, or they will be defeated.  Nothing done in victim mental state will ever sustain itself.  there must always be a victim of the victim’s striking out. instead, we come to mental state of Merkobic meditation–ascending the throne-becoming Cause–SEALED to Cause.  Cause is: sustainability, the circle of life, the all.  
  new york was fun out til three meditating in the streets-visiting strawberry fields in the 2 am hour…hour of power. imagine.
saw wayne wang again at his premiere of ‘snowflower’–i love him.  he got a shit review by nyt–but my review of the movie: gorgeous stunning images, and a breathtaking performance from female cast.  this must blow the chinese minds away for a million years–what they have done to their women–thank you wayne wang for showing us truth–i want to write a children’s story now. the most amazing thing about my trip to ny as I detoxed off the casey anthony trial-and recouped my thinking powers, was seeing tina brown again, and speaking to her.  i most admire tina.  rupert falls, she rises.  apropos–I am going to write an article! Tina can really call good things out of writers.  I wanted to write it in nyc, but had to come back here for kimmel show chelsea and the talk–this week.  I want to move to nyc and write write drinky drinky write.  wanted to call dick cavett–lost his number–hi dick u r a genius wanted to show you my speech–might run for president too.  johnny says i am all over the place-from cray-to Z.  I can’t help it–thinking just one thought is not something I have ever done, and anyway its boring to be like that.
  When Casey remembers (synthesizes and integrates) what she did…she won’t be able to live with herself at all.  Harsh mental karma.  something happened to her to make her that way.  She must have wanted to plead guilty for reasons of insanity, but florida makes that too hard as a defense.  this country must deal with treatment for the mentally ill.  When you are around 38-40 you begin to synthesize your memories and that is when a lot of dis-sociatives end their own lives.  First part of your life as a D.I.D you are processing what was done to you–second half you have to process the things you yourself did. living in repentance is different that living in forgiveness. two sides of the same coin though.
  It will be harsh on her when she remembers what she did to her baby–and she will remember it someday–at that precise moment when she thinks she has totally erased it.  that is how the self sabotage works–the ish (inner self helper) that did’s have–finally steps forward to retrieve the broken mind, and correct it’s program.  the still small voice. awareness is kryptonite to dissociative offenders.
  Florida is full of child abuse, lost kids and a shitty Bush justice system. The jurors have turned a child killer loose–the ghouls have won again.


  1. Thank you Germani (what a cool name you have by the way):
    The petition I mentioned above at change.org (Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court) has well over 40,000 signatures!! And now Ms Barr has posted the link of this site and left a response message! If a young Tunisian Fruit Vendor can inspire the Egyptian people to oust their pathetic president, we the people can get justice for Caylee Marie Anthony. (sadly the fruit vendor had to set himself on fire and die to get things moving….but moving they did…may he rest in peace).

  2. Great Post Elizabeth. Not allot of People are aware that if we join forces something could change in this Case!!!

  3. Roseanne:
    Here is a former Assistant D/A explaining why he thinks C. Anthony is guilty. It is a riveting read and right up your alley! I posted your website on the petition to have her retried in Federal Court (under the Dual Sovereignty Doctrine).
    Here is the link to Adam H. Kurland’s impressive narrative on C. Anthony:

  4. Hi Roseanne:
    I watched you on the Joy Behar show when you were fuming about C. Anthony. I respect and totally agree with your assessment of her. I don’t know if you have heard of the petition on Change.org. The heading is “The U.S. Supreme Court: Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court.
    So far it has over 40,000 signatures. Double Jeopardy does not apply as there is something called Dual Sovereignty Doctrine that allows the Feds to try a person after the State has, such as in the Michael Vick case and others. Your name has been posted on the petition site many times as people (me included) believe you could help get the word out. And any scoffers out there need to know that the collective voices can be heard and will make a difference.
    And to the media and defense team of “her”, we will not go away, cool off or calm down! Thanks Roseanne! Here is the petition letter below:
    The U.S Supreme Court: Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court
    I just signed the following petition addressed to: The U.S Supreme Court.
    Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court
    On July 5, 2011, at 1:15 pm Central Standard Time, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder in the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. The only charges she now faces are four counts of falsifying police reports, each of which only carries a 1 year prison term. As of today it has been ruled that she will be released on Wednesday, July 13th.
    Within our judicial system, the State of Florida is no longer able to try Casey Anthony for the murder of Caylee Anthony as this will be considered Double Jeopardy, but within the Separate Sovereigns rule The U.S. Federal Government is. First Degree murder is a federal offense and, from the moment Casey Anthony lied to the FBI she was in violation of The Martha Stewart Law which comes with a year sentence for each count. I beseech you, do not let this crime go unpunished.
    Since the ruling of this case it has been confirmed that as many as 5 jurors have been offered everything from interviews to book deals, with juror number 6 being offered a reported 5 figures to do a media interview. Juror number 3 has gone on record to state that the decision given has made her sick to her stomach and she did not feel Casey Anthony was truly not guilty. It has also been confirmed that the jury for the 11 hours they were in the deliberation room did not deliberate at all but were said to be playing cards, leaving their notes on their chairs in the courtroom. Throughout the entirety of this case right down to the verdict, it has bared a shocking resemblance to the trial of O.J. Simpson. There was a reason that after the O.J. Simpson trial was over the law was enacted to stop jurors from being able to sell their story for 90 days, and I would hate to think that this beautiful child was not given the justice she deserved for the opportunity of wealth.
    This case has touched hearts all over the world and on July 5th when it was announced a verdict had been reached everyone watched and waited. It would be a understatement to say that the verdict was anything but shocking. With the evidence that the State of Florida provided it’s hard to believe anyone with a sound state of mind would have ruled this case not guilty on every count. This was not justice for Caylee Anthony and many people the world over have lost faith in our Judicial System. I still want to believe that we as a nation have the best Judicial System in the world but it only works when everyone involved is honest in the search for justice.
    The case of Caylee Anthony was tragic, and I do not want this to be misconstrued as a “witch hunt”, but justice was not given. The jury was not honest in their search for justice. I beseech you, bring this case before the Federal Court, give Caylee another chance at the justice she deserves.
    [Your name]

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  8. For regular celebrities it just depends what the crime is. If its something major then yea, people in the US don’t like to convict but in minor cases its not always so. Take Lindsay Lohan’s case when that jeweler accused her of stealing the necklace. It was so obvious that they had just lent it to her, like she said they did (which lots of businesses do with products to celebs) and she is also very rich so why what would she have to gain for stealing a $5k necklace but she was still found guilty and given a slap on the wrist. The jeweler made a nice sum of money off the surveillance footage as well as other monetary rewards from the media coverage and then all was said in done.
    Its not so much the celebrity themselves as a person that matters but what money their exposure produces is important to capitalist USA.

  9. i agree that if she were black and POOR she would have been convicted, but if she was black and rich–she might not be found guilty. But we know that there are women who were convicted on less evidence in prison right now–black and white and other–her notariety helped her too–people in the usa do not like to convict celebs —

  10. 86 percent of blacks say that if Casey Anthony were black she would have been found guilty.
    I said that previously and who was that woman who said that was a silly notion. Yet, 86 percent of black folks think the same thing. Go figure!

  11. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Will you please tell us when you will be on TV this week besides you new show?

  12. Ladyjane Green says:

    “Second half you have to process the things you yourself did” Aint that the truth. Damage control by any other name. Living in repentance must lead to living in forgiveness. Is this self forgiveness we are talkin about, or forgiveness from Society? I can picture u as New York literary type. Feminist Intelligence has a home there, no wonder you are drawn to it. Plus , New York to Jews must be like S.F. to LJG and her gay familia. The place where your personal “minority status” becomes a strong plus. Jewish Culture has a huge presence in New York. Being Loud is part of the plan and program, for Jews and non-Jews alike. Sometimes I miss the intellectual activity and mental excitement that being in the “city that never sleeps” engenders And then theres the awesome food!The East Coast has its charms, but the pace will kill ya… That write drink write drink lifestyle you mentioned is ingrained(saturated) into the EastCoast culture way more than in health conscious Cali or Hawaii. A river of liquor runs
    through it. Pacific Coast Weed culture is way more user
    friendly. Slower, greener, with the only seasonal
    imperetive being the MMJ harvest. But I do appreciate
    my east coast roots, they definitely shape my voice,
    whether writing or singing.

  13. Ladyjane Green says:

    “Lots of smokers do this, and may not be aware that that is the reason many of them smoke”
    Wow, this really hit home…cig smoking is definitely a(negative) breathing meditation….unfortunately it is both highly addictive and destructive. this connection between meditational breathing and smoking never occured to me, even as an “x cig smoker” who burns the holy herb. So many potential meditators…. “Its as easy as smoking a cig!” Just think if those smokers were meditating with the same energy….
    “whatta wonderful world it would be” Louis Armstrong

  14. I’m approaching those years where I can live in repentance of how I affect others, instead of running around with my head cut off.
    It doesn’t necessarily “get better” but synthesizing indeed occurs. Remembering to breathe, I am grateful for that.

  15. twistedmonkee says:

    i dont know if pathological lying can be considered a part of dissociation….it could, though. but, when someone dissociates, they leave their mind and/or body for a safer place. so if they were to do something, weird, while in this dissociative state would they know or remember what they did?
    Shes just absolutely infuckingsane!!! they need a new category in the dsm of mental disorders for that one!

  16. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Casey has DID for sure but i do not think it is just the DID that made her kill caylee i think it was something else, i dont know what.

  17. I don’t know…I think she’s more of a sociopath..in that she really doesn’t care. Just a liar and someone that thinks she’s the center of it all. Just the way she lies is amazing in itself. Is that pathological lying a part of dissociation? I thought it was more in the sociopathic realm.
    Who knows. I do hope Karma bites her big time. Think of the THOUSANDS of lives she touched/killed in her “search”, jail time, trial etc. She ruined so many people. She’s a dark soul with a black hole.

  18. It seems that when Casey remembers what she did, instead of repenting she will commit a crime again. Her mind is a clock and no one will help her, only enable her. This is Justice.
    No wonder we need Grandmothers in charge who can synthesize the depths of the human mind.

  19. twistedmonkee says:

    this is why we NEED you for president!! you are the intelligent, common sense one!!
    i think you are 150% correct about casey anthony. the universe will play on her mind until she cracks! very wise! what a wonderful day that will be!
    there are lots of folks that need some help, but will never get it, they will die because they have been denied treatment and are unable to care for themselves, or just to plain tired to deal with it anymore. and most have more intelligence than the “normal” people walking around.