america’s green tea party:

we are social capitalists!!!


  1. Hell Ya. Just seen the plug on Leno. Where do I sign up at? I will vote for you!

  2. Joshua-Paul says:

    Sorry for the typos- I took my herbal sleeping remedies…

  3. Joshua-Paul says:

    Also, my partner designer that bumper sticker so that you can use it to raise money. He will make more designs of you want- doing everything as a volunteer. Can also help with website to make it functional if you wish- very good at it, that’s what my other half does for a living- very quick, very good- and will work for FREE. let me know.

  4. Joshua-Paul says:

    Here is how the page info is described:
    Currently Running For
    Office: President
    Party: Green Tea
    We are a GrassRoots community, helping to GET ROSEANNE ELECTED! We support Roseanne Barr for President in 2012 Roseanne’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE is http://www.roseanneworld.com WE are a GrassRoots community of Voters for ROSEANNE BARR
    Roseanne Barr does NOT run this fan page. We are her supporters. We are activists seeking change.
    Roseanne’s personal website, http://www.roseanneworld.com
    Roseanne Barr has announced her candidacy for President, 2012
    We are a GrassRoots organization for the Roseanne movement that will raise awareness and sweep the Country.
    Our GOAL is to get ROSEANNE BARR on the BALLOT for 2012
    Political Views
    Green Tea Party

  5. Joshua-Paul says:

    Can I make sure that I still have clearance to be running a fan page on facebook Roseanne Barr for President 2012? (myself and other members of Parliament that is) As I wrote, a twitter account @Roseanne_World is no longer up- I am assuming you changed the account name to @theReal Roseanne, on the other twitter account (which I hope was you and not an imposter) you had given me the ok to keep it running as long as you maintained all copyright. I wrote in a thread on the blog and I think you remembered as you said “yes, I want your help” . We’ve gained many many followers since last night’s show debut. Several people have hit the “like” button and are saying they are signing up for Parliament too in support of you- it is very much to Parliament’s benefit and to you to have it up, but I don’t want to anger you in any way. I told James Ogle that he should be expecting a large number of Green Tea sign ups for today as so many have “liked” the page. Tina corbett-fay, Shannon Cox, Dee Bee and Lucifer Sam (all members of Parliament) are helping run the page. I think it would be beneficial to link the page somewhere. Please advise- Marketing Minister (Green Tea) Joshua-Paul
    Also I want to make sure that the pictures that were pulled off of Google are ok to be on there- one of you waving a hand, one that someone submitter to me as a Presidential pic with your face on it, etc.
    If it wasn’t you that ok’d the page on Twitter many moons ago I will immediately take it down-
    I’ve been working all day to help get new sign-ups for you, and the page has really helped.
    Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Roseanne-Barr-for-President-2012/153524907998543

  6. Joshua-Paul says:

    It is an honor! Thank you!

  7. Joshua-Paul says:

    Sec. James Ogle, I would be HONORED to be National Marking Minister for the Green Tea Party. And I’m ready to get to work. (as long as my leader Roseanne approves- I am smiling and ready to get to work!)

  8. Joshua-Paul says:

    Sure Roseanne- it would be great if you nominated me for a few things. ;) So glad you saw this- I’m happy to help in any way your campaign and help represent your run/party.
    I am so happy to be a part of this- let’s make history happen Roseanne! ;)

  9. ok–good–we can nominate you for a few things-lets ask james oogle–what should we nom he for?

  10. Lucifer Sam says:

    Sec. James Ogle will have to inform you about that.

  11. Joshua-Paul says:

    No, I have no idea what is open in the Midwest. Could you fill me in?

  12. Joshua-Paul says:

    Roseanne- (Midwest Minister of Civil Rights?)
    Idea, since I have such an outpouring of support that I am helping to gather for your party, is there a position in which I would not need to “run” for/get elected for under your party name? Could you appoint me as say, your, I don’t know, Secretary of something or Minister of a position that would need a hard worker? I am pro-gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender rights, freedom of speech, an activist in animal rescue, – maybe even Midwest Rep. for your political party? – Can you think of anything? Midwest Minister of Civil Rights? – I’m throwing some ideas out there. Civil rights would be a good fit. I am also pro-organic foods, health issues…
    Just ideas during this process. I surely don’t want to be Prime Minister as you have my vote Roseanne! 100% all the way.

  13. Lucifer Sam says:

    Has Sec. James Ogle told you what is open in the midwest?
    He started the Parliament in 1997.

  14. Joshua-Paul says:

    Sorry for the typos above- was in a hurry to write down my thoughts just in case Roseanne was still on here.
    It might not look like I can spell :)- I just didn’t want you thinking I was using your forum to try and run for Prime Minister. Roseanne, what position do you suggest I run for to help your party?

  15. Joshua-Paul says:

    Roseanne, I amNOT running for Prime Minister. I support you for Prime Minister. I 100% back YOU. – I’m in your party though – backing you big time and doing my best to get the word out. I do hope you see this Roseanne, as I do not want to be Prime Minister- that would go against my purpose of back YOU 100% and beyond. ;) Secretary or something like that, but no, not PM. You are the Green Tea voice and I back you. I’m a die -hard believer in you and advancing the cause.
    Secretary James Ogle- thank you for your compliments. Would you please relay if possible my statements above to Roseanne as I know she is very busy out promoting her new show which will be a hit!
    Thank you everyone. I hope to help bring as many to the table for Roseanne’s run as I can- and I do hereby vow Roseanne that I will assist in anyway that I can.
    On another note, Roseanne, my partner of 11 years has designed something for you in regards to a bumper sticker- it looks great. Where can I send off the graphic design so that you can feel free to use it and sell it as stickers or t-shirts or whatever you wish to promote the cause?
    Just let me know what I can do for you Roseanne- I’m your trooper in the Mid-West

  16. Lucifer Sam says:

    No worries here! I’ve been “medicating” a while and kinda meditated away from the computer for a while. I’ll see what I can do to count each vote.

  17. hey joshua paul-if you are also running for prime minister–you should not do it here–thanks!

  18. Joshua-Paul says:

    Wow- sorry for any mix-ups. I’ve instructed my following to email the voluntary vote counter. Please confirm the email address for me- Lucifer Same- perhaps you can fwd each email to Secretary James Oogle?
    I do apologize for any mix-up.
    I’m glad the nominations are coming in, however. I’ll send out a message to my followers and tell them to please send votes to the correct place.
    Thank you! Keep me informed by blog or email please. Busy night for me-
    But I will check back, hopefully tonight.

  19. Lucifer Sam says:

    Thanks, that helps!

  20. Lucifer Sam says:

    My email inbox is blowing up with emails for Joshua-Paul Angell nominations and votes?
    How do I forward nearly 20 emails from my box to you?

  21. so you are saying that we have wasted our time? wow–I am going to look into merging with the green party now. We will agree to disagree about Israel.

  22. Joshua-Paul says:

    I would love a “Go-Ahead”… (you can see all of my commenting in this thread)
    I would like to head the MidWest, energize Chicago and help organize events in the MidWest, to be held in Chicago as I believe it to have the greatest access to all with our transit system, etc.
    As far as logos go, my partner has always done all of my web designing, and created the logo for my radio show, websites, etc- and when I was actively designing in fashion, my website as well.
    With your, the Hon. PM Roseanne Barr’s permission, I would like to respectively ask if I may have him design a logo for use to promote Illinois Green Tea, specifically Chicago as well.
    Thank You ;)

  23. Joshua-Paul says:

    Thank you so much for your response. It is refreshing to see Roseanne energizing so many of us (Green Tea).
    Let me share a small portion of my story: I was once a die-hard Democrat, until I watched terrible problems in the 2-Party system. I campaigned hard for Howard Dean, (thrown under the bus), Hillary, Kerry- you name it. Shook the hand of President Clinton- as he thanked me. But that fire in me died. I joined the CPUSA- I saw some of the same there too, just like what I saw in the Dems. I am now me- Green Tea. Funny thing is, I always have been- I just didn’t realize it until Roseanne’s views and words educated me.
    I have never felt so empowered or so strong before in my life- Inspired by Roseanne and the similar thoughts we have.
    One thing about me- I am a fighter- for Justice. This movement is fantastic, and I do believe that by combining thoughts, we can work for a better Country.
    I am going to brainstorm over the next while as far as Chicago goes- and what I can do to bring Green Tea to the table here.
    As far as logos go, my partner has always done all of my web designing, and created the logo for my radio show, websites, etc- and when I was actively designing in fashion, my website as well.
    With Hon. PM Roseanne Barr’s permission, I would like to respectively ask if I may have him design a logo for use to promote Illinois Green Tea, specifically Chicago as well.
    I have contacts here due to my activism that I believe could bring a lot to the table.
    I might ask- are there any events planned for the Chicago area?
    The MidWest, through those that listen to me on the air, read my articles, etc. are energized.
    I hope, with her permission to start organizing this State- this city and further her cause.
    Thank you so much for being in contact with me. I appreciate it.
    ~Hon MSP Joshua Paul Angell [Green Tea]

  24. Joshua-Paul says:

    Thank you so very much for your emails and this posting. I am honored to be part of this great cause. I am sending out info to the masses in regards to your favor. :)
    ~Hon MSP Joshua-Paul Angell, Green Tea

  25. I should say ‘the more bumper stickers the merrier’ … submitted from all.
    Here’s my email: CampaignMinisterForRoseanne@gmail.com for questions, suggestions, information or advice anyone has for me.
    But I’m not in charge of Bumper Stickers!

  26. There are fabulous Goddess images from thousands of years ago. Fairly easy to draw. I’m thinking some of the images could reach deep into the human psyche. I wouldn’t be surprised if our DNA recognized them! My sketches/drawings are in storage, a few thousand miles away. I’d be happy to draw more & submit them. They would go well with Va-Genius & other slogans. And Roseanne’s image too, naturally.
    As Campaign Minister, I’m thinkin’ the more the merrier, with Roseanne’s final approval of course.
    As Campaign Minister, I’m wondering just what my ‘duties’ are? I don’t know! Lol
    Someone advise me please. Thanks!

  27. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    I already wanna buy some Auntie!

  28. Moon Shadow says:

    Sweeeet! Work weekends, but need to get a day off and head over to the Pahoa Market and score some Va-Genius stickers for my truck.
    Gotsta luv the Puna rain. CRAZY!!

  29. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hey, we can mailem to you, brah…..no need frowny face! It started raining like crazy, so we had to dig out….

  30. Moon Shadow says:

    DAMN!! I need a zip line from Mauna Kea down to Kalapana!! Only way I could make it in time… :(

  31. i can make bumper stickers and posters if given the art and words…and build another website just to sell them at…with profits going to more election PR.

  32. Ladyjane Green says:

    The Band called Love Machine, Early PinkFloyd, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, cant beat the location, starts round7-8 oclock…supportin local artsmusica, plus drummer is a friend…(;
    BARR 2012, Keep On Rockin in the Free World!

  33. Ladyjane Green says:

    Puna roseannearchists got some” big island style” ones, ( Barr2012, and Va-Genius) will bring usome if u want. accept donations only for production costs. Tha Matriot herself has em, u can buy @hairy monkey books in Hilo as well, but would b cool to meet another like mind! Theres a band playing at Uncle Roberts Kava(awa awa) Bar in Kalapana tonight, LJG and as- sordid others will b there. can arrange a meet if u like…. if not, can get stickers from us on Sunday at Pahoa Farmers Market, we are Jungle Moon! We can arrange it….. Aloha…

  34. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    I wanna head the campaign in the Southeast. Fundraisers in Palm Beach.

  35. therealphoebe says:

    I’m the greatest artist in the world and I’m volunteering to do the ARTWORK! I just need a go-ahead from the Mouth Piece of the Goddess!

  36. twistedmonkee says:
  37. Moon Shadow says:

    So whose doing the artwork for you campaign posters?

  38. joaby.boaby says:

    Better than being corporate fascists I suppose?

  39. twistedmonkee says:

    it does seem that they are pushing us to be a social society, but are ignoring it at the same time…..so confusing to be an american, these days.

  40. nice!

  41. Moon Shadow says:

    or CAPITAL socialists?