why casey waited 31 days:

so that animals would eat the remains of her baby after she killed her and buried her in a shallow grave, and then moved her body around a couple more times to help the animals eat away the evidence.


  1. I haven’t watched any of it. It’s the new porn, and porn is always boring.

  2. joaby.boaby says:

    Here’s my macabre two cents worth now that I’ve heard more about this trial.
    I think the family is covering for George, and Casey is their fall guy. I think she’s probably dead inside herself, feels guilty, and is used to protecting her Dad – if the incest stories are true.
    George is the former cop and may have wanted to protect his reputation. I think he tried ut numerous ideas on how to make it look like an accident or a sick crime, but in the end he made his daughter the scapegoat. If they are all in on the cover-up I suppose it doesn’t really matter who was supposed to be caring for Caylee at the time she died/drowned, they are all guilty, but I think it might have been her grandparents too. Maybe even Cindy, using chloroform to keep Caylee quiet so as not to upset George. Of course they would still blame Casey in that situation, and as the victim of abuse Casey would most likely accept that blame. Not to mention how guilty she would feel anyway, for having left her child with her abuser.
    I think Cindy and George conspired to make Casey look guilty in the end and save their/his skin, and that’s why the missing person call came in from Cindy in the end and not Casey. Before that they had all been brainstorming ways to deal with the body, which would include where the old googled info about murder might have came into play. The searches might have been un-related to the crime, but they inspired ideas in whoever it was out of the four (Casey, her brother and parents) that made them.

  3. Check this out. I missed her flipping out on Saturday.
    If this link doesn’t work go to http://www.cayleedaily.com
    and scroll down to the title where it says Casey has angry outburst.
    On WFTV in FLorida that has the live feed of the trial and a respected attorney from the area commenting on whats happening in the court has stated that Florida Penal System does not allow Prisoners to be medicated during the Trial Phase of their incarceration.
    After reading all the doc dumps by the State the only time she was given medication and I think that was only Advil is when she was watching the report on TV of little Caylees remains being found. She had a major panic attack and was asked if she wanted to see a minister to talk to. She was observed by the medical staff in the jail and watched for suicide tendencies for 48 hours.
    Her family is just as guilty of lying as she is in fact it came out this morning that the Prosecution has supeonaed the Work records of Cindy Anthony the Mother who claims she went home from work early and was searching the internet for drug reactions??? speculation. The whole Anthony Family have been proven so far to be compulsive liars.

  4. twistedmonkee says:

    i bet she is overly medicated and is unable to show emotion…..and if so, i hope that they take her off the meds a while before she gets the chair!!! she is putting her family thru hell, maybe they deserve it, maybe not, but she deserves “THE CHAIR” or even better do they still have firing squads..lol

  5. Her Lawyers tried to get her off on a psyche pass this morning. The hoopla on Saturday was the defense was whining that their client was having mental issues so the Judge ordered 3 different Psych evals by 3 different psychiatrists over the weekend and all declared she is competent to stand trial.
    She bounced into court this am all bubbly and smiling and giggling and high fiving her lawyers until she heard the judge say she was competant to stand trial.
    I think she is a pathological liar Roseanne and I question the incest angle about now. I think Casey is a spoiled little brat a narcissist getting back at her narcissistic mother who ruled the roost and let little Caylee think Granny was Mamma.
    Also did you see Prosecution has reports that there was a woman in jail near casey whose little boy drowned and the grandfather found him in the pool. The Orange Co. Sheriffs Dept is conducting an extensive investigation into this similar story that Baez brought out in his opening statement about Caylee drowning in the pool. A Citizen turned this information over to LE and found it to be true that the womans sons drowned. Coincidence … Caseys story… other inmate housed near CAsey perhaps told others about her son and Casey overheard.
    I don’t think we will ever know the truth but I think she is throwing her father under the bus in the end… I think he is a narly looking tough guy bastard anyway.

  6. maxtor14150 says:

    Ok maybe I was aggressing, sorry about that if I was. I guess I got angry because if a member of the jury feels the same way you all do, Casey could walk…and kill again which is my biggest fear. As a parent, I do believe that parents get unfairly blamed quite often. Look at Jeffrey Dahmer: he admits his childhood was wonderful and yet he turned out to be a serial murderer and cannibal! Getting back onto the subject, molested or not I know I’d feel a hell of a lot better with her behind bars for life. Also, I can’t believe Roseanne responded to something I said!! How cool is that! Ok sorry I am done now. Good luck with your new show!!!!

  7. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    casey,s family is sticking up for her and they need to stop. this is my take on the trial i watch every day.

  8. twistedmonkee says:

    i agree with roseanne. the whole family is sick! families like this hold secrets forever! and it harms everyone in the family forever. her dad a cop? well he would have known to call 911, if it was an accident. it could have been dealt with right then. now if the truth about her brother AND father molesting her were true??? she would suffer from ptsd and go into manic panic stage where she would have no control over body or her mind. and that would lead her to the drugs and partying out like a crazy person. because she was not here in the real world for that 31 days. and her mother calling the police and her getting arrested she snapped back to reality…kind of….but she lied so much.
    i believe she is guilty of something, and i believe her parents being the dysfunctional family are lying for her so that she doesnt get the death penalty.
    because thats what dysfunctional families do, and there are MANY!!!

  9. QuackQuack says:

    Maxtor14150 said “These are the real questions that I hope the jury focuses on”
    Thank you for bringing THE JURY to my attention. And what can be said about THE JURY me so wonders.
    I do not live in America Maxtor. I am over the pond.

  10. you are jumping to conclusions here–quack is saying nothing of the sort–she is saying the whole family is sick including the mother—also, we can disagree and not verbally aggress. Casey’s real hatred is for her mother–as is almost always the case in incest families, where the mother is a liar and a denier, as is Cindy A.

  11. How on earth is ANYTHING quack said, anti-feminist? really? Im a feminist and I do not see it. Just because you don’t agree with someone doesnt mean you have to attack them.

  12. maxtor14150 says:

    Ok whoa there! First of all, if you are waiting on Hollywood blockbuster films to provide the truth to you, then may I suggest not holding your breath? Yeesh, reading that made me cringe. And I love how anti-feminist your whole speculation really is. The mother is the blame for her sociopathic adult daughter, really?? Casey killed her daughter because her mother had household rules? If that’s a motive for murder then I think we are all in a lot of trouble. And there is absolutely NO evidence of a drowning? Unlike you, I actually watch the trial in its entirety every single day. Caylee could not open the patio door or move the ladder without someone doing those things for her. And for the love of all that’s sacred please stop blaming mothers for all the wrongs of the world! Casey did this all on her own despite her wonderful upbringing by her nurse mother and police officer father. Just because Casey is skinny and “pretty” does not make her a victim. She murdered a beautiful little girl people. Why would there be duct tape applied to her mouth and nose if it was an accidental drowning as Casey’s legal team alleges? And why did she lie? And why hasn’t she shown any remorse in years? And why does her story STILL continue to change? And why hasn’t she told the truth? These are the real questions that I hope the jury focuses on, not how mean her mommy supposedly was.

  13. For starters I haven’t really been following this case, but this is my take on it:
    The Grandmother rules the roost, hen pecks her husband no end till he comes up with ideas. Caylee accidently drowns in the pool because nobody was watching out for her. The Grandmother panics because this has put a spanner in her rules which she does not like and has made her extremely pissed off and angry. Now, both Casey’s parents are already annoyed by Casey’s lifestyle, which is due her brutal upbringing. This tragic drowning of her own flesh and blood and her mothers wrath, must have sent the poor women in to mental numbness and screwed up big time any rational thought that she had left. Her parents have taken over the whole situation, including the son, who is now an emotional wreck and scared shitless. The only crime that was committed is the one in failing to call for help when they found the child in the pool and of course neglect and the covering up and leading the police on a goose chase. I therefore conclude that Casey did not murder her own child, no one did, but there are the crimes after the fact.
    Anyway, that is my thoughts on the matter. Will wait till Hollywood releases the blockbuster film to find the real truth and the book and merchandise.
    RIP Caylee

  14. Lucifer Sam says:

    The whole family is sick! I don’t know who to believe. So I think they’ve all told the truth and all have lied. They are twisted.