when gov. arnie vetoed gay marriage to uphold the sanctity of marriage,

he knew he had impregnated his maid in his wife’s bed.  LOL!  hypocrites rule in California!!


  1. twistedmonkee says:

    i know WTH..not meaning anything about prejudices, BUT….why do they have to throw it out because there is a gay judge on the panel?? do they think he would risk his career to vote on something that he believes to be ok? it was the MORMONS from out of state that spent over a million dollars to put ads on tv against it, not the people of california. it was a very close vote. they just want to find a straight judge that is against gay marriage so that the vote will be in favor of the morons! we are not contagious people, we dont care if your white trash husband beats the hell out of you because your his black wife.(we do, but i wouldnt be able to make my point, if i have one…..exhale) and there was 10 white men and 1 black lady on the jury, whose gonna win? you cant change the way someone feels about another person, its chemistry and its science and has a proven track record way way back in history men were sleeping with men and vice versa. if you are so afraid that it is infectious stay inside, homeschool your children, so that they become just as one sided as you are, you know….just sayin. i love this website, i feel like i can have a voice once again. thanks roseanne and thanks ladyjane green! love it!

  2. Lucifer Sam says:

    Well said LJG!

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    this gay hater has gotta go. MB is truly a cheerleader for satans all stars. Homphobia is runnin rampant, especially after NY’s recent gay marriage victory.Many Gays can be extremely homophobic! The cali judge who struck down their version(prop8) is a died in the wool kweer like me. Now theres talk of him being taken off the case(recused) due to conflict of interest. There are gender traitors, and there are sexuality traitors 2, who knew?
    BARR2012, bring it on!

  4. twistedmonkee says:

    This is why we need Barr 2012!!! I cant believe that this woman could be the head of anything. showing prejudice towards PEOPLE already! gays and lesbians are people to, we the people are paying her salary!

  5. fuckin pervinator….
    Definition of HYPOCRITE
    : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
    or ‘Heuchler’ in his own language. Any way you say it, it comes out fucktard.

  6. Not just CA! Unfortunately there are many hypocrites ruling our country. Many of them are in Washington! The ones who promote “family values” usually display the exact opposite!

  7. twistedmonkee says:

    or aka the sperminator…..lol!

  8. joaby.boaby says:

    Someone should have told him that it’s the ones who make the changes that are remembered – not the flunkies in between. At least he’ll always be known as the Impreginator. =D
    Sorry, to many comments.
    Family values matter to politicians you guys. *sarcasm*

  9. joaby.boaby says:

    Can you imagine being a leader in this day and age and failing to lead on something as basic as equal rights? Kinda embarrassing.

  10. joaby.boaby says:

    LOL! His name will go down in history for that and nothing else, I hope.

  11. twistedmonkee says:

    that is the entire truth right there!!! you would think that in a pretty much open society in california that this law would pass. instead you get fired from a job, cuz there is always one person that is a hater. you cant get a job, because of the way you look. and then theres the rednecks(yes, its true, even in cali) that jump you and beat the crap out of you for being who you are! it seems that arnie was hiding stuff for a long time, and i believe that alot of things that should have gone forward were based on his hiding of affairs! and he was blackmailed(just my theory) even though he took his vows to be married as man and wife.

  12. what a pig! may hypocrits boil in their own stew.