weiner lies about the occupation in the left bank:


another reason to hate him.  i think Ken Levine and I have tangled on the issue of Gaza before too.


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    weenie lied abount everything.

  2. honkforsaudiwomen says:

    Hi Tippy!
    When women tried to register to vote earlier this year despite a ban on women’s suffrage in Saudi Arabia, in addition to defying the male guardianship system, they had a really difficult time getting themselves their considering they can’t drive.
    The Women2Drive group is petition for global support – they’re petition Secretary Clinton directly. I’m happy to give what I can, even if all I can do is make some noise for their cause.

  3. Tippy -Lite says:

    What about their right to leave the house without a hajab, or their husbands, for that matter?
    Seriously, in my humble opinion, since the country of Saudi Arabia is world renowned second to China for extreme human rights violations, how could honking your horn for “driving rights” be any more effective than wearing pink for breast cancer (which is bullshit too in my opinion)
    I would join you in your efforts if I didn’t think it was a big distraction from the bigger picture.
    CNN running the story only confirmed that for me.
    Honky your horns for human rights, and to stop any and all support for the war in the Mideast. NO EXCUSES.
    That includes all of the “Controlled left” pretend Peace-nick bullshitters.

  4. honkforsaudiwomen says:

    “The thing women have got to learn is that nobody gives you power, you have to take it” – same goes for the car keys.

  5. That’s because Bush couldn’t send topless pic, or the idiot probably would have. The president is under so much secret service protection that their really very limited on electronic communications, and Bush was one president as well that never used email but made it a policy that all use of email by his staff were to be saved and printed, but because of secret service protection there not even allowed cell phones. Obama’s the first one to break that rule because when he became elected he really had to fight the secret service to be able to keep his blackberry, and even now he has a very limited version of one thats under strict security and actually has the capability of only receiving incoming calls and other electronic submissions from certain numbers.

  6. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    Its a crying shame Bush and Cheney never sent any topless pics, we would have had an legitimate excuse to get rid of them…
    the whale shit that passes for “morality” in this puritanical Jekyll & Hyde Nation is laughable..
    you can lie , cheat taxpayers, steal elections , create fake “terror attacks” start illegal wars, its all good , just DONT have extramaritial mess on your wife..
    No wonder our kids and seniors have to stay medicated to live in this upside down nation of ours..
    I never trusted this either Roseanne..
    All the more reason the political arena needs you more than ever xo

  7. I would run over anyone who stood in the way of my freedom and rights–because that is what patriots do.

  8. honkforsaudiwomen says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!
    I imagine you’d run over any man who tried to stand in the way of your driving liberties.

  9. of course i will honk and blog about it too-

  10. honkforsaudiwomen says:

    Take your rage out on the horn Roseanne, will you honk for the Saudi Women’s June 17th Driving Initiative??
    After corresponding with #Women2Drive activists like Wajeha Al Huwaider and Hala Al Dosari – Saudi women who are working hard to take their driving liberties on June 17th (learn more at http://tinyurl.com/3zrezcz) – I started a campaign for global supporters to show their support.
    How? Simple: HONK!
    I launched the honkforsaudiwomen YouTube channel over the weekend. The two unprofessional videos I uploaded have gotten over 3,000 views in less than two days. CNN even re-tweeted the channel link:
    People and businesses are pledging to make videos, including the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus.
    Will you please consider making a video?
    The video can be just a few seconds long. You can plug your book, your presidential candidacy; get creative or keep it simple. Just as long as you:
    1.) Honk
    2.) Say you support the Saudi Women’s June 17th Driving Initiative
    I hope you’re in: it is our obligation to speak out for our sisters when they’re being silenced – and we all know you’ve got the best voice for it…