troy williams help me get on the ballot in utah

and other states–tell the gays to help me and i will forgive their student loans, give them free medical care and legalize ganga and gay marriage immediately.  I will make sure that the gay and lesbian troops are given their full share of civil rights here when they return from over seas.  Im a real progressive, not a fake one–vote for me progressives!  I know what to do and I know how to do it, and I know when I am on the wrong track and can easily self correct too!  i am not a satanic sell out at all vote me me 2012–if God wants me to win I will win.  I am on Gods side and not mans.


  1. Hi Roseanne – KSL just finally reported this story of a 20 year old man being “curbed” after leaving a gay club in SLC last Friday…im sure you’ve heard of it, but wanted to pass it along to raise awareness. Its sickening the media here started picking it up 6 days later.

  2. Hi Roseanne, I am so thrilled with this prospect of you actually running???!!!! I have always said id vote you in to anything. I loved ya from day one when the Conners arrived in my living room. We are close in age, birthday, looks, size…I have always related to you. I once ix-nayed and idiot man because before meeting, on the phone he said to me, “I hope youre not one of those Roseanne Barr bitches”….YES an idiot man said that to me. I replied, “Well I surely am one of those bitches so, bye bye asshole”. So yes I will support and vote profusely, Im in Michigan with our lovely new corporate Gov Dick, or Rick Snyder…help!!! What can I do for you?

  3. aside from signing the petition what can we do to help? I believe in you! Any ideas?

  4. –i will use the imperial presidency given to the pres. under bush’s patriot act..it is possible to stage a bloodless revolution in our country right now all it will take is one person with the heart and soul, and mind to implement solutions, and here i am. i will do what obama won’t–no politician can dare to break away from the pack of money whores they are sworn to lay in bed with–but–I see this government as an imposed and false illegal occupation of taxpayer’s wealth–I will get rid of the fed, income tax exactly the same way that ron paul will do it–the only diff between me and him is that I will create diverse communities instead of what he prefers-slavery of blacks and latinos and poor women–i will give this country socialism like it craves and needs…like the Mormon church has, like walmart has, like the armed forces have, like immigrants have, like congresspeople have–like prisoners and jailers have–i will simply kick out the fed and share the wealth and begin to implement the production of food here for the world (like it was before reagan and the satanic pirates ruined everything).

  5. This is a start. Doing a contest on my political blog for TV character who’d make the best Prez. Roseanne Conner is doing well but it’s close. Go Vote. I am utterly biased I admit or I would not be posting here.

  6. I’m voting for you Roseanne!

  7. dashus christ says:

    Roseanne explains all this in her mothers day speech-the video is here on Front Page!

  8. twistedmonkee says:

    dont burst our bubble! HOPE!

  9. Love you Roseanne but I just don’t believe anyone can just get elected president and make all the changes you are promising. How do you propose getting around congress? Hell, if it were as easy as just signing crap into law don’t you think Obama would have done at least some of the crap he promised us? How can you promise free health care? Tell us how you propose to do it and I’m all in if you can get it done sister. I agree with all that you say and women deserve better than what we are getting BUT HOW?????

  10. Lucifer Sam says:

    Exactly, I have a personal doctor but no insurance. Not all doctors work in big hospitals like “corporate doctors” do. And they are just corporate doctors when it comes down to big hospitals, they monopolize as a business where they want you to purchase your good health while secretly slipping in another problem so you have to come back to purchase another “treatment”.
    My pot doc. has all the answers and the perfect fix for any pain, nausea, or problems I might have.

  11. twistedmonkee says:

    I thInk when you are elected. The first agenda should be to fire the top five “officials” in each county, city, state and start fresh with a diverse set of people. Get rid of those f’ers that are stealing from the people, for their own personal gain, they don’t listen to the people, they listen where the money’s at. Our medical systems sucks, it doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not. You have 6 minutes to talk to a doc. That is the iNsurance cTelling the doctors what to do because they are so well educated.Telling thedocsTheir cutting back on senior care and disabled adults. They have no where to go, their not getting their medd because they can’t afford them.There should not be a problem with gay marriage. Belie ve it or not we are real people with alot more common sense and we are real! And just because These jackasses that wrecking the country. It’s our right to be free And chase Down the pursuit of happiness ight and same with the killer green bud. The mexican cartels are siding with gangs all over the World and prisons,make them stronge. And ecerybody turns their heads.Like nothing happening . Just sayin… I could go on and on. But I will stop here. Thanks for having your blog!