tracy morgan might be an idiot sometimes-as geniuses are

but–he has given black americans, and the mormon americans and evangelical americans of every race and color–as well as orthodox jews an opportunity to get right–should they hate their gay children or not?  This is a very important subject that America must bring into the Light where it can be proved or unproved.  This is historic–is the bible right when it says kill your gay children or is it wrong?  my answer:  I accept nothing that comes from any book written by any man.  I have learned that everything Patriarchal leads to unending war and Pedophiles as Priests.  Listen to me:  we need new traditions that serve our Higher Good–which is the Common Good.  Drop the Hate and STOP CALLING IT GOD.  it is not.   God is in the minds of believers and no where else.

Tracy is telling us what little children hear every day–and many of them ARE gay, and know that they are under attack.  This kind of explains so much about who Tracy is and why he thinks it’s a ‘choice’ to be gay.  The fact is, its OK 2 B gay.  It’s not ok to lie. It’s not OK to hate gays.  It’s not ok to use G-d as an excuse for hating gays either!  
   Many heterosexuals have ‘chosen’ to live that lifestyle because they are too afraid of the violence encouraged against gays in Evangelical America!  It is not a choice—you are born gay.   Start dating each other instead of quoting the bible all the time!
love men, instead of condemning them! 
Lesbanians:–start loving each other right now!  Stop battering each other too! You guys are bitches!  


  1. dashus christ says:

    Great Work LJG!!!-I had been wondering where oculus was hiding.

  2. Linda was talking about how her grandson was bullied at school by kids calling him a fag.

  3. Yes!! LJG..that is me..”Oculus”. LOL. I had forgotten what I called myself. I actually think you are OK even if you have dodgy knee. You have a great singing voice by the way!!

  4. dashus christ says:

    Yes LJG-I also remember the previous thread where L was explaining of loving her/his gay grandson.

  5. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hey there, your homophobic condescesion(sp?) reminds me of a previous euro poster, Oculus is that yer rank brit hole queefing off again? Either way, offense taken.

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    at one point, during a verbal parry on a previous thread, I could have sworn mention was made of L “becoming a woman” in 1966… i think we were blog- arguing about female to male sexchange and transexuality in general. Something left me feeling like she was/is a tranny-granny, Although she could have been referring to onset of menses or ritual deflowering….Either way, now she has people thinking shes a troll-man. Damn. Will the real Mr.Linda please stand up? Identity online, identity real world, these paths ideally at some point must cross. There are some who write on these hallowed pages, who obviously rarely immerse themselves in what is loosely defined as “the real world”. Isolation can leave one scrambling for reference, but come on now.Did her straight kid have a gay son or what. Previous blogs are coming back to cast shadows of doubt upon L.She certainly can put up a tenacious defense! lol…im with Tipi canoe! Burnin Rubba Smokeshow….

  7. “The phony grandma pic confirmed it for me”
    That is the most ridiculous sentence I have read on this board.
    I don’t think Linda is a troll.
    Those gays that have attacked Linda have reached a new low. Sums it up really, the abuse of the elderly is a new chapter of attack. The persecution of the elderly in America. Anyway, after reading the above posts, I am taking everything with a pinch of salt in anything a gay poster says. Just a bunch of comedians, funny ha ha. Matter of fact, they are too sensitive to even have a conversation with..touchy touchy..ohhhh you troll..you. LOL. Just leave it to the heterosexuals to sort out America. There is nothing more nauseating than a gay having a hissy fit and a tantrum over the slightest of things.

  8. I have thought Linda was a troll since she started posting here.
    The phony grandma pic confirmed it for me.
    I am glad the she(he) finally revealed them self to the the rest of the board for the distraction it is.

  9. urbanteach says:

    This is what “Linda” had to say on another thread:
    “I only brought up the thing about homosexuals because it makes me feel so bad for these poor souls that already have to go through so much hatred just for living life honestly and being true to themselves and then having to hear from the followers of a false and hypocritical religion that tells them its wrong to be themselves! Ya know, it brings me to tears just to type this but I have a grandson who has to go through this everyday in his 6th grade class and as a grandparent I would like to do ANYTHING to make this all better but there is nothing that I can do and this is why I feel so adamantly about the Christianity faith, its written by a group of hypocits that ignores that this even exists within themselves and then push others to even commit suicide because they can’t be accepted.”
    NOW, gays raising children will result in gay children, WTF… it’s a sleeper cell :)

  10. Linda honey, If the premiss that gays who raise kids make them gay, then how do you explain me and millions of other gays who were raised by straights? How’d we turn out gay? Also, I know many gay families with straight kids. Example; My sons are 2 completely straight men. Ages 24 and 31. Raised by 2 lesbians. Your theory is just a little dated. and false.
    And Roseanne, we’re not all bitches! (Not all the time.) Lolz!

  11. That is so typical any excuse for an attack..oh lets attack back. Well, that is going to help everyone – not. It wasn’t that long ago women were allowed to vote.

  12. Don’t forget Linda was brought up in a different era. Gays were more persecuted then than they are now a days. I dont’ think either that Linda is aggressive in what she is saying at all. I think Linda has not been around gays and this is why Linda is asking questions. Obviously, she has raised a few hackles up with the gay responders. That is basically there problem not yours. I say well done Linda, because there are a lot of men and women of your age that don’t even bother to ask. I guess, might be wrong, but gays are expressing there freedom since they have been forced into a closet all those years ago. But there is along way to go yet, lack of gay leaders.
    Some gays are there worst enemy in getting anything constructive done. But some are out there doing there bit for the good. Some gay activists are a pain in the butt and just act like head less chickens. If you want to listen, just phone up a local gay group or something. Also, the fashion industry is ripe with gay creativity. Those anti gay twats probably arn’t aware they are wearing clothes designed by gays. They take Gay into their churches while they preach hate. It is a funny old world. At the end of the day gays are only human, sometimes they forget that too.

  13. ‘Burning Tires’, that cracks me up. Reading these posts has made me hungry. Time for a SNICKER’S bar! G’d & the Goddess love Love. Straight, Gay, Bisexual & Nonsexual ….. whoopie!! Love that ‘Breeder’ comment too. Roseanne, you are most definitely a Prophet.

  14. Moon Shadow says:

    This is not the first time there’s been a troll impersonator. I’ve had suspicions before about this innocent old grandma (trust us, she is NO granny, but an insult to the memory of all of the real Badass Grannies out there) and this thread confirms it.
    Leave it to the Tipster recognize the stench in the air.

  15. I may be out of line for saying this because its not my blog but you all need to have a little heart. Many of us might end up in this old ladys shoes someday and when your elderly and confused would you want someone to put you down and call you names just cause your behind in times? I know I wouldn’t so your ok with me Linda, just call one of those places Dancin gave and ask away girl!

  16. I can understand what you mean with all of your comments, it does seem that the eldery get more secluded from society the older they get and the more I read then I don’t think this woman is aware of whats she’s saying becauses she’s probably behind in times. This is not a new problem but the world does seem to forget about the senior citizens and in return they aren’t update with what’s current, like politically correct terms for example. What’s funny though is I remember seeing this very subject the a side story of one of Roseannes episodes from her sitcom, idk the name or season but its the one where Roseannes neighbor is robbed and Roseanne buys the porcelian dog from the thieves and in one of the scenes Leon and Scott are having an arguement at the diner because Leon would not allow Scott to sleep at home that night because Leons mother was in town and she was not comfortable with gays, and Leon was trying to explain that its because of her age. So because of that then I think its safe to say that Roseanne, or at least one of her writers who wrote those lines can understand this issue as it seems to still exist. A lot of senior citizens are just behind in times, and its not all their fault either because with all the other issues in the world we do kind of exclude them.

  17. Dancin4Joy says:

    Can anyone give me a link or tell me a thread where the issue of ‘intell’ is explained as a ‘controlling force’?
    It’s come up a few times here and there and when I look it up it just comes as ‘intelligence’ or ‘Intel’ the company, so looking it up isn’t helping.
    Linda I have people in my family who have the same questions and same comments and I don’t take it as inflammatory because I understand that just as many people are locked in their view of the world within the context of technology or any ‘new thing’ that’s not known about by everyone from their background it’s easy to kick off a beehive of frustration from others who want you to know it already because it ‘seems’ to be in the social consciousness already – but it’s not everywhere for any number of reasons. For example, Roseanne commented about the Duggars the other day who are seen on TLC but since they don’t watch TV I’d be surprised if they had any idea why she would or who she was. That’s because they’re busy about raising all those kids and watching TV isn’t part of that for them – that’s them,nothing to do with Roseanne or how famous she is or isn’t…
    I get it – it’s not like GLAAD or LGBT groups are going out to Nursing Homes and Churches and Synogogues doing symposiums for our more cloistered or older society to explain the closeted issues around what it means to be gay and live in today’s society and even for some, raise a family. And maybe the answer is that maybe they should… if nothing else post something on their websites about it. HOpefully there’s videos out there on their websites where people just sit down and address all the concerns you’ve mentioned.
    Your questions show that your thinking is clear because I’ve heard these lines of thinking from a lot of people who don’t know anyone who is gay and don’t know who to ask their questions of and that may also explain how Tracy felt it was appropriate to say these kinds of things in the first place. People who work together to bring awareness for family and societal concerns around homosexuality are probably better suited to entertain this kind of conversation with you.
    Roseanne I have to assume that it’s ok with you to post these websites here for her edification and understanding:
    Here’s GLAAD: http://www.glaad.org/
    (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)
    Here’s LGBT: http://www.lgbtcenters.org/
    (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender Community Centers)
    Here’s YouTube: www:youtube.com
    (Look up GLAAD or LGBT and see what issues might be on video there.)
    I’m sure there’s tons more people could list but anyway most of them have resource centers you can call and talk to and have meetings with people who answer these kinds of questions that family members and friends like you have, every day. They also have blogs and such and may have already addressed many of your thoughts.
    I hope that helps.
    It really does make me wonder if GLAAD and LGBT groups are going to the religious/other communities where the highest amount of frustrated LGBT people are having trouble and scientifically answering these questions.
    I’ve seen some movies that talk about this from Orthodox Jewish perspective and it made me sad for the LG because in many cases they were like anyone else – maintaining their yiddishkeit in all it’s edicts but the one area of who they were partnered with. They still kept shabbat/kosher and everything else. I also know of very christian LG’s and they go to churches that are ‘pro’ LG, like it showed on the 30 Days show I mentioned earlier from Netflix.
    Well I also agree with Roseanne’s early comment that G-d is working in and through each of us and that religion as a building/dogma etc can be skewed and that G-d is not a proponent of *ANY* kind of hate.

  18. I did not see that, but thank you for clarifying, and you have my apologies as well–you all do–I’m just going to stop commenting on the matter because I obviously don’t know whats offensive or not to say so again I am sorry because in all honesty I did not mean any foul.

  19. Your question was answered though. Sadly, you aren’t listening. *shrug*

  20. Not a choice no. Environment doesn’t have ANYthing to do with whether you are gay or straight. You either are, or aren’t.
    Children know well before they are hitting puberty. Our society is too damn entrenched in gender roles, and freak out at the notion of anything other than what’s considered “the norm”.

  21. I really wanted to submit this, and i think this dialogue is relevant.

  22. I really wanted to submit this somewhere, but I couldn’t see a place to do it. This is relevant.
    Read at PrideinUtah.com

  23. That is preposterous! What, did I cut too deep or something? That seems the same thing that you were saying that Tracy Morgan did, isn’t it? The difference is I wasn’t implying anything or being aggressive. I asked a simple question that I guess can’t be answered or is shrouded in secrecy or has some other meaning why to be so defensive.

  24. your ignorant and offensive words hijacked the discussion. We now think you are a government troll–a man–closeted, and trying to attack out gays.

  25. I never told you differently but nevermind. I’ve been respectful of what you said, my tone was not aggressive but I guess some conversations are impossible to have unless one party agrees to be a Yes-Man because of the other parties refusal or inability to answer it. I never said I disagreed but it was just a curious thought.
    As Dancin4Joy said, the year is 2011. Can’t we have discussions that are controversial with putting personal feelings aside and not getting mad?

  26. Oh please, your posts are very aggressive, and you don’t care how ridiculous your assertions are. Such as “all the children raised by gays turn out gay.” So unbelievably absurd. And now this little gem “how is population control different than mind control?” Uh, because they’re two entirely different things. But that doesn’t stop you trying to link them, after all the word “control” is included in both, that’s enough of a connection. So now people are being brainwashed into thinking they’re gay by nefarious population control advocates? If you’re not a troll, you’re sure doing a good imitation of one.
    “there is no easy way to talk about without it coming off offensive.”
    Of course there is, you can start by avoiding implying that gays are damaged goods who were sexually molested. I thought you said you agreed with the APA that homosexuality isn’t a mental disorder? Saying it’s a physiological reaction to being being molested is saying it’s a mental disorder. And your whole tone here is insulting, the idea that everyone is intended to be straight unless something goes wrong such as being molested, and then they mutate into something that weren’t intended to be. And that’s how you continue to refuse to listen to what gays tell you. Pretty much all gays say we were born gay, who the hell are you to tell us differently?

  27. No?

  28. absolutely.

  29. are you a gay guy?

  30. And that is why I was asking you, how have I not respected what you said? That’s what I mean, things like this there is no easy way to talk about without it coming off offensive. I never said that I knew a lot about it but would like to learn more so respect my right to an opinion, please. I’m meaning no disrespect to you.

  31. Never mind, I shouldn’t have bothered responding to you. You’re ignoring Roseanne telling you to listen and respect what gays tell you. We know a helluva lot more about this than you.

  32. Population control? How is that different from mind control and that none of these people are actually just being brainwashed to thinking their their gay so they won’t reproduce?
    But I mean the environment around them as in like wouldn’t the way you were raised play a role in why you grew up to be gay? Like for example children that are sexually abused, now if any of them grow up to be gay then isn’t it possible that they are only gay because they are sexually repulsed to the opposite sex because of the assault they received as a child?

  33. Yes I’m sure there are genes associated with sexual orientation. There are also probably environmental factors that take place in the womb. If you’re questioning why would nature occasionally select for gays, there are reasons why it would. Population control for instance. One of the best known studies suggesting people are born gay is that the more older brothers a man has, the more likely he’ll be gay. It’s like nature putting on the brakes saying enough straight guys, time for some gay guys who are unlikely to reproduce.
    Another reason nature would want gays is that we do usually contribute the viability of our family’s gene pool, by helping out raising our nieces and nephews. I was the primary babysitter for my nieces and nephews, a common role for a gay uncle. So I helped pass on my family’s genes by helping to raise kids that weren’t my own, but closely related.

  34. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Honey god created us all gays,blacks, jews, all of us. Gay is ok now, i know in the 50s everyone hid but now everyone is out and open. Please learn the facts on gay people, we do not like it when people say mean things on us like you did when you said it does not seem right for us to have kids. I was told that too by people who were homophobes, if your not one of them then learn some facts on gays we are fun normal people.

  35. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I agree with the bible being bullshit,i mean it says bad bad things abount Gays.And my views on god is God may be Man and Woman. I mean God is inside you and your a woman and inside me and i am a man so what does that mean God is both right?. I feel i was made in gods image and you have said you do too. So what else can you say?. God is half man and half woman. Or was i just born with a female peace of mind? i do not know what to think i am just trying to understand it.

  36. Lucifer Sam says:

    I am of the House of David as well, through European descent. My ancestors were converted to Christianity (probably forcibly prior to our immigration to America from the Mayflower). We have had lineage as Christians since that time and only until ME have I returned to Judaism, studied Kabbalah, taught myself Aramaic, and been a Jew of the spirit because the bloodline is so scattered these days. I honor you in being full Jew of the House of David Roseanne. I always believed the messiah would have to be a woman, and here you are, to redeem Eve for all of Human Kind. You will prove to the world that woman and man are Godly enough to be knowledgeable enough to be the Light to the world.

  37. Lucifer Sam says:

    I am of the House of David as well, through European descent. My ancestors were converted to Christianity (probably forcibly prior to our immigration to America from the Mayflower). We have had lineage as Christians since that time and only until ME have I returned to Judaism, studied Kabbalah, taught myself Aramaic, and been a Jew of the spirit because the bloodline is so scattered these days. I honor you in being full Jew of the House of David Roseanne. I always believed the messiah would have to be a woman, and here you are, to redeem Eve for all of Human Kind. You will prove to the world that woman and man are Godly enough to be knowledgeable enough to be the Light to the world.

  38. Thank you, I’m not trying to seem homophobic but gay issues I’ve heard a lot about but little about their lifestyle and really in my day this isn’t an issue that was battled to much because up until the late 1970s the American Psychological Assocation classified homosexuality as a mental disorder, which was debunked and now we know is false but what even makes someone gay to begin with? It says in this thread that your born gay, but how is that possible? Is there a gay gene? I just don’t see how that is possible, the same goes with straight people, because a child doesn’t even show sexual desire until after puberty, and they live 12 or more years before that interest peaks in them so would the environment around them have a role in that trait, and thus it would be a choice (just like to be straight)?

  39. Lucifer Sam says:

    The messiah the Torah refers to appears in the Tanakh (according to the Christians the Tanakh is considered the old testament). Jesus Christ is never mentioned in the true bible that predates Jesus Christ’s birth. Jesus Christ is the son of man not the son of G-d. The son of G-d is Ezekiel and it says he is in the Tanakh in the Book of Ezekiel. Don’t you think if Jesus Christ was the son of G-d, he would have a book in the Bible named after him?
    Jesus Christ, was the son of man who tried to pass as the son of G-d but failed G-d’s test because of pride and G-d forsook Jesus on the cross.
    There are many sons of G-d, they are called angels and archangels. ALL angels are sons of G-d.
    But to me G-d is a verb, the act of G-d. Being that for people makes you an angel, and in my opinion there are many more daughters of G-d or G-ddess than there are sons.

  40. Tippy -Lite says:

    Why do i smell Intell in here?
    (smells like burnt tires)

  41. “Religion…it is the opium of all people” Karl Marx.
    I love Rosalynn Carter because she as FLOTUS knew and spoke of Mental Health illnesses as the primary cause of so much violence and ultimately war
    Gloria Steinem said “violence is addictive” and “the revolution is within”
    In the meantime, until we can transition, “Make war a regulated sport”, Z Budapest.
    Now I will go out and feed the birds and love some people. Reboot my day from this fray.

  42. What does that have to do with the Torah giving claim to a forth coming prophet? And I’m not going off of what just King James wrote nor is it my bible cause I don’t believe a damn word of it. But what you said is absolutely right, and not all of what King James wrote is properly translated. I mean, have you read anything other then the King James version?

  43. that was me.

  44. she needs to read some factual statistics and correct her knowledge tanks–she can do it here–as long as she is willing to live based on facts and not prejudice. she’s a smart old gal–she needs to listen to gays thats all–

  45. Here’s what I have to say to the world, ‘And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him.’ This is one of the ‘scriptures’ that was used to torture women in the middle ages, forcing them to sign oaths and ‘confess’ under torture to being a witch. then after death, the church would assume all of her earthly property. they did this to my people over and over and over–jews and women and gays–the hate objects of bible bangers who would be dead in the water without “enemies”.
    the word HEARKEN is not an Aramaic word, it is an English word–King James wrote your bible. He did that because it helped to condition people’s minds to accept SLAVERY to tell them not to HEARKEN to obey their Kings profit margins.
    ” I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him”–this is what God commands me to do–tell the truth. I am a prophet. dispute that.

  46. I agree with you – i didn’t see any hate in there or any judgement either… I’m not banging a bible I’m agreeing with you and just asking for calmer heads to answer Linda’s question.

  47. Ok then. lol! If that’s what its suppose to mean then you go girl!
    p.s.–I wasn’t launching a christian crusade against Judaism and Islam, I’m not even a christian, but am just saying that like every other religious scripture it did give mention a forth coming prophet, is all.

  48. Roseanne is right Jesus is not in the Torah although he studied it like any good orthodox Jew as a Rabbi in training would – and remember also that the Torah is only the ‘Books of Moses’ which there are 5 of, the Tanakh is the entire set of books people relate to as ‘the old testament’ from common day bibles today.
    Torah = Genesis (Bereshit), Exodus (Shemot), Leviticus (VaYikra), Numbers (BaMidbar) and Deuteronomy (Devarim).
    “TANAKH” – an Acronym, based on the letters T (for “Torah”), N (for “Neviim,” the Prophets), and K (for “Ketuvim,” the Sacred Writings). It is the grouping of the teachings of G-d to human beings in document form.
    So despite the proper terminology issues, Jesus wasn’t mentioned anywhere in there. The messianic texts gave no specific name and even if it had there are multiple people throughout greater history who’s lives were quite close to to the descriptors in the Tanakh of being ‘messiah-like’ and to whom G-d gave quite similar gifts so that people would remember His promises. As students and keepers of history, Jews know this and realize that G-d has the right to use anyone He wishes.

  49. that prophecy is talking about ME. now dispute that all you want to, but it is a True Translation. I am the same bloodline as Jesus. He helped NO JEWS, so he is NOT our savior. OK? Stop your christian crusades against judaism and islam.

  50. But then who gets to determine that? The courts? As biased as they are? And who’s to say that the best interest of the child isn’t with a gay couple, just a loving as the next couple. Bias and fear gets in the way of that repeatedly.