tracy morgan might be an idiot sometimes-as geniuses are

but–he has given black americans, and the mormon americans and evangelical americans of every race and color–as well as orthodox jews an opportunity to get right–should they hate their gay children or not?  This is a very important subject that America must bring into the Light where it can be proved or unproved.  This is historic–is the bible right when it says kill your gay children or is it wrong?  my answer:  I accept nothing that comes from any book written by any man.  I have learned that everything Patriarchal leads to unending war and Pedophiles as Priests.  Listen to me:  we need new traditions that serve our Higher Good–which is the Common Good.  Drop the Hate and STOP CALLING IT GOD.  it is not.   God is in the minds of believers and no where else.

Tracy is telling us what little children hear every day–and many of them ARE gay, and know that they are under attack.  This kind of explains so much about who Tracy is and why he thinks it’s a ‘choice’ to be gay.  The fact is, its OK 2 B gay.  It’s not ok to lie. It’s not OK to hate gays.  It’s not ok to use G-d as an excuse for hating gays either!  
   Many heterosexuals have ‘chosen’ to live that lifestyle because they are too afraid of the violence encouraged against gays in Evangelical America!  It is not a choice—you are born gay.   Start dating each other instead of quoting the bible all the time!
love men, instead of condemning them! 
Lesbanians:–start loving each other right now!  Stop battering each other too! You guys are bitches!  


  1. glad i could help, linda!!

  2. dashus christ says:

    Yes, absolutely w/ what you say-quite a journey it IS-and yes to moving up those chakras!!-Very Wise Indeed PJ!!!

  3. most born bi, it’s part of the journey to find the self in the other and the other in the self. culture is not our friend when it locks us into the confines narrow mindedness. so many chapters to ones life, sexuality should not limit us, our blue print is ever changing, like the lines on our palms (thanks t). really we would all be better off if we could move it up a few chakras, quit obsessing on the crotch.

  4. Well thank you for the explanation, that makes perfect sense.

  5. gay is not something you choose to become or someone chooses it for you…you are born that way..there are many gay parents with straight kids and vice versa..gay people would nevr want their kids to go through what they did..they accept the children for who they are and their sexuality has nothing to do with who raises them..

  6. Really, that was the most ridiculous sentence you ever heard on the board?
    More ridiculous than this new daughter Brandy character, and her preposterous story about her elderly sick Mother with dementia.
    She is an attention seeking troll and this new character is another attempt to disrupt and mislead.
    Reminds me of the film “Catfish”.

  7. dashus christ says:

    I could not Agree more!!!

  8. u got it right c h

  9. crazy horse says:

    i think the bible was written by liars and popes and priests professing to know the ”word of God” but really just wanted to scare people into not going to jewish temples and giving them their money instead. it is all just absurd to me. I like our ways much better, just my opinion. Everything is related, the Earth the Sky the rocks and stones and four leggeds and wingeds. We are all part of the same thing, the same Creator and do not profess to know what ”HE” OR ”SHE” says, likes, or deems as ”truth.” In other words, since we are all relatives then we should not harm anyone or anything. Homosexuals are respected. They were known as ”winktes” in the old days and were ”two-spirit” people who were a gift and had specific jobs to do and reasons for being who they are. So fuck all that ”god hates homosexuals” just cuz some book says he does.

  10. Brandy, when it comes to ones children, it’s *always* that easy. The word admitted implies that that he was doing something wrong, it’s a negative word.

  11. What is a more proper term then, Roseanne? I accept my son for what he is so lets no play a war on words here.
    Solei – Grow up and stop being paranoid or trying to judge a woman you’ve never met. Just last week she mentioned the elections next year and was bitching saying she hopes Lyndon Johnson doesn’t run for reelection. Don’t judge what you don’t know.

  12. Brandy, for years I’ve worked with elderly folks who suffer from dementia/alzheimer’s. My 83 year old Mom sometimes doesn’t know me, what year it is, etc. I quoted one of your Mom’s posts below. Frankly, it reads like writing of a person who has decent cognitive abilities & not yet to the alzheimer’s stage of forgetting who you are, etc. Apologizes if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe you.
    Linda wrote: “That is preposterous! What, did I cut too deep or something? That seems the same thing that you were saying that Tracy Morgan did, isn’t it? The difference is I wasn’t implying anything or being aggressive. I asked a simple question that I guess can’t be answered or is shrouded in secrecy or has some other meaning why to be so defensive.”
    Brandy, maybe it’s simply You ;D Trolling along, drink in hand, playing on the ‘puter.

  13. why do you say, ADMITTED he was gay–that is sickening.

  14. This was over 12 years ago but if it were that easy then I would’ve defintely shown up at the school and taken care of it but my son didn’t tell any of us any of this. When he was younger, my son would often stay in his room and hardly ever communicate with any of us. I figured ok, he’s a teenager and is just being rebellious (I also have a daughter whose older then he is and was very similar, except very smart mouthed at that age) but it wasn’t until one night when my husband and I were laying in bed did he come in and wake us up and said “mom, can you take me to the hospital”, I asked him why and he said “those pills in your purse, I just swallowed them and don’t feel so well”, so after we rushed him to the hospital and had his stomach pumped then he went through counselling and after had finally told us that he was being bullied in school and admitted to us that he was gay. After I found that out, sure enough I did go to that school and not only took care of the situation with them allowing this to happen but withdrew him and enrolled him in another school. I would never allow my children to come under any harm.

  15. i do not allow mentally ill posts here–although many people here are mentally ill–they are practicing to get control of their thoughts, and your mother is probably trying to do that as well by coming here. The hateful things she posted were offensive to all of us. She can stay here if she obeys our rules, and if she can’t then she is not welcome here.
    Why did it not occur to you to protect your gay son? I think you have to be pretty sick to allow that to go on. i would show up at school and put an end to anyone bullying my son–I have done it too. Why didn’t you do any of that?

  16. HAH, some of you people are really ridiculous. This woman that a lot of you are bashing, Linda, is my mother! Let me tell all of you a little about my mother. She lives with me, is 83 years old and also suffers from alzheimers and dementia. I don’t know how familiar any of you are with those but that means that her memory often slips her, she often can’t remember her own name or who anyone is including me, as well as will often live in her own memories par-say. My son that some of you have brought up who I guess she has mentioned actually just turned 22, mom however still thinks of him as a teenager and for the last year everytime he comes home to visit the first thing she will do is freak out for how much he’s grown up, also yes my son is gay. When he was younger he was treated horribly in school for it, by both students and teachers sadly, and almost attempted suicide because of it and that is a terrible moment for my family that mom has been reliving more then once with her condition, which has really started to take a turn for the worse this last year. Its a terrible thing to watch whats happening to her and how more and more she is just losing her mind because she is the nicest woman in the world but whats also is terrible is how you people are talking about her because she loved this website and in her age and state of health she doesn’t have much left or even very many people to talk to anymore but would never intend to say or do anything to offend any of you because she is a very big fan of Roseanne and was really very tickled that she even got to communicate with her and join in debates like this, but how cruel of you all that would say this about her. I will make sure she doesn’t return since she clearly isn’t welcome
    As well, here is a thought for mind for some of you that are gay and bashing my mother. You are who you are so get over it! If you want people to accept you then accept them and yourself, and stop thinking that your the only ones on the planet or the only ones with issues because this just shows as proof that you people are overly sensitive if you have to act like this and get so paranoid even to an elderly woman with senility.