tracy morgan has given Black America a moment

to reconsider their homophobia, and their religious faiths.  Thank you Tracy, for kicking down a door of silence that should not exist at all anymore–many many religious people say they would kill their gay kids if they could.  thank you for showing us what is behind the curtain of bullshit –babylon is falling.


  1. And Blacks don’t see the civil rights issue similar to the gay rights issue. Let us have our civil rights, please — enough of us fought and died over this issue.
    However, Blacks do see and smell injustice when presented and they are against injustice of all kinds — as a general proposition. Natually, you will find exceptions to this rule, but generally, yes they are against injustice of any kind. Browns and Yellows, too.

  2. It’s about communication. And someone wrote in the Tipping Point comment section that white liberals are afraid to talk to Black and Brown communities — this is so true.
    And I’ve personally experienced the racism from the left — it’s like a cancer — it spreads and seeps out into everything — that left racism, because it is so covert.

  3. Well, Roseanne, I just watched your Tipping Point interview with Jaysmen.
    Seems like you guys have it covered. I hadn’t read all the comments in this thread and Jasymen raised in the Tipping Point interview and you, Roseanne, have raised in this thread, the issue I raised, yes.
    I say stop pointing the finger at Black folks/church. We are suffering enough — ten fold.
    A white gay will discriminate against me, and I voted for gay marriage.
    And Blacks and Browns and Yellows and Oranges are against injustice as a general proposition. It’s the white folks hating beyond the pale — whites in all categories/communities.
    Here is the Tipping Point interview with Jaysmen (I like!):

  4. Yes, of course, I believe that one community shouldn’t discriminate against another community. However, when your house is burning down, you really don’t have the time nor inclination to think about what’s happening to other communities — it’s the least of your worries.

  5. you are absolutely correct–

  6. yes thats the point–we need to get rid of separatism at all levels and unite as one human family

  7. Also, I agree with notions of the “gay movement” being classist and racist, and I know that they are. I just think it’s pertinent, and only fair, with that notion, to point out that racial communities (white, black, whatever) are homophobic, as well, in an effort to illustrate that any and all of these patriarchal hate-attitudes have bled into every community there is, even if that community is also a victim of such hate. Therefore, feeding into one type of discrimination is only going to make it worse for yourself, even if you’re not a member of that group (unless you’re a white, straight, gender-normative male). And pointing out one -ism (like racism) in one community (like gay America) does not negate that community’s discrimination from the opposite community.

  8. Please point out where I said that the gay community is completely void of racism or other hatred. I didn’t. I simply said that being black does not give you a free pass to be homophobic, just as being gay does not give you a free pass to be racist. Please stop inferring your own arguments and putting words in my mouth.

  9. amen to that–and also to care for the poor and the unemployed–the fact is that the next target is the black middle class–the black working class has been decimated–the one percent were able to fucking kill acorn!
    they are going for the immigrants and the black middle class next–then the female head of household white middle class. things are not accidental at all–this is nazi science all the way around–kill dark people and make a profit doing it–auschwitz is the model of capitalism–work camps…free labor. watch what happens here in the next two years! polygamy for the men and veils for the women…TALIBANGELISM. no abortion rights, no money no jobs—an instant class of sex workers willing to pimp their own kids–that is what this country does all over this planet–we have allowed that by being blind to it and saying nothing–what goes around comes around though. get ready–we need to move beyond artificial separation and unite just to stay alive.

  10. Let’s all get onboard the Peace Train:
    Cat Stevens: Peace Train:

  11. Absolutely agree Roseanne. This is what I’m trying to articulate.
    Don’t hate on anyone, but those white gays are hating, too.

  12. Keagan, I’m telling you that white gays hate Black and Brown gays. So, racism abounds in all communities, even the gay community.
    So, maybe if we could stop hate altogether/generally, that would stop the hate specifically/against gays.
    Hate begets hate.

  13. In my opinion, the preachers are pimping their congregations and their members can ill afford to be pimped – it’s too costly.

  14. The Black church, yes, has major issues.
    For instance, Pastor Creflo Dollar telling Pastor Eddie Long’s congregation to accept him back, despite the fact that he was having sex, yes, the preacher, with young men.
    It is very complex/complicated and requires a thesis.
    For me, the more pressing issue the Black church and every church must address is the lies of religiosity, so that their congregation can become more active thinkers.

  15. yes i do–that is why I said watch the interview on my “tipping point” video–the young black woman I am interviewing is saying it all–that the gay movement is classist and racist and needs to include people of color –and that its exclusion of them is why there is so much resistance to gay issues by the mainstream–I totally agree with this– divide and conquer–

  16. Speak it sister! That’s what I was trying to say last night, but I really shouldn’t be online right after I just came home from a couple of drinks which is why I took a break last night, haha.
    That’s what I was meaning though. Hating anyone is wrong, I never said it was right but when you say the “black church” discriminates against gays then lets look at why that might be so, and by doing such can maybe fix the problem from within? We are discriminated against white, gay and straight, and have been for over 250 years. For such a long time to go by where we’ve been shown mostly just prejudice then that’s what we’re going to show in return.
    And it was a little off topic last night, but as well as the fact that we have little representation and what little we do then we are misrepresented. Its not these mens own personal experiences and how they see the world because if they seen the world in a view where we should assault and kill police officers then where do you think they should honestly be, in prison or in a recording studio? Most of these men didn’t even come from the “black ghettos” that they rap about, but are portraying that as an image upon us all.
    That’s the truth, and before we go and point fingers at who hates who then lets take the time to realize why they would hate who they do!

  17. Oh my goodness, do you guys realize how white gays treat black and brown gays? Please, you speak as if white gays aren’t racists, too.
    I’m not about hating anyone, but I am about truth!

  18. *thankful IT happened

  19. I agree completely. The behavior of privileged gay folks (aka white, gender-role-conforming men and women) and their abandonment of the people who are experiencing the same awful treatment they’ve once experienced make me sick. The reason why I almost refuse to identify as “GLBT” or anything like it is for many reasons, but largely because I think the “GLBT Community” has its head up its ass and their priorities WAY out of whack. I could go on and on forever about this, so suffice to say I agree completely with what you’re saying. I still don’t know what I think about Tracy Morgan regarding this particular issue, but I am thankful I happened for the light it will shine on homophobia AND race relations, becausethey’re both topics that privileged people think they’re done and over with, but they’re not at all.

  20. I do not care if you have been discriminated against or treated unfairly your entire life, it will ALWAYS be discrimination when you engage in homophobia. Being black does not give you a pass to discriminate against gay people, end of story. I can’t even think of a polite thing to say about someone who thinks it is, so just… NO IT IS NOT OK. End of story.
    The rest of what you said, it has nothing to do with homophobia, race does not equal sexuality so even suggesting that the way to stop homophobia is to focus on race issues is ridiculous. Like Roseanne said, you’re not listening to what people are saying, you’re just ranting to yourself endlessly and not taking in what people are saying to you.

  21. Their own expierences? They are trying to portray that as an image on all blacks. And how they that be how they see things with like, ok, take N.W.A. song “F- Tha Police,” which talks about assaulting and killing police officers. How is that acceptable or a portrayal on how they see things?
    Rap music is deleterious to black culture by misrepresenting black people. Rap music continually promotes illegal acts, gangs, gun violence, misogyny and drug use. I mean this is happening in a country where the leading cause of death for african americans age 13-18 is death by firearm, and this is the kind of message we’re trying to pass as acceptable?

  22. i think they are writing about their own experiences and how they see things-

  23. Essentially any song from any major artist thats a rapper. Take your pick. For example, 50 cent, Tupac, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Lil Jon, etc. etc… They all preach the same negative message of whats suppose to be acceptable and how blacks supposedly live.

  24. what songs?

  25. And have you listened to what is actually be said on these songs? Their not exactly preaching a positive message.

  26. listening to what is actually being said would help too.

  27. And who does that? It is not discrimatory behavior when your whole life your not treated equal, even today when we’re suppose to still be equal.
    The black community isn’t even accurately represented. Take the mainstream media as an example, we hear so much about the Casey Anthony case and before that the Jon Benet Ramsey case, but how often have you heard the media make that big of a deal over a black child being kidnapped?
    I mean, the most major representation we have is through these rappers who preach about life in the ghetto and being shot and robbing people and creating these terms like “balla” which is essentially a pimp, and what a pimp is is a man who has when have sex with other men so he can make money and then beats his “hoes” if they don’t get him their money. They not only create this image to todays youth that not only is the entire black community like this but makes it seem ok to want to be a “playa” (or a man whore, using women for sex) or “balla” and “pimp” (or man who beats women and forces them into sex) and makes it seem ok and like thats whats going to make them cool.
    Really, part of the way we also correct this problem is to stop misrepresenting entire ethnic groups and stop conditioning our youth to think this is acceptable and what they should want to be because its just what their going to carry onto their children, and where’s the freedom in that?

  28. middle class white gays are trapped by classism and racism both–they cannot build bridges easily with working class groups –especially if they are of color–it all goes both ways—if you search my video here–“tipping point” you can watch my interview with a young black woman genius/activist who says it all better than I do—

  29. right–however, until the gay community begins to support the aa community and acts to stop predatory lending and other bankster abuses which are much worse in black neighborhoods than white ones, no bridge is ever going to happen. classism is the way that the powers that be keep white/black separated.

  30. I agree–the answer to moving past it and healing is to STOP treating other people that way. Being discriminated against should never be used in defense of, in ANY sense, other discriminatory behavior. It should make you know better than anyone else just how unjust it is, and indeed makes you more at fault for knowing how wrong it is, how degrading it feels, and doing it anyway.

  31. ps–everything you say is correct about the way black people have been and still are treated in this racist country–how can we move past it? We can all unite despite what has been forced on us–and decide to build a better world together that is more diverse and loving than this stinking rotten system, and all the other ones that are based on bullshit religious hatred.

  32. first of all– i didnt say anything at all about the horror of slavery against africans nor about discrimination against african americans–indeed, I am a great friend of the african american community, nor have I ever been racist enough to suggest that the horrors of the past are over–because they are not–the war on drugs is worse than slavery, really–one in four aa men are in prison as a result of it–it is just a classist racist program designed to decimate the aa community–the aa churches made a decision to preach against their own gay children, though and to oppose full civil rights for gay people–that is a trap that will come back to bite them–there is a powerful bridge to be built between aa’s and the middle class mostly white gay community–without this bridge, both groups will be marginalized and disfranchised by the racist homophobic woman hating billionaires who own this government.

  33. Thats true and I can see what you mean somewhat but really how can any of us, regardless of race or sexual orientation, change that? I mean especially within the black community, and “black church”, because really the african american population has been raised to have to be on the offensive because in the United States is 275 years old and for only the last 40 years have we not have been discriminated against, and still are to an extent, just for the color of our skin. We are the Only race in this country that has went from being included in the constitution as only half of a person and forced to work as slaves and beaten and tortured if we didn’t obey the white man, to after that break and within the last century being told that we’re still not as good as the white man and aren’t allowed to shop in the same shops as them, use the same public restrooms, water fountains and even being forced to give up our seats on a bus and pushed to the back to give the white man their luxury.
    I mean, really Roseanne, how can you go to a group that’s recieved more abuse then any other in this nations history and say that “Not much time has passed since we treated you unfair but thats in the past so we’re all equal now”?? Its not neccesarily about gays with blacks but just this society as a whole. We can forgive and “come out of our boxes” but have to be given the chance to heal first, because honestly still in todays age just for a black person to hear any white person, regardless of straight or gay, talk about discrimination and include the word “black” then it does set off rage and that’s not discrimination but just centuries of injustice that we’ve recieved.
    How can we move past it?

  34. I’m not saying that–I’m saying that the black church does not recognize gay rights as being a civil rights issue, and that is to the detriment of the black church, just as racism is a detriment to the gay community–we all need to come out of our boxes and support freedom, and not religious persecution and hatred.

  35. ^She didn’t say anywhere that if you’re black, you’re homophobic. She was speaking to the well-known phenomena that is elevated levels of homophobia within the black community, as well as the support system for that homophobia and the much higher level of silence you must live under if you’re gay and black.
    I don’t know about this being an instance of comic genius. Part of me wants to believe it is because I can’t imagine someone who wants to stay famous being stupid enough to say what he said in front of so many people. But if it WAS his method of exposing injustice through comedy, why did he apologize? Apologizing is acquiescing to what you’re being accused of, so by apologizing it looks like he’s admitting he’s homophobic.

  36. Black america’s homophobia?!? The black community doesn’t have homophobia as a whole, there are just as many if not more actually from the white community, and even more then that from the religious community.
    How can you say that we are all homophobic just cause we’re black?