thinking about tracy morgan–

comics reflect reality back in society’s face–Tracy was just commenting on Palin, and the Republican and Mormon and Evangelical attitudes towards gays–its true that their hatred of their own gay kids is repulsive–and tracy nailed that.

   He is a comic genius–watch his stand up. I’ve never seen anyone better–including richard pryor or lenny bruce–he gets deep into a subject–drug addiction, being black, dysfunctional families, racism, and the sexual limitations of being male–he has said more than almost any other comic about these things–

  Comics go too far sometimes–at least the great ones do. He apologized, and is being attacked by every one on earth–but we have a need to destroy our bravest artists– because they go too far and too deep while exposing the rot at the core of our unexamined social contracts, and religious bigotries. 
   Tracy’s best characters are gay–he’s conflicted about it and the TRUTH is–the black Christian community is hateful to gays, and he is acting that out –exposing the dark heart–he is mirroring all those  black churches who took money from racist mormons to oppose gay rights and pass prop 8 in Cali.

–take a deeper look at the words of artists who mock hypocricy.  I grew up hearing people say they would kill their own kids if they were gay–two of my sibs are gay–that is why I have fought so hard–

  and– I will also keep fighting people who do not want artists to expose TRUTH.  The FACT that people think and talk this way about their own gay children needs to be exposed 24-7! 
  I know, as a comic–that Tracy Morgan was channeling the real everyday loathing directing at gay kids within their own hateful religious families–


  1. MegGriffinsHat says:

    This blog is a perfect place for respectful discourse. Thank you for creating & mantaining this blog. We need more voices like your voice. No bullshit … like it or not. I have always respected you for that. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, Thanks, for being the real deal.
    Roseanne 2012

  2. lets bring it here!

  3. MegGriffinsHat says:

    Roseanne, I should have given more thought to what I said in my post. I DO care about blacks, and all human beings. I guess I was upset at the words he used. If you knew me, you would know that I do not have difficulty with ppl of color. I think open discourse among all races is sorely needed. I pray for that day.

  4. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I understand racists and homophobes talk like that-some of my family members do it and it makes me sick that that they are like that. People are racists and homophobes because they fear gays and blacks for no reason,but like you say we are all a little like this we say and do the wrong thing sometimes. To make peace with it and ask for forgiveness is a step towards the light.

  5. PoeticJustice says:

    The ignorant mind sees what it wants to see, whereas he who looks through the eyes of truth will see reality as it is.

  6. the horses being murdered is god awful–its a hate crime for sure

  7. tricia lundberg says:

    love this perspective

  8. PoeticJustice says:

    I suppose you could be right but regarding me it must be hidden deep inside. I have been the victim of Fat discrimination and domestic violence and the good ole boy system at the prison I worked in but I have always thought that we are all on an even playing ground and have felt true hate only for my abusive exhusband and the powers that be who after I saved an inmate’s life by saving him from hanging in his cell was injured in the process and then thrown away when it was found I could no longer do the job being told oh well good luck in the future you don’t have one here in any capacity, I was a ranking officer and steller employee but that meant nothing so I lost my income for a year and ahalf and lost almost everything. I felt and feel hate and resentment for them but as for feeling that I am any better than someone based on race, sex or sexual preference I don’t and hope I never do. A person’s actions tell me more about them than any of the above mentioned circumstances.

  9. we all have a touch of all those things–to deny it is dishonest

  10. PoeticJustice says:

    Also I am not homophobic, racist sexist or any of the other terrible hateful judgemental type of person I say live and let live.

  11. bad public schools

  12. PoeticJustice says:

    I live in TN and ain’t nothing wrong with me! Has anyone actually heard a recording of this preformance? What was said word for word? Without it I don’t know how anyone can know in what context the the statements were used, to know if he is mirroring or just an asshole which is what I think I have never in my 50 years heard any resident of my state spew hatred like that under the guise of a “joke” unless they are criminaly insane and I worked as a Corrections Officer for 15 years so I have heard alot! Folks here are more plain spoken and don’t hide behind alleged comedy we tell you straight up what we think.

  13. i dont know if he knows how deep he went with this stuff–but I see it–you hear this stuff everyday from religious people.

  14. Thank you for your perspective, Roseanne. At first, I was saddened by his comments and angry with him. However, if this does start a dialogue in any community to confront their hatred and fear of gays, then what he said could actually turn out to benefit the gay community.

  15. Dear Rosseane I don’t agree with you on this. Why hasn´t he said so if he was just paroding Palin and the neocons? Why hasn’t he sent a stronger message to America explaining what he was doing? Why hasn’t he spoken against Palin and the republicans? He has just apologized in face of the reaction and in fear for his career. I really hope NBC fires him.

  16. RoseanneRocks! says:

    As a gay man, it hurts to hear that kind of comedy, but i think it’s a free country, and i don’t believe in censorship. I don’t need an insincere apology. I don’t need to be patronized or placated. Let him do his thing. It’s not for me, which is cool, cause i wouldn’t have been at one of his shows. I don’t think it’s going to fuck up a bunch of gay teens’ heads. I was a gay teen, and i didn’t want to kill myself everytime someone called me a sissy or fag–i guess i had a stronger sense of self. I’m sure his homophobia is a product of his programming from birth.

  17. …is crazy. I still love him… but really tho- what the fuck is wrong with tennessee?

  18. It’s amazing how quickly people’s opinions change on somebody based off something they didn’t even actually hear him say… to judge somebody on their stand up isn’t fair especially when you didn’t even hear it, but read portions of it online.

  19. he has given black america a moment of reckoning. He is God.

  20. he’s black, which is why you can’t understand him. I can. He speaks a language you have never heard and don’t care about, and that is fine, if that’s the way you choose to live your life–He is a comic genius, and incredibly well read and a fantastic writer.

  21. When Tracy’s uncensored on Howard Stern, he’s off the hook. Tina Fey isn’t stupid — she’s aware how good he is.
    Reminds me of Eminem who hasn’t changed, but perception towards him has. The knee-jerk reaction to taking his lyrics literally later caused many to eat crow.
    In a way, Tracy Morgan is changing the world with this.

  22. MegGriffinsHat says:

    I can’t tell if he is a good comic or not. I can’t understand him. Ever! He’s probably Southern Baptist … not that there is anything wrong with that! However, they are pretty homophobic. Hell, if they are gay, many do not come out … they keep it on the “down-low.” His apology was written by someone, but not him.

  23. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    hmm.. really? . upon your recommendation Roseanne I will take another look at him.. for the most part everything Ive ever seen him do on SNL or 30 Rock kind of left me cold.. and clips of his stand up , which of course were watered down for TV and the latter of course none of 2hich is his own writing..
    Watching my pal RuPaul being completely ignored / maligned or ostracized by Black Media altogether has given me a front row seat to have seen all the bigotry/ homophobia 1st hand he goes thru with his own people..
    But then of course by the same token ( pun intended) Ive also been around gays that were complete MK programmed racist assholes as well , so if anything, maybe Tracygate here will might start a dialogue and build bridges where none were before ..
    Yes, of course its obvious Tracy is a big closet case, as granny used to say “guilty dog barks the loudest” but so are tranny chasers like Eddie “AIDS Jokes” Murphy & LL Cool J who know the second they stop living a lie and get real about who they are , their fan base will abandon them..
    yes, ironically the Black church like the Catholics has the most closeted gays hiding within their own ranks..
    I dont want to censor or dismantle comics, I want them to be free to express themselves and like many of us after one too many , they have a slip of the tongue and get far too real.. but of course when the stakes are higher the penalty is greater..
    well like as you said once Roseanne and I still quote ,
    “… like kids who know they are gonna get in trouble for what they are about to say , say it anyways..

  24. never heard of him or this–do you have a link?

  25. racists and homophobes talk like that–southern white women plantation owner’s wives killed their own newborns if they were half black without a second thought, and their husbands sold their half black children as slaves–gay mormons have been thrown out of their own families as young kids and many of them kill themselves. none of tracy’s words even come close to naming the real level of racism and homophobia, and woman loathing that americans congratulate themselves for in their churches/synogogues/mosques every weekend.

  26. He is a comic genius–watch his stand up. I’ve never seen anyone better–including richard pryor or lenny bruce–he gets deep into a subject–drug addiction, being black, dysfunctional families–all comics go too far sometimes–at least the great ones do. He apologized, and is being attacked by every one on earth–no need to destroy our bravest artists just because they go too far and too deep while exposing the rot at the core of America’s heart. Tracy is obviously on the DL–his best characters are gay–he’s conflicted about it and the TRUTH is–the black community is hateful to gays, and he is acting that out –he is mirroring all those black ladies in black churches who are on the side of racist mormons who oppose gay rights–take a deeper look at the words of artists who mock hypocricy.

  27. off topic but not:
    Any news on Brent Whitehouse? Still an on going investigation? (Eight horses burned to death in an apparent anti-gay hate crime in Ohio) Anyone collected the Award money? Has Brent Whitehouse been officially released as main suspect?
    It will be interesting to see the media and the gay community reaction if it turned out that Brent Whitehouse committed these crimes himself. You never know maybe his mother is covering up for him, or maybe his mother is behind all this. I don’t know. It would be good to know the outcome after all it was blasted all over the internet and made many a headline.

  28. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I still do not like what he said-if my sons are ever gay i will stab them to death. Do mormons really talk like that?. Makes me sick.

  29. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    Tracy Morgan is about as funny as a truckload of dead babies and twice as stinky .. I have never heard this turd say anything funny and or relevant , just one big bland bag of blah… total TOKEN Black guy to star in “validate” ? more status quo unfunny white boy bullshit …
    TM is one of those Uncle Tom Jigaboo’s that other unfunny nepotistic Hollywood Honkies like Tina Fey like to parade around while kept on a gold leash in order to make them look less like the uptight unhip no Black friend havin elitist swine like the Sarah Palins of the world they “parody”..
    at least that Eva Braun bitch is real with her hatred..
    That being said, what I really despise is all this PC “tolerance” garbage that does not allow people to be themselves …. Say what you mean, mean what you say..
    If you mean to say “faggot” or “AIDS BAG” or “sodomite” when describing gay people, or that you would stab your own kid to death if you found out he or she was gay , then by all means , SAY IT. BE REAL.
    Oh and you alleged “moral vanguards” of Society , dont tell this person they cant say something because it will fuck up your bank roll or its bad for business, I say being yourself is GOOD for business..
    When a person acts like themselves, its mutually beneficial for all concerned , so that way , I know right where you & I stand Tracy Morgan when I am on door watch at the Fallout / Bomb Shelter & you come a knockin wanting to be let in..
    TM is like alot of IGNUNT ASS (alleged) Heterosexual Black men who is rewarded for being a total homomphobe because his programming has taught him his whole life to hate gay people , completely in line with MK Ultra programming to keep the 2 of the most oppressed groups in society , Blacks & Gays at odds with one another in order to make sure we dont unite and smash patriarchal slave culture that still exists in our nation today..
    Of course that “ole timey religion” and the Black Church that follows a religion that kept their ancestors held in chains for 400 years will completely validate their bigotry and hatred because its part of the mind control and the glue that holds all anti woman slave / rape / pedo BULL SHIT culture together..
    Completely IGNORANT of their own damn culture they have no idea about the number of gays and lesbians that went out in the streets back in the 1960 and got their heads knocked open by Bull Connor kkkrackers of the world so unfunny bougie assholes like Tracy Morgan could even sit in a fuckin lunch counter and have a cup of coffee without wearing it home..
    I say Bravo Tracy Morgan, continue to show the world how ignorant , unfunny, and hate filled you really are.. its helping others to bring out their inner Hitler as well..
    Living in NYC , I get upset when I hear people talking about racism in the South, as Malcolm X said “Stop talking about the south , as long as your’re below the Canadian border , your’re South..”..
    People are just as racist and bigoted here in NYC, they just hide it better because its “bad for business”..
    No more business as usual.. Thank You Roseanne for being real and encouraging others to do same..

  30. Tippy -Lite says:

    Tracy Morgan can take his “space rocket” and stick it far and deep.
    Or maybe that’s just it…….maybe it’s all about his little space rocket and where he’d like to stick it?

  31. Tippy -Lite says:

    Not to mention he writes for the london financial times….another MI5 controled propaganda tool….
    i should know…..
    they (LFT) threw one of my events that i did on the front cover as a hit piece……
    but i knew that ahead of time when i let the little asshole in.
    Unlike the BBC who we did not allow in…as they too would have loved to jump on the opportunity to slam what we were talking about.

  32. Regardless of his intent or personal viewpoints, he has a responsibility to thoroughly think through material before saying it…well, if he wants to keep his lifestyle anyway. He makes millions off of gay people and is likely employed by gay people, and I would think if he’s so committed to exposing bigotry and hatred against people that pay for the food that goes into his stomach and the clothes on his back, he would’ve put more thought into his material.
    Then again, he’s never really been remarkably funny on his own, without someone who’s already famous and funny making him seem that way. His carelessness in writing and deliverif this type of material speaks to his lack of effort and care that goes into his work in general.

  33. Lucifer Sam says:

    You have my full support in every decision you make.

  34. Mamet admires Palin because he doesn’t have a high opinion of women. Great writer who just so happens to write negatively of women in just about everything he does.

  35. Is that what that was? I don’t see it…not even almost. They were bad, unfunny, mean spirited attempts at jokes. They didn’t work. Saying you’ll stab your son if he’s gay isn’t even almost funny. It love Tracy Morgan and think he’ll be around for a while still, but you can’t work everything out on stage. He’s apologized, it seemed genuine and – for me – that’s the end of it.

  36. You’re probably right about Tracey Morgan. Being a funnyman he was just going for the laugh, (correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that quote directly from one of his gigs?), but so much of the internet is taken out of context that conclusions are jumped to where all that’s there is just satire and irony. Heck, look at how many people believe The Onion is real news.
    But the item that got me last week was David Mamet’s interview with the Financial Times (UK), in which he actually said he *admired* Sarah Palin–and he meant it! No satire or irony there! He said she rose from the ranks, so to speak, and “got things done”. How’s that again? Here’s you–you went from being a “lowly” standup to being one of the most significant forces in TV comedy and you did it without insulting people’s intelligence. Unlike, you know, Palin…? God, if a woman’s lack of respect for the intelligence of the common person isn’t swaying America’s most “intellectual” playwright, what is it? Her boobs?

  37. His “comments” came off more like his “opinion”…if it was a parody, the audience certainly didn’t see it that way. Given his other gay statements, it adds up to something NOT funny. I’ve seen comics do very funny bits on the subject but this? Sad and insulting, imo

  38. Where does one draw the line between mirroring hate in the form of satire and just going off on a hateful tirade? i have always embraced comedy that pushes the boundaries and crosses the line but tracy has appeared to use comedy as a guise for hate. i can not stand for that. and it breaks my heart. he was one of my favorites, but the statements he made are completely intolerable and disappointing. and while i’m well aware he’s made his apology, it’s too late. the hate that was portrayed in those statements, comedy or not, strikes a chord in me that says fuck no. i will not stand for this, let alone tolerate it. cutting edge does not mean cutting people (who are already struggling for equality) down.

  39. MiddleFingerGuy says:

    I agree with you Roseanne. Tracy Morgan was mirroring the hate–filled sound bites from society regarding gays. Morgan went too far. How many glbt teens heard his hatred? How many will this take their lives because of this kind of crazy-ass homophobic speak? One is definitely too many.