the more things are ‘integrated’ and ‘synthesized’

the clearer the total scam becomes.  This meditative friday 2 am is in los angeles–we will as Virginia Woolf wrote, continue to piece “the severed parts back together”.  When feminists (m or f) see the entire scope of Patriarchy and how it operates through terror and rape and war, the Big Lie at its heart will be exposed to Light, which will burn and remove it from this sphere.  Through our words and actions as well as our thoughts and our hopes and our meditation, we will as mary daly said, ‘Speak it into Visibility, where its Nothingness can be laughed to scorn by Hooting Hags, of which I am one.


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    It is 5am my time so i will try my best to get up on time. As a male femimist i need to do it for myself and people like us everywhere.

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    confronting inner dominating patriarch, as well as inner bleeding martyr. Taint pretty, even the most hardcore of 3rdwave feminists can get caught up in cultural/societal relationship manipulations. These olde roles, handed down mother/daughter via religion and pop culture, can be hard to identify, becoming well ingrained to the point of invisible.

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    womyn are indeed the most effective agents and enforcers of the patriarchy. We will also be the agents of its demise. See ya friday night….

  4. dashus christ says:

    Yes PJ I Agree w/ U and well put.!

  5. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    yes PJ your right and we need to look within ourselfs before we look at someone else. i can see myself in people sometimes good and sometimes bad.

  6. true that dude, indeed when sisters play dominater it extra sucks cuz they should know better.

  7. yea, it’s easy to see patriarchy working in the outer world ,but it’s going to take everyone having a look within to see how each one of us at one time or still is ,perpetuating dominater culture in our relationships, community and society, be it man or woman.

  8. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I will be there too. LA-2am 5am-ohio for me. See everyone there.

  9. Great!! I will send it too you via Full Moon & High Tide address. Will pop it in the post tomorrow(Mon). Depending on the Royal Mail, hopefully it will be there when you are in LA.

  10. a deeper look into the heart of the beast–would suggest that it is women themselves who allow their men to rape other women–and they have been brainwashed into acting that way by men’s Gods and Devils, by fear and terror and endless violence that keeps them in service to the masters of war within their own tribes.
    Women must wake up and remove their patriarchal religion mind control–and then there will be victory–women must cease supporting patriarchy, and it will fall–it is only held up by women–men are not able to be holder uppers. they are only defenders of what already exists–that which their mothers tell them to do, and what they show them–if your son sees an angry mother who beats him, he will not be on the side of women. being aware of the violence of women to their children is the real evolutionary leap–it’s coming now–women leverage their children for favors. women are pharoah. women are also the messiah, the Christa, born right now, born every saturday during meditation–a new kind of woman, human, goddess. synthesis.

  11. oh my god i would love it–love the author as well as her subject !!!

  12. Ladyjane Green says:

    LJG loves all fightsongs against the Patriarchy…. Will be there driving the stake into the heart of the Beast in La. The oppressive rapeculture of Father Patriarchy needs to be exposed and dismantled. May this message be heard loud and clear. Womyn of the world are not lesser beings, to be exploited by the economic caste system run by and for men.

  13. QuackQuack says:

    I have this great book by Hermione Lee a biography of “Virginia Woolf”. If you are unable to buy it in the USA, I will send the book over to you if you want Roseanne.

  14. Moon Shadow says:

    5am HI time?