tell obama NO! leave medical marijuana alone you liar!



  1. Ladyjane Green says:

    Dude, we loved this. I can only hope to be that stoned in my old age. End the persecution, because hemp is the solution. We sold out of our medical baked goods today, and the demand is growing! Maybe someday we will have dispensaries, here in Hi, but till then we’ll be out on the streets of Puna, doing what we do best. That is at least during daylight hours.

  2. Tippy -Lite says:
  3. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I am just like the rest of you on here i am not for this. I also facebooked and tweeted and will not stop saying no.

  4. dude…then i burned one down.

  5. Tippy -Lite says:

    u r cute.

  6. i laughed and cried

  7. that was planned, if folks are methed out of their minds, they dont care about family/home/community/ planet..that way they dont need FEMA camps..most of us are locked down with addictions.

  8. Moon Shadow says:

    Not sure who’s leading the cause right now. Roger Christie has been involved since the 80’s, but not convinced he’s not a greedy little capitalist, and his ties to Serge King (complete PHONY who LIES about his genealogy and claims false knowledge of Huna, a new-age spiritual capitalist asswipe).
    I have a sneaky suspicion our own Lady Jane Green may be able to weigh in on this one…
    I know the county turned down millions in federal funding in the past to protest “green harvest”, but not aware of any individual or group that is now taking on this specific cause.
    This aggressive illegal federal program was also directly resopnsible for the EXPLOSION of meth on this island.

  9. monday was a bad day for puna. two helicopters one (yellow) had some tube hanging down i thought it a camera ,one dude says they spray some tox from there. there was weird fumes but hard to tell as a modified squall was moving in at the time. i have my legalities under cover from the rain. i wish i could complain but chinese astrology for the dragon this month says don’t get involved with the authorities, won’t end up on the winning end. don’t want to end up in fema camp. do you know who is fighting this locally?

  10. Tippy -Lite says:


  11. Now that pisses me off! Everytime I go to the dispensory I’m afraid that it won’t be there next time. That’s no way to live. Let’s go a step further and legalize marijuana. The government can tax it so that they can spend more fucking money in the Middle East.

  12. Moon Shadow says:

    Yes, this is how to fucking spend our money. ASSHOLE!!
    The raids in Puna are the fucking WORST!!! Haven’t lived on that side in over a decade, but they were BAAAADDD back then, but I’d heard they stopped for awhile. What’s the scoops LJG?
    If I lived there now, I’d consider suing the feds! They used to buzz/hover around 50-75 feet through subdivisions. Real smart with all the PTSD vets living there.
    Signed and forwarded!
    BARR 2012!!! FIX THIS SHIT, NOW!!!

  13. LET US TOKE! : )

  14. Lucifer Sam says:

    Signed and done!

  15. Lucifer Sam says:

    This is just Barack Obama’s attempt to break UN laws. Because just recently Avaaz just finished a successful petition to end the war on drugs and that passed all the way to UN secretary-general. So this is just the Presidents backlash.

  16. dashus christ says:

    yes they Are.

  17. those bastards.

  18. signed , forwarded and PISSED…that was my last straw
    BARR 2012

  19. twistedmonkee says:

    signed! obummer! WTF!
    doesnt he have more important things to worry about! he must stay awake all night thinking of ways to screw over the people who need the most help! who is paying this guy off?
    we need roseanne 2012!!!

  20. signed. this is getting ridiculous. obama is going back on everything he was elected for.

  21. Signed!!!!!!

  22. are you friggin kidding me!!!!
    JUST SAY NOW!!!!
    signed and forwarded……..
    judas priest, this makes my body ache even more…..
    Barr ’12 Barr none!!!

  23. Ladyjane Green says:

    Signed, sealed, delivered, facebooked and twittered.. whew…. my finger hurts lol