syria is torturing children to death:



  1. we should have by past up libya,saved our powder for syria,iran,and sudan.as far as the children go,it is a terrible thing they go thru in some of these arab countrys but it is world wide abuse,and is right here in good ole merica,just look at what the dems. are letting the rep. do,make them dumb,as in no money for ed.,make them hungry,as in take away there lunch programs,feed them hormonal food,take mom and dads retirement fund,give them lead painted toys from china,feed them chick nuggets from chicks with legs so small and breasts so big that when they unload them,they roll em down a ramp where they land feets up,and then they just pick them up by these tiny lil feet and kill them to put in with a chinese toy and hand to you at the drive up,with back seat full of over weight 5 yr olds.

  2. Cruelty against children is going on in untold numbers now – one minute an ‘expendable’ 8 year old girl is sent in to blow up a place and the next people from India are changing them into boys… http://wishididntknow.com/2011/06/27/300-girls-turned-into-boys/ I wish there was a way to protect children – they make it impossible costly for us to adopt them or even become foster parents, there has to be some kind of ‘hate crimes against children division’ at the Hague somewhere that we can roust out of their feather bed and get to the real business of protecting them!

  3. Lucifer Sam says:

    Alex Jones, strangely knew this was coming about a week ago, when he reported that Obama approved the military to send in heavier armor to syria and libya. We’re gonna have alot of angry muslims on our hands if we’re not careful.