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  1. and I don’t know what ‘kanaka maoli’ is. David W. the food guru, was invited to spend time with the Hawaiian natives that people on the mainland know nothing about. He is a raw beegan. After his honored and rare stay with these Hawaiians, they were inspired to eat & live his way. David W’s response to them was continue living as they do …… not to refrain from meat eating, cooked foods, etc. Because attitude is more important. That’s the lesson I got from his story anyway. :D

  2. Moon Shadow, you rock..i give you my total respect.i wish i had the inner strength and willpower to get my rational side to overpower my addicted side. that is one of my main goals in healing because i know , with all my heart, that esp. in the days of radiation in animals and crops..vegan is the way to go, esp.if your producing your own foods in green houses.
    i dont think that we say yes to torture and killing, we just are so used to getting things at KTA or Safeway that we have little if any connection to our food. we may not even care how it gets there; thats part of the numbing and dumbing plot.
    Im also not sure that all cultures that hunt see animals as property rather than a being to be thanked for giving sustenance. unfortunately i know more that a few do see animals as noting but commodity.
    i too get the pigs were brought here , as food, so is it wrong or right when the great grandchildren of people who brought them here , continue to use them as food?
    i think its my first kabbalah lesson its not good, nor bad, it just is.
    again all this said with respect to you and all reading this.Like you, Matriarchy beats my heart, and i like you know, soon things will be very different. Peace IN

  3. the last thing I’m interested in is a food fight ;D Hey, I wish we could all live on sunshine, salads, fruit & chocolate.
    Of course, if a person eats animal flesh …. torture is off the menu & gratitude on it.

  4. Moon Shadow says:

    “sorry, i can’t help but ask, are the no kill folks all vegans? no kill no torture ???”
    I can only speak for myself, but yes I am a strict vegan, over 20 years now. Yes, no kill, no torture. Why would anyone ever say YES to torture and killing – ANY torture or killing…?
    It is not the fault of the introduced species who was BROUGHT here. There is a humane way to deal with ALL introduced species, but why would a culture that views animals as property want to spend any time or money to act compassionately.
    I believe in a Matriarchal society, there would be a return to the “old” ways, with much respect and reverence for ALL life.

  5. Moon Shadow says:

    “Some people’s bodies’ need meat,…”
    Sorry, but that is complete bullshit. Fact is fact and that is simply BULLSHIT.
    The treatment of animals by kanaka maoli was and is historically based on a completely different spiritual connection and respect for ALL life. Animals were respected and not packaged as “bacon” for the spineless masses that cannot confront or challenge their brains to look at what the fuck they support – TORTURE AND VIOLENT SUFFERING DEATH!!!!
    The vast majority of my friends and family ARE kanaka maoli and DO eat meat, but they are by far more gracious and appreciative of alternatives than most of the Euro-trash immigrants (myself included in that endearing group).
    I respect others choices, but relish confronting hypocrisy based factless arguments.

  6. ‘Roseanne’s Nuts’

  7. The look on Johnny’s face is priceless when he sees your mouth packed full of Mac Nuts. Congrats on ‘Roseanne’s Nut Farm’. It will be popcorn night at my house for sure.
    Jake is quite the handsome young man (smart too). And yes, tell him to pay you back the 5k! :0> if he’s still smokin’.
    Tippy Tupac, did u make that video …. omg …. hilarious
    Some people’s bodies’ need meat, sorry to the Beegans & Vegans. Native Americans & Indigenous people eat/ate it. Even David W. says some people need meat & he’s a Beegan, food guru at that ;D

  8. The clips were great! Glad to see I’m not the only one who seen the parody in the shows title, “Roseanne’s nuts”. Was thinking earlier its going to sound kind of raunchy hearing people say “Have you seen Roseanne’s nuts?” “Can’t wait to get home, I got Roseanne’s nuts saved on TiVo” — anyway, I’m sure Roseanne’s nuts is great and going to be a must see! LOL!

  9. Hope that pig wasn’t murdered. I got pretty scared there. I had to pause it. Other than that, I can’t wait to see you on the tube again.

  10. I can’t wait for your show.. Then I hope you write another book weaving in more about your life in Hawaii and your wit and wisdom. Thanks Roseanne.

  11. Thanks for the link. Looks awesome! Can’t wait!

  12. twistedmonkee says:

    cant wait for the show, you are just hilarious and REAL!!!! lovin it!

  13. sorry, i can’t help but ask, are the no kill folks all vegans? no kill no torture ???
    as a mostly vegetarian whom leaves during kill time-i mean this with no dis-respect, but why would the natural act of hunting an animal that tears apart gardens and kills trees and plants that should be there while spreading non endemic rubbish plants & then feeding it to your extended family many of whom are jobless and maybe homeless, cause anyone to need a therapist? Death is horrible. and hard to watch.
    but when we dont see it..the butcher person/chicken& turkey factories, the field worker getting sprayed with toxins, are we depriving our therapist of our how our food got on the table angst?

  14. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    can not wait to see your new show is what i meant to say. oy vey i need to work on my typeing skills.

  15. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    thank you roseanne for telling kara to stop being mean to me. i am sorry for the typos on this thread, sometimes i just type too fast. can not to see your new show, and i want to let you know that promos for it are airing all over the lifetime channel. take care and i hope you have a good week.

  16. WOW!
    freaky Mauna Kea explosion, what the hell is this? i cannot find an answer. this came from APOD site. (Nasa’s Astronomy Picture of the Day)
    check this out: http://www.cfht.hawaii.edu/~kanoa/ball/event.mp4

  17. i love that Moon Shadow! NO KILL!…sign me up~ the pig clip was a bit disturbing, how the sistah (WAS that a woman?) says ‘i like choke em out first’ WTH? Glad to hear the pig was let go…cuz we might ALL have needed to see our therapists. While raising my sons here (Waimea) we used to rescue baby pigs, ones that fell in pools, or were somehow trapped. Great fun and a good lesson for my sons. I used to work up at Pohakuloa, and certain times of the year they have pig and sheep eradication. Helicopters flying close to the Mauna Kea ridge line and SHOOTING animals! Leaving them there to rot…you could HEAR the gunshots from the Air Traffic Control tower, where I worked….quite disturbing, I’m certain it still goes on….

  18. Tippy -Lite says:

    P.S. This reality show will be the only TV i watch this year….
    Looks like a pisser…
    i’ll have to go to a neighbors

  19. Tippy -Lite says:

    Gurl, she aint just dancin….
    Home-Gurl is “Crip-Walkin”…….

  20. dashus christ says:

    I LOVE the sneak preview-can’t wait for july 13!!!

  21. dashus christ says:

    Yes this video really kicked in my Funny spot also!!!-Thanks Tipi
    Love how you say it LJG!!!

  22. Ladyjane Green says:

    bury those pigs” like a G”! this was my pre eight oclock crack up! loved the gangster animation w r doing the dance moves. Now who just spooky- sipped my OE forty ouncer? Urban blight can yeild urban delite! thanks fer the wake n bake crack up.

  23. Tippy -Lite says:

    in the words of John Travolta in Pulp Fiction “Bacon tates good”.
    Although i know Roseanne would never kill another being, animal or less than………
    we limped and laughed our way thru I-movie and came up with this idea that Roseanne falls asleep and goes on a “Pig Jihad”…..
    warning: foul language and dead pigs..

  24. I love Your QUEENS WAVE at the end! Can’t wait to see the show and will tell all my 58 yr old “elderly” senior society bitches to watch as well. Maybe they will get up off their Bridge Playing FooFoo Botoxed asses and get busy after watching you in action Roseanne.

  25. Lucifer Sam says:

    Her name is Laura Clemens from Colorado Springs.
    *Sorry, I didn’t put her name up the first time. I thought the link that leads directly to her.*
    This is the link that leads directly to her:

  26. no meanness to others is allowed here. we are all buddies here.

  27. I can NOT wait to see this show. Makes me want to move even further out into the country (and Im pretty out there now.)

  28. Really? You are Roseanne’s friend? So you know her in person and you’re not just some random fan who posts comments on her blog? I doubt that.

  29. Lucifer Sam says:

    My mother made me feel comfortable most of my life, so I like to think of my hand in this being an extension of my mother’s hand. She’s a good mother and raised me well.
    Thanks for the positivity!

  30. Bout time we see the woman behind the famous Roseanne Connor character. YES!

  31. ha super cool! I think you’re really much to do with this work it is good to see that you feel comfortable! Greetings to your dear son, 0)

  32. Lucifer Sam says:

    Hello Roseanne and fellow Roseanne Blog friends,
    My mother is selling AVON. She is new and is a very kindhearted woman. AVON funds and supports by selling AVON walk merchandise, Pink Ribbon products, Empowerment collection, and hello GREEN tomorrow! She would really appreciate any purchases you make and she would love to be your AVON representative.
    Thanks, I’ll try to keep from taking attention from Roseanne any further.
    Sincerely, Lucifer Sam

  33. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    roseanne i posted the link for show first but all is forgiven since your my friend and the star of the show. i was just trying to do something nice.

  34. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    roseanne i posted this link first dont i get a thaank you or did you nor know i did that? i posted the link under the blog topic for the show. but all is forgiven since it is your show. i was just trying to do something nice by posting the link.

  35. Moon Shadow says:

    It was effective. Can’t wait to see more…

  36. Lucifer Sam says:

    I’m so glad you posted this, I saw it a little while ago. Haha Roseanne’s mowing them down, I see symbolism in this politically and spiritually.
    Awesome, I can’t wait to see it!

  37. i’m no kill–and its about culture shock too

  38. Moon Shadow says:

    “i wondered if it was too much–but it is real–”
    I DO agree with you on this. Especially when it plays out you didn’t let them KILL the pig. Many will have similar reactions and may make new choices when faced with the reality of their packaged “bacon” (what a pretty word).
    The show will be GREAT!! I expect strong, raw, REAL shit that is forced down our throats.

  39. Moon Shadow says:

    … I want to build a 10-20 acre no kill animal sanctuary here. It is my next project.
    My heroes:
    I’ve always found it one of the saddest realities that so much compassion and awareness towards violence, rape, murder, genocide, molestation, and abuse of children, women and men… yet there is never the clarity to connect all violence, including the torture and needless murder of animals. It is really quite astonishing to me.

  40. Moon Shadow says:

    The ending was a bit of a cliff-hanger… you did let it go? YEAH!!
    Yes, I know, I have seen many different approaches and many hunters blah blah blah.
    I could see the horror in your eyes, and have been in that situation HERE on Big Island, so it kinda brought me back to the SOUND!! Just wasn’t expecting to see THAT.
    Yes, it is REAL shit you have to deal with.
    Violence, any violence, turns a switch in me. I know a time, in the not too distant future, we will look back with utter horror at our consumption of animal flesh. That time cannot come soon enough for me, but until then….

  41. Dancin4Joy says:

    Roseanne – they cut the clip at where you said you think you need to call your psy to get through it.
    Son visiting n smoking… you said you gave him money to quit and I agree he should pay you back cuz if he just used the money to buy more cigs that’s messed up. Especially when he said he was glad he had a rich mom or something like that… you want him to see a better life that you’re building there on the farm cigs are just slow suicide and Monsanto probably has loads of chems in them. I know – tell him you’ll pray every time he takes a toke on a cig he hurls cuz he’s basically free-basing tons of monsanto chems and his body will want to hurl it out. That kind of thing works – planting an idea of getting nauseated and sick and chemically toxified in a gross enough way will cause them to stop, I’ve seen it work. Read up on the chemical symptoms and tell him stuff like, ” Oooh now yer getting nauseated and now it’s going through your lungs so your oxygen levels are lowering as we speak and pretty soon your heart is going to start fluttering and your stomach acid will build up and.. ” Record it and send it to him to listen to whenever he wants to smoke you can cure him yourself! =)
    Scene of you mowing down trees n stuff… was that brush you were mowing down made by Monsanto? I was so worried when I saw you huggin up against the thick brush like that – so many critters like snakes and spiders that could jump out ahhh BE CAREFUL!
    Pig Scene… I am glad you made them stop when he got the blade out, I had to come here to find out you stopped it but as you know from Torah consecrated land doesn’t have spilled blood on it so unless they were to take it away – butcher it somehow and spread the gore from it around the outside of the property to warn off other critters, there wouldn’t be any point to it.. transplanting.. better idea than killing – a less violent way Ive heard about is that some people do that idea of surrounding their land with predator urine mixed with prey urine etc as well so when the animals come to that point they think something died and go the other way (basic explanation) An example of that is spraying cat urine in the entry of a crawl space that smaller critters are inclined to get into
    This is going to be so awesome!! Be careful out there!

  42. my friends in Kaupo ranch catch them, cage em and fatten em up…to eat later..they do it all themselves and they are kind of small women. would rather eat that then factory pigs or cows any day. at least they know whats not in it ie antibiotics/hormones/ whatever stuff there fed/etc.
    it was culture shock for me too, but my experience in a chicago meat lot was beyond shocking…

  43. i wondered if it was too much–but it is real–

  44. its our footage –its hawaiian farming reality and me trying to deal with it–

  45. did you see me let it go? that was a bit of culture shock for me too–but that’s what the people do up in the mountains–they eat the pigs-

  46. Moon Shadow says:

    Just saw the pig scene…. that was so violent and depressing. I feel nauseous.

  47. way cool…when the barge dont come them pigs are gonna be like gold, until then get those kolohe hole diggers out of the macs!

  48. bwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!, that’s some funny shit…..good on ya……love that we “choke em out”…….the pig….gnarly shit huh?

  49. I cant wait!! :)

  50. Moon Shadow says:

    So how would you describe the series? Eclectic? Political? Farming? Social Issues…? All of the above?
    The cinematography in the opening is stunning. Wasn’t sure it that was the production company (GORGEOUS if it was) or stock footage.