sneak preview of my new show:



  1. I can’t wait to see the new show. My question is about mac nuts. Why the hell don’t they put more mac nuts in Planters Mixed Nuts? I love’em and there’s never enuf!

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Thank you- i always feel welcomed here. Did you know Roseanne,s Nuts will be in HD?. Can not wait to check it out.

  3. dashus christ says:

    Hey Chris,Don’t worry about sean-We @ RW know you’re very smart and always Love what u blog, You are a most kind and sweet man!!!

  4. Snitch! LMFAO ROFL “Tell Kara to stop being mean to me”, how old are we? LMFAO ROFL

  5. Moon Shadow says:

    My partner was also kanaka maoli and supported my spiritual reasons for being vegan and was predominantly vegan.
    Chicken skin – big time! Go for it… ;)
    20 years ago it was SO difficult, but it’s actually quite easy now. I have a number of “classics” that even the most devout meat eaters cannot tell is vegan. I LOVE food and do not compromise on taste being vegan. I have an entire cookbook (the Uncheeze Cookbook) with insane alternatives to dairy (ie miso paste on tofu wrapped in cheese cloth for a few days.. INSANE!!!)

  6. me too Moon Shadow i totally love the dialogue already, and the shows not even out yet…
    now i must share kind of a giggle…i’m all up in this conversation here, when my kanaka partner suddenly announced, “i want to go vegan.” and she was not reading over my shoulder…ahhhh chicken skin

  7. now that is a hard working granny! you go girl!

  8. Roseanne I TOTALLY LOVE the scene of you and your son on the swing and he said he ‘had some of Roseanne’s nuts and…’ you are giggling yer butt off it’s sooo great! The season starts in Mid – July but when will it be done by? (How many segments did you get?) I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to ‘own it’ lol. (ITunes or Amazon or ?) Hopefully they’ll give a decent price ‘for the season’.
    PS: Did you notice on the ‘behind the scenes’ of Oprah on OWN on the show with the cast from SNL they were talking about JBelushi undermining and not wanting to give the women any writing/concept credit??? I think it’s still airing if you missed it.

  9. Moon Shadow says:

    ….but “food fights” are such good fun. ;)
    Food consumption and the removal of native diets (as Crazy Horse has commented in the past regarding the buffalo) is Cultural Genocide plain and simple, and continues to be a major factor in increased death rates among ALL indigenous populations around the planet. Animal protein is a part of that dialogue, but not the only factor. Poi (mashed/pounded taro root) is a better example here in Hawai’i. It relates to water rights issues, land, and ECONOMICS. We should ALL be eating TARO!!! It is an INSANE food and eaten in many parts of the world. Check it out at your local market and give it a try. ALL parts of the plant are used and there is a cultural connection to the taro plant that would take a new thread to discuss..
    The statement I challenge as FALSE is that some humans “need” meat. That is not true.
    Discussing Native rights and cultural diet is a far far cry from the reality that is an industry of slaughter and torture. The pretty “packages” that Aunti referred to.
    Just my mana’o (opinion)…. :)

  10. Moon Shadow says:

    Forcing any indigenous group of people to alter their native diet is Cultural Genocide, and I would never support that. I do agree that there is a need to remain “connected” to the food we eat. Local organic GMO-free, supporting local farmers. Many (obviously not all) would immediately become vegetarian/vegan if they actually did have to kill the food they eat rather than the packaged “hamburger” and “pork chops” you find in KTA.
    This whole thread tangent started based on my reaction to the video promo for Roseanne’s new show. Even the kanaka maoli wahine (Native Hawaiian woman) had a compassionate “method” of killing the pua’a (pig). Another blogger mentioned urine around the property, which can be very effective.
    The video wasn’t about Roseanne hunting pigs, it was problem resolution to address the damage the pig was causing, and they’re fucking SCARY & AGGRESSIVE!! I’ll have to wait and see exactly how it turns out, but Roseanne confirmed the pig was NOT killed.
    The show hasn’t even aired and already, I’m impressed with the dialogue that is taking place.