the lizards, vampires trolls and pedos are losing!  people have the power!


  1. Ladyjane Green says:

    Great video, inspirational shite needed in an era where spirit, and inspiration can be labeled as dangerous, terroristic, etc. people are tired of being used to support the satanic agenda of the elite aristocracy. They are the same, dems, repigs… I am voting for” None of the Above” Barr. As for a fourth of July Revolution, well its about time! We the peeps are being treated as if we all are the ” untouchables” here. It is with great disdain that they (WarPigs, you know who you are) appropriate the money of the people of the U S of slay! We the” regular” people are a liability at this point, cuz were broke, forclosed, maxed out, and have no more to give. We are an old broken down “whore” in need of retirement. Too bad our “pimp daddy” Uncle Sam just cant stop tryin for more $$$. Well, i for one, am getting ready to go” Aileen Huernos” on his ass. Sorry so Graphic, yall. This vid got my irish up, and im not alone! Peace to the People of Earth. The Firehorses are Ready….we have been since 1966…. Just making it into this incarnation was a struggle! Learning the hard way, but still learning

  2. Everyone is predicting a revolution. In my interview with economist Dr. Ravi Batra, he predicts a revolution at the ballot box — all incumbents who receive money from big business will be voted out of office.
    He has been quite accurate with is predictions.
    I love the music in the video link Roseanne posted.
    Here is my interview with Dr. Ravi Batra:

  3. If a vile beast forcefully stomps up to your hut and starts smashing what little shelter you have and stealing your food in order to buttress their own fortress and feed their gluttony… do you peacefully offer them a flower?
    The sort of sociopathic minds that orchestrated this entire takeover from the people to a an insidious cabal of barbarians are not going to give up what they’ve taken peacefully.
    They have power because they control the tools of authority, ie. military & police. What I find intriguing about this video is the implication that former military need to join together and use their skills to fight back. When the police in Wisconsin joined in with the protestors, I wondered, “Could this be the tipping point?”

  4. Nomadic Seeker says:

    Namaste Moon. I totally honor your words and intentions. I am not offended. My heart smiles at your passion. I really am so happy you are talking to me. I probably should have been silent…but I want to change. I am not afraid to be wrong. I am not afraid to be rebuffed. I Love it. It is good to be with people again.
    Rosanne, Thanks Again for the use of your soap box.

  5. Hey buddy have you got a dime?
    I am from the US but am in Micronesia for a while. I am a photographer and an ICU nurse but volunteering my time here. I thought I was coming to help a country. After being here a while I have learned a number of things. In 1992, this country entered into a compact with the US and with this compact, Micronesia gets 92 million a year. There is some GNP but most monies generated by this country come from tuna licenses totaling 12 million dollars a year. The haul from the tuna licenses that total 12 million dollars that are sold to China, Taiwan, USA, Korea and other countries is over 2 billion dollars. So why do we, the US tax payers pay out 92 million a year to support this country when they could easily increase the license fee by 10 fold and become self supporting? There is no impetus because we already support them. This is what is draining our country, our freedom.
    From the numerous fundings like this our country is hemorrhaging and taking our future with it. The local US embassy has admitted that Micronesia has one of the most corrupt governments they have encountered but still we pay. Where are our rights, our freedom to choose? Micronesia is just the tip of the iceberg. When do we, when will we say no more and invest in our country and our future as a free nation that is governed by our will and not the will and desire of foreign governments and by politicians reaching deeper into our rapidly emptying pockets?

  6. Thinking about so many things after watching the video and reading the posts so far.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson’s grandparents lived in Concord, Mass. in the Old Manse which is near what is known as the Old North Bridge and the scene of an initial battle in the American Revolutionary War. It was said that one of the windows in the house was cracked by the sound of gunfire during the battle.
    Emerson would later write his Concord Hymn which began with the now famous lines, “The shot heard ’round the world.”
    Emerson was the best of friends with Henry David Thoreau, of Walden Pond fame. In fact, it was Emerson’s land that Thoreau lived on while he stayed at Walden Pond. It was Thoreau who would write “Civil Disobedience” which influenced Ghandi and later Dr. MLKjr.
    The irony here: It was this non-violent resistance–born out of the city of Concord, Mass, which ultimately led up to THE next revolutionary shot heard round the world with the assassination of Dr. King, who said, “…I may not make it there with you, but I have been up to the mountain top, and I seen the Promised Land…and WE AS A PEOPLE WILL GET TO THE PROMISED LAND!!!!”

  7. Moon Shadow says:

    didn’t intend to come across as confrontational or aggressive. talk of revolution can have that effect on me…
    peace and love and light to you and L2. ;)

  8. Moon Shadow says:

    “We fool ourselves if we think revolution is bloodless. MLKjr did not draw any blood…”
    MLK did not draw blood? Can’t spill more blood than being MURDERED!!!
    Again you state something I never said. I never said the path to peace will NOT be wrought with violence, you and L2 seem to focus on the violence. I find it interesting that most pacifists let their FEAR go to the scariest place, violence and DEATH!!
    I know what I wrote and my intent. I did not misspeak and don’t find L2’s post worthy of any defense. I was just stating my opinion and find L2’s post the antithesis of revolution, pacifism.
    I will feel empowered after we’re able to produce enough guillotines and buckets for the bankers heads!!!
    There will more than likely be violence, but who is at that is well-armed here? Who has the fucking military? Just which “innocents” will be killed? US!!!!! The revolutionaries, the Roseannearchists!!
    Sometimes it’s a good thing to ask ourselves, what are we willing to die for? Most would give their life for a loved one, but is there no injustice that can invoke the same visceral response?
    No cowards need apply. Everyone reading this post immediately KNOWS if they are an activist or a pacifist. Do you CONFRONT racism, sexism, homophobia when you SEE it, in the moment? OR do you sit in a bubble and believe that your positive thoughts and being a good decent person is enough to affect real CHANGE.

  9. Nomadic Seeker says:

    In defense of L2’s comment about violence; I think she/he refers to the numerous revolutions already happening around the world and not a single one has been bloodless. We fool ourselves if we think revolution is bloodless. MLKjr did not draw any blood but many protestors before, during and after that time have been beaten and bloodied by the police force. We can revolt in peace…but that won’t make it peaceful. Besides I am already bleeding over here… what are a few more drops.

  10. To be honest, I was sorta planning on hopping on a plane to the furthest point in Mexico and drifting back slowly. Maybe in a week or so. But if this sort of thing REALLY took hold on July 4th, sure wouldn’t wanna miss it. :)

  11. To be honest, I was sorta planning on hopping on a plane to the furthest point in Mexico and drifting back slowly. Maybe in a week or so. But if this sort of thing REALLY took hold on July 4th, sure wouldn’t wanna miss it. :)

  12. Moon Shadow says:

    Well, it definitely made my day and “perked” me up. Who needs pharma when we have RW. There’s no pill (to my utter disbelief) that can make you feel THIS.
    Get your camera ready…. :)

  13. Nice! I don’t know anything about the dude that made this… but I found it encouraging that perhaps if the passion for REAL change like this were to spread… who knows… perhaps we could forge a better world.

  14. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    MLK created the most positive change in my lifetime and he was non violent. You couldnt be more right Moon.

  15. Moon Shadow says:

    Are you serious? That is EXACTLY what govt SHOULD be for!!!
    1. The overthrow of one government and its replacement with another.
    2. A sudden or momentous change in a situation.
    Sounds like the path to PEACE. Peace does not equal pacifist!! Revolution does not equal violence!! You referenced violence, NOT me. Telling though if you go right to VIOLENCE. Who are the innocents?

  16. How about we just sneak a bunch of estrogen (or testosterone-blockers) into the water supply? Sounds better than a bloody revolution where innocent people die.
    No seriously, here is the answer: people have to take back their power. This doesn’t mean fighting anyone — it means taking responsibility for all actions and outcomes, and not relying on govt services to bail you out of any problems. Once people feel empowered, they won’t let anyone get away with power trips and mind control, etc.

  17. Lucifer Sam says:

    It’s time to fight, it’s time to yell, it’s to shatter the false peace before the storm of Congress trying to control our every move. WE THE PEOPLE will put the Constitution back into the hands of the WE THE PEOPLE. We will protect it through any means necessary from the hand of Congress! If Congress wants to play games, we will play “Keep the Constitution away from Congress”!

  18. Moon Shadow says:

    The spirit is our conscience. To achieve the intended result we, the PATRIOTIC Americans, need to LISTEN.
    Enough talk and enough pacifism!!!
    ACTION & REVOLUTION are the only options with a viable outcome!! A small minority will lead this revolution and the slave class will join and revolt for the only change that will save our beloved and cherished Mother Earth!!!
    We need WOMEN in power in the US (BARR 2012) and in power across the globe!
    We need an end to all war NOW, and a new reign of PEACE will follow.
    We will lean on our maoli/indigenous elders and grandmothers to guide our spirit. The “old” ways will save us.

  19. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    The REVOLUTION is almost here! Too bad John Lennon didnt live to see it and help lead it. Join the Revolution with RoseanneBarr 2012

  20. Lucifer Sam says:

    Just saw it! Very inspirational! There is a spirit in America that can never be defeated no matter how much Government tries to run it over!

  21. Moon Shadow says:

    thanks for the link Skip and for posting Roseanne.
    The ultimate INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!
    REVOLUTION CELEBRATION for the death of fascism and birth of the MATRIARCHAL WORLD ORDER, before the Patriarchal world order destroys Mother Earth!
    BARR 2012!! RIGHT ON!! WE CAN!!