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We do not allow trolls or vampires or bible bangers here, nor racists homophobes woman haters ron paul extremists nor apologists for patriarchal pimpdom.


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I am glad to be here and know a lot of people. Thanks Roseanne for kicking bad people off this site. Now i can feel safe.

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    you are a nice person, and i am glad i know such a kind human being.

  3. I am new here TODAY… please keep me ! I love the “Roseanne” show… I just found you on here. I am a 43 year old mother of 3… breast cancer survivor.. who would have never done the chemo knowing now what it would do to ME.. I was “terminated” from a position I thought I loved.. from a company who is supposed to be about “family”.. I found out diff… real quick.. I recently lost my mother to MS.. I hope I can find some peace & much needed love here ! You Rock Roseanne !!

  4. Ladyjane Green says:

    Oh how we love this space! Precious and few are the places where we can go to ask questions and hear the Truth, as painful or joyful as it may be. Roseanneworld has been a life changing experience for LJG,( and the girl calked meat). There is a feeling of community here that cant be faked or shaken. We are real people, behind our avatars and nom du guerres. We have feelings, emotions, passionate ideas, and plenty of skeptical cynicism bred by “the MAN, who exists to crush our Dreams!”( thanks Jack Black, School of Rock). Thank you R, for this verbal park we all get to play in…. True leaders are into” showing by example” You give hope to the people out here in the tropical jungle, as well as the Urban jungle! Keep on Rockin in the Free World! Healing the wounded World is our priority, starting within ourselves and radiating outward. Meditation and purposeful good deeds are our weapons. By helping each other, we help ourselves. Win- Win sitchyation, that breeds further considerate actions. Lets just see the ripple effect in action, of one small good deed. The battle of Good Versus Evil and Light versus Dark is all too real. our main weapons, Love and the capacity to care about others in a tangible
    and meaning -ful way. Aloha will win in the end, but
    we have got to get it together!

  5. Good move, Roseanne <3

  6. Seems respect is what you are asking for, that everyone treat each other with. I guess the concept escapes some and while there are degrees to this, which makes life interesting, I think there is a line that we all know we cross unless we have done it for so long, that the line has been moved for some into the red zone of being a troll to life in general.
    My religion: do no harm.

  7. Your an excellent Life Teacher Roseanne and we are all lucky to learn from you. Thankyou for sharing yourself with us. I will be 58 in August and I have made it a point to learn something new everyday and coming here and reading yours and others posts I feel honored to have that opportunity to be enlightened.

  8. I certainly do not blame you. I bet you get some scary stuff.

  9. well i am none of those things in fact soon my second season of the Braddy Earl Show will be on Oprah.com and on youtube i will be talking about something that was very hard for me to come to terms with in an upcoming show..its because of people like Oprah Roseanne Rosie O’donnel and others that i learned you can be famous and talented and NOT be an A hole! that you can use your celebrity for good of all people..thanks i will continue in that tradition..

  10. Thank you Roseanne..for sharing your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, ideas, experiences..and allowing us to participate as well.

  11. HarryPotHeadJr says:

    I’m so happy to be here!
    Roseannearchy 2012

  12. Lucifer Sam says:

    What dashus christ said!

  13. u 2!

  14. dashus christ says:

    In my humbled but also proud opinion,this is the best blog of the entire web o sphere!!-i always look so forward to coming here 1st thing every day(which LJG has stated many times also).Roseanne keeps us so well informed on all issues w/ all of the other main contributors as well.I’m overjoyed to be a part of this wonderful community/home she has made possible for Us ALL!!!-and Roseanne’s mind opening/awakening Powerfully cleansing MEDITATION that She shares w/ me and everyone who partakes in this eye-opening experience of Awareness!!!-i Love You Roseanne and always Thank You for everything you have done and remain doing!!!

  15. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    I cant tell you how lovely it is to have a safe place to speak my mind! Barr 2012