proof that my platform is sound!:



  1. joaby.boaby says:

    I’m for the decriminalization of marijuana as a recreational drug, and agree it’s ridiculously easy to see the benefits of making it legal in terms of how it could revolutionize healthcare and boost the economy. It’s high time (pun intended) that the cautionary myths surrounding cannabis which were invented by the US government imo be put to bed, and the truth be told! This isn’t a harmful drug, you can do more harm to your body with fast food than with the recreational use of mary jane. :(

  2. twistedmonkee says:

    I thinK most people who r against this measure traded their common sense in for a healthy paycheck FROM THE TAXPAYERS!

  3. Moon Shadow says:

    Yes, how can you argue with COMMON SENSE solutions. The ONLY sound platform I can support!
    Hmmm…. let’s all follow the money trail….
    We need dispensaries in Hawaii, NOW!!! We need some Puna farmers to increase production, NOW!!!! ;) (u hear that LGJ)

  4. twistedmonkee says:
  5. twistedmonkee says:

    Marijuana does wonders for people with all types of disorders. The unfortunate thing is that the drug companies are paying the docs to hand out all of these drugs and giving them incentives to do it. When most of the crap they give you has more side effects then what you have already, then they load you up with another pill that takes care of the side effect! its absolutely ridiculitis!! Not only do we need to override the government, but we also need to override the number one entity in america….the dreaded drug companies that are making a fortune on making us sick. and the docs are to afraid of losing their licenses to give referrals for compassionate care….WE NEED A REVOLUTION, WOMAN!
    BARR 2012!! Save us from the suffering!

  6. Lucifer Sam says:

    Marijuana is probably my number one reason for supporting you, forgiving student loans and free college are second to that. There are just some many uses for marijuana! The reason marijuana makes us feel so good is because it has so many good uses. It’s one of nature’s miracles! BARR 2012!

  7. yes my mum has multiple sclerosis and it would be so great to give her medication has! I hope time and time again the fact that it is legalized in America and I could get her in shape pills! I do not need to hope that I get them in Germany because I get the never! The whole drug from the klinic is a distressing side effects bad for them and and and …. while it could help the hemp plant as well! It is realy bad to as one’s own mother is so bad even though there could be as simple things ! I mean clearly by the hemp plants will not come out of the wheelchair but a piece of the far to improve matters a good life already!
    I hope you can read this i write with a translator!!