patriarchal pimpdom

runs on bullyism and religion.


  1. Lucifer Sam says:

    I wrote a letter to the company GEFNET, the owner of the company is Greg Fultz, the man who made a billboard out of revenge in Alamogordo, NM about the abortion/miscarriage his ex had. He replied saying I threatened him and he would call the authorities on me for saying “You haven’t heard the last of this, and I’m not the last person you’ll here it from.” I’m not scared of the coward known now to be a Patriachal demon named Greg Fultz.
    Above is a link to the company, go to the “contact us” section of the page and if you wish write a letter expressing you’re disgust of the billboard and of the harassment he’s made on his ex.
    I refuse to let bullies get away with harassing anyone, especially women! Together we can end this bullshit one person at a time, if that’s what it takes!
    Greg Fultz will be attending court very soon regarding his harassment on his ex. But the people who have had to bear seeing this billboard still need to have their SAY!

  2. urbanteach says:


  3. Moon Shadow says:

    and FEAR!

  4. The feds have departments for both! The department for religion is also known as the judicial system which won’t say which religion one can practice but will do everything possible to regulate how worship can take place—Also, for the bully department that is also known as the IRS which will come in and not only put liens on everything that the average joe owns, and then come to take it and sell it off and after that throw your ass in prison and they will do this more simple and minor shit too such as a filing error in their system that already takes a trained professional just to understand, and the only reason for this is to make sure that you know there is a boundary between the average joe and the rich CEO’s and philanthropists of this country that keep politicians careers alive. Its completely classist! (The way you beat them at that though, and its what I described in another thread as well that I’ve done is when they come in and want to start putting taxes on shit that’s the same if not greater value then what you could even sell it for, then start giving the shit away to people instead of giving in to Washington! There’s no law against free! I’m hoping for a class war, I want to be front and center for this shit because its got absolutely out of control)
    And on that note I found this that relates, I hope its ok to post it here but do you want to know what the rich elitists of this country actually think of poor people? This is one website that is owned by Koch Industries that describes what they consider the 7 distinctions between a rich person and a poor person. I mean some of these things have a point but all poor people are not actually like this, its completely fucking classist unregulated capitalist bullshit, especially number 6 which has an underlying message basically of being a sellout!!
    So here are the 7 main differences between rich and poor people…
    1. Rich people believe that they create their lives while poor people believe that life happens to them. Can you see why rich and successful people are able to create amazing results in their life right now?
    It is simply because they are in control of their lives. They believe that they are the ones who is responsible for their lives, they are the ones who is creating their future, not the economy or the knowledge or luck.
    On the other hand, poor people will always give excuses and blame on the circumstances. When they failed in their business, they will blame the economy, their boss, their family or anything that did not go according to their plan.
    Whenever you believe that life happens to you, you will lose the power to change and the power to control your future. You must believe that you’re the one who is creating your future, not other people or events.
    2. Rich people play the money game to win but poor people play the money game just not to lose money. This is a big mindset difference.
    Have you ever seen people invest in the stock market? Some people are so afraid that they will lose their money and they form a mindset that blocks their creativity. They formed the mindset of ‘investing not to lose the money’.
    However, rich and successful people know exactly how they need to think in order to win the game of money. They will think and act from the view of playing the game to win. Unlike poor people, they will never invest just not to lose the money.
    3. Rich people think and focus on opportunities while poor people focus on obstacles. When you face with problems, what are you focus on?
    Are you focus on the problems, thinking how bad the situation is going to be? Or are you focusing on the solution and thinking about how you can solve or even turn the situation into opportunity?
    Think about this carefully. No matter who you are, you will definitely face with all kinds of choices in your life. And when you need to decide to move on, try to notice on you thinking, what do you focus on, the solution, or the problem?
    4. Rich people dare to dream big, poor people think small. When I tell my parents that I want to make a million dollar, they will tell me, “Why do you need so much money? You can live a very good lifestyle if you got a job that has a good pay. You don’t need to be a millionaire.”
    I don’t know about you, but this statement happens to me all the time. And I definitely believe that poor people will tend to think small while rich people always think big.
    To poor people, they will think that rich people are greedy because they always think big. Is it true that you are being greedy if you think big? I don’t know if I buy this, but to me, I’ll think of it as a waste if you’re not using the resources available (your thinking) to you at full.
    Don’t you owe it to everyone around you to create a better life for them? Don’t you want your family to live good? So think big and create the abundance lifestyle for these people right now.
    5. Rich people are committed to their dreams, poor people are just dreaming about their dreams. Yes, this is an obvious one.
    If you’re not committed to be rich, you can never be rich. How many times have you heard people say that they want to be rich, but they never do anything about it?
    This is the mentality of poor people. They will just think about how good it is going to be if they are rich, but they will never do anything about their dreams. They know that they cannot afford a luxury car if they have a low pay job. The thing is, they never do anything to change it.
    On the contrary, rich and successful people are committed toward their dreams. They will do whatever it takes, in the boundary or moral and ethics of course, to achieve their dreams.
    6. Rich people associate with rich and successful people. Poor people will associate with poor people. Do you have any rich friends? Or all of your friends are poor?
    I’m not suggesting that you need to stop making friends with poor people, what I’m suggesting it, try to get to know more about rich people. The more you mix with them, the more you will think like them. And if you think like them, you will start to create amazing results just like them.
    If most of your friends are poor and their working salary all are below, $2,000, you will be having the same range of salary most of the time. However, if you associate with rich people who are making $2,000 in just a day, you will start to see the possibility of what you can accomplish in your life.
    And this will change your thinking of what you can achieve in your life. $2,000 will become a small amount for you once you changed your mindset about money.
    7. Rich people good learners while poor people think that they have learned everything in the world. One of the fastest ways to be financially abundance is to learn directly from people who have already achieved this status.
    And if you’re not willing to learn, you will never be able to be successful. If you want to get the best pay, you must be the best. And the only way you can be the best is to learn from the best and learn to be the best.
    You now know what are the 7 main differences between rich and poor people. Do what rich people do and try to avoid the adopting the mindset and habits of the poor.

  5. Lucifer Sam says:

    More patriarchal bullshit. This comes from my hometown of Alamogordo, NM where Greg Fultz makes a billboard harassing his ex for having an abortion, when it turns out she had a miscarriage. Yet Greg Fultz still does not take down the billboard. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE BULLYING OF MEN TOWARDS WOMEN!

  6. Lucifer Sam says:

    Listen to this song… It’s so beautiful, she’s from my old hometown Alamogordo, NM.

  7. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    point well taken!

  8. dashus christ says:

    This is where the age old adage is true-it’s not the size of the weiner that counts.-the obsession is the same.

  9. lots of big weinered men are a bunch of assholes too

  10. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    Religion is code for mind control by tiny dicked men who want control. Tell them you dont believe in God and watch them froth.

  11. “The priests’ used me as a club so often that people now mistake me for the club… if they knew me at all, they would know that I would have taken that club from them and smashed their f’ing heads in.”
    From the book Waking Up Jesus, about a liberal Jesus appearing in Chicago all pissed off.