obama worse than bush–he is a total slave of bankers


The Bankers and Criminal Nazis who own the United States of America are such psychopaths that they actually enjoy tormenting the taxpayers.  They enjoy laughing at them too–like the way they used to laugh at and humiliate the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto–by only giving them food on the Holy Days that call for fasting–and they purposely picked a dark skinned man to act like the President of the US, while they disfranchised all black citizens.  Irony is their highest idea of ‘humor’.  


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    People enjoy seeing people hurt, it makes me so sick. People are only your friend when they want something and then they tell you to fuck off after they get what they want. I have been played by people like this and thought a lot of people was my friends when they were not-and i have family like this too. Roseanne what can we do to stay aaway from people like this? what if it is people in your family?.

  2. reptiles are real and so are vampires and zombies–crack heads all!

  3. Do you remember back during the Enron scandal… you know the one that Bush & Cheney were sort of linked to and the hammer was about to come down just before 9/11 and it all just conveniently went away?
    Well, during that whole thing there were some recordings of Enron frat-boy fuck-sticks who were laughing it up about how what there were doing was going to shut off grandma’s heat, etc. They were just laughing maniacally about it and how much more they were going to be able to do. Made me sick to hear fellow humans taking so much joy in causing pain and profiting from it.
    When I think of the conversations that these banksters, oil men, military contractrors, and politicians have in the cigar rooms… I imagine it sounds just like that recorded conversation with the two Enron psychopaths.

  4. Lucifer Sam says:

    They are probably criminal lawyers!