obama was chosen to preside over the total

dismantling of the black working and middle classes by big money racist criminals.


  1. Well, isn’t that the truth, Roseanne. We are all bearing witness — seeing it right before our eyes. And it isn’t just Black and Brown folks, it’s all working class folks, no matter what colour.
    You see what’s happening in Wisconsin – the birth place of unions and working folks.

  2. urbanteach says:

    Amen. More importantly, those who helped break union are those who benefit by them. And as many Americans fight for scraps they still blame the union as the culprit. Here in Chi town now run by Rahm, a failure to give a contracted raise (most teachers are a okay with this) is really a dirty little effort to open our contract to strip it bare. And our fearless leader used it as an opportunity to lam blast the teachers… like we caused this f’n mess? Our our backs up against the wall well enough to make meaningful change?
    None of the Above 2012!

  3. Reality is what exists and right now reality is slave wages = breaking unions and quality way of employment which started on 911 .

  4. I thought the White House was built by slaves.

  5. Lucifer Sam says:

    It’s what he learned to do in college, no doubt he brought that filth into the white house right under our noses. He wouldn’t have a house to live in during his 2008 Campaign if it weren’t for a criminal.

  6. Do you ever use the word Traitors in your country? If so who are they?