1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    everyone is welcome for the link. and thanks dashus for calling me nice, you are too hon.

  2. dashus christ says:

    TY Chris this Is Very Nice of u to post this link-Yes i Love it-It’s GREAT!-SO Excited to see The Whole Show!!!

  3. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Hey everyone i just saw previews of our friend,s show and bechuse i am such a nice person i will post the link here. you will love it and i can not wait to see the whole damn show. http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/roseannes-nuts/video/extras/roseannes-nuts-sneak-peek-apocalypse-now

  4. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i have not seen commercials or magazine ads yet. thanks for letting me know.

  5. I have seen the commercials for your show & love it already.

  6. ahhh I want to see it ; 0 )! I will then fly to America look the show and then I fly back to Germany just 14h ; 0) I hope it’s a repeat in November harvest thanksgiving, I’m in america!
    you’re awesome!

  7. SHOW EM YOUR NUTS ROSEANNE!!!!…….onelove, cannot WAIT to see you living your life on our island….maluhia~

  8. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    can not wait.

  9. joaby.boaby says:

    I’m wishing you all the success of your last show with this new show, R! Can’t wait to see the domestic goddess in action again. xo