mary daly shot the Beast straight in the Heart

and it fell dead.  This I told her the last time we spoke. you are all of it–you are the christa.  I kissed her hem.  I told her about the kabalistic power of 2011—this year —the year we begin to focus on ourselves and not on the men.  mashiach!  let’s fix our own lives and stop listening to men, especially those who are idiots and perverts and complete greedy sociopathic Satan lovers.


  1. Well, I feel like a piece of crap now for calling him a Socio. I was angry & hope I’m wrong. Family Squabbles when a declining parent is in their last years …. are common & emotions run rampant.
    I need to clean up my own backyard! I’ve probably been as hateful to myself as any Sociopath could ever be.
    I still need to read Mary Daly’s books.

  2. yes, he’lll receive an equal share of the inheritance …. if my Mom doesn’t spend it all before her life ends. He didn’t have the same plans for his siblings.
    He’s ‘the guy’ who shows up at the restaurant & just happens to forget his wallet.
    He worked in the L.A. television industry for years, a producer at FNN. He also made infomercials. Maybe this is when he learned how to be ruthless? Don’t know for sure.
    I looked up to him my entire life & it’s a huge disappointment to realize he’s probably a Sociopath.
    I still have some sense of loyalty to him, so won’t list other reasons for why I think he’s a Sociopath. He didn’t kill animals as a child or anything like that. He was a kind brother to me, growing up.
    Right now I’m angry at him, but know in time this will simmer down to empathy for his lack of compassion & care for others.
    I’m his extreme opposite, which isn’t so great either. Generous to the point of giving it all away. Think I’ve finally wised up though.

  3. well, your sense of fairness has to include him im sure at some point–good work though!

  4. You are so right Roseanne. 1 man i’ve known my entire life…55 years & another man i’ve known 35 years shocked my world this year. Myself & other people realized they are both Sociopath’s. I think Truth * Justice proved today, to be on our side. We slayed 1 of them. Took away the power & control he had stolen from my sister (over the family estate) bwah hahahahaha. Now all 3 of the daughters are Co-Trustees & Executors. He loved to stomp his spoiled manly foot & remind us he is ‘The Patriarch’ of the family, blah blah blah. Having 3 women in charge of the $$ etc. is his worst nightmare. For one, he disdains our sense of fairness. Well, being a Sociopath, he wouldn’t understand fairness….unless it applies to him of course. 1 of my sisters recently bought a T-Shirt … “No Man, No Problem”. It’s just that season! Sorry guys, don’t take it personally.

  5. You are right about Mary Daly. She was an “A-Mazing” Woman! I was thrilled to be able to talk with her and to share my ideas while working on my M.A. in Women’s Studies and after. She was a force period. Through her, I met Helen who had translated Mary’s work into Korean. She later discovered a very important Korean Goddess–Mago. Helen has a closed discussion group –The Mago Circle– going on fb and I dare to say she’d be more than happy to have you join.