lying democrats:

always say Clinton was a great president–but the fact is, he was a terrible president who sent our jobs away under NAFTA.


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I liked Clinton for passing the bill for gays, but he is a dickhead for taking money and work from the poor class. He was better then the bush men.

  2. Lucifer Sam says:

    I would have placed this on the ballot, but I already voted after I thought about it. I believe we are going to need an amendment which protects the Constituion itself.

  3. Lucifer Sam says:

    we have so many laws in this country now, this is off topic, but I’d like to discuss whether it’d be a good idea to make an Amendment stating: In the case that the USA has so many laws that it becomes unconstitutional to have such laws, every single Law, Bill, and Act should be over ruled by the Constitution and stripped from the country’s Justice System leaving only the Constitution and Declaration of Independence as the skeletal structure of this country to further re-create new Laws, Bills, and Acts that are Constitutional.

  4. Well, you are having quite an interesting discussion here Roseanne.
    Ask a Black or Brown gay person what is more problematic for them: racism or homophobia.

  5. yes I agree–and let me tell you that even getting that ONE black family on there was hard–tv is totally segregated–they like blacks on a specific network and whites on another one–the issue is integration, which I attempted, but the facts are that their ‘demographic studies’ tell them that whites dont like to watch blacks and blacks dont like to watch whites–and that is what they go by–marginalization. by the way, we had two black families over the years–but race was a fight i could not win, though i did try–since I myself had black people in my own family–but was not considered by the tv folks–as someone who had any kind of ‘right’ to discuss black people! its all terrible–

  6. Its a subject that, oh buddy, I hate getting started on but honestly even in the film and TV industry how much have blacks even been represented? There’s the ‘Cosby’s’ which of course would have to be an upscale family, doctor and lawyer raising a family in a posh NYC townhouse. I guess its unspeakable to say a black family could be middle class. And then every other show has very little—including and I’m sorry to say it but the Roseanne show too! I know that Roseanne isn’t racist by any means and even had an episode talking about racism but just look at the cast and the set up and the way their portraying culture. In the entire run, the show only had ONE black family and in the last season they disappeared and when the characters would be going around enjoying the luxuries of the rich, all of the characters around them are all white. I mean, what’s that about. None of us colored folk can have the ability to have money?

  7. Well that is of course unless its a black brother from the hood that wants to rob a liquor store or shoot a white boy and then the local news will give that a little bit of coverage but besides that unless its in a rap video then the media doesn’t care too much for black culture, or how they misrepresent it.

  8. The media doesn’t even come close to presenting two sides to a story. The media is bias and special interest centered — nothing more and nothing less.
    And, I don’t even what to get on how the media portrays Black and Brown folks — who by the way, don’t have any stake in the “media”, including Huffpost.

  9. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    Isnt it our job to weed through the medias BS and find the truth?

  10. There are a lot of lying Democrats — this is a huge problem. And the so called liberal media doesn’t raise these issues, so there (the media) is/are guilty/complicit, too.

  11. Yes, I agree about Clinton not being a good president — this is a misconception. Aside from outsourcing, he increased funding for mass incarceration — which is a travesty.

  12. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    Hey made sure the world knew a woman he wasnt married to sucked his dick for him while in office and gave away our jobs. Whats so great about that?