I pray that all of the Black Americans who are losing

their rights and their gains and their homes, will join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the mormons).  They are a righteous group of folks.  Their church is based on socialist principles…ten percent off the top from all for the work of the church–(communist thinking).  As a result, they are able to supply their church members with cradle to the grave protection, a vast social safety net that guarantees protection for all.  If you are hungry, come to Zion, SLC Utah, and join the righteous Mormon Church.  It’s Presidency must immediately meet with me for more of my fabu ideas on how the Mormons can actually save the US constitution, which is hanging by a thread.  

  I also encourage all the suffering US indian tribes to join the Mormon church too–you will be well cared for!  As soon as the mormons begin to share their wealth with the poor American people, the faster the US government will be encouraged by the Romney-ites to supply single payer health care, trust me.  As soon as Walmart has to pay the health care of its employees, the faster they will instruct the Congress to pass universal health care.  
The Mormon church is instrumental in blocking socialistic legislation, at the same time that it encourage its members to live a socialist reality.  


  1. Ladyjane Green says:

    survivors! whoops! these phone letter keys oh so small!

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    thanks fer keepin her words alive ….”There is nothing like the sound of women really laughing”m. daly and thanks for keeping us survivor of the” patriarchal purge” laughing too. i felt her in your post…” Women are silenced/ split by the embedding of fears”m daly.

  3. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Ok thanks for helping me understand. And your right but do i really have to tell you that?- you know because i have been a part of this site for years that i agree with everything u say. And that makes sense abount the closeted gays.
    Got it friend. Telling the TRUTH is a MUST.

  4. im saying that dishonesty is not good- and that sometimes closeted gays are woman haters.

  5. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Sorry let me clear up what i was trying to say in my last post,and what i was asking. Are you saying gays should be out and open abount being gay?. And that the woman haters are really gay people?. I am confused

  6. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Wow roseanne so help me understand this please. Your saying be OUT and Pround of being Gay?, and that woman haters are really gay guys?. Plese help understand what your saying.

  7. im waxin a tad for mary’s memory today

  8. Ladyjane Green says:

    Love it when yer” waxin” incendiary.

  9. Ladyjane Green says:

    “The real attack on womens rights comes from male religions. ” By RoseanneThe Truth is Told. The Patriarchal religions instil lifelong inferiority and subservience in all women unlucky enough to be “chosen, or blessed” into one of these slavesystems. Lessons of inferiority/self hatred taught at the pedophelic papal kneeler are carried through life in the guilty actions of life in fear of an angry Male god. We say Bullshit and Enough to the Kristian and Katholic Kabal that lives to enslave and dominate all freethinkers, of all genders.
    Barr 2012…… We can still Dream, cant we, or is that next on the list of terroristsubversive activities, Having a mfkin Dream?