hillary tells alice walker not to go on the flotilla to gaza:


SAIL ON SAIL ON SAIL ON! –leonard cohen;
hillary–protect the us citizens aboard the flotilla!:
it’s Bibi that threatens Israel’s existence:


  1. QuackQuack says:

    Typo: I have been reading about that. Also, been reading @USBoatToGaza tweets.

  2. QuackQuack says:

    I have been about that. Here is a photo of the Greek Armed Commandos. http://twitpic.com/5jooqf

  3. via Simone Davis: @PhilBlackCNN
    Phil Black:
    Armed force has now boarded larger patrol vessel. @USBoatToGaza passengers telling them everyone unarmed and guns not necessary. #flotilla2

    The Greek Coast Guard has stopped @USBOATTOGAZA after about 15-20 minutes of sailing.

  5. “Irish flotilla ship will not sail to Gaza due to extensive sabotage”

  6. Quack, Quack, Facebook is where I get lots of my relevant articles — the news feed.

  7. Non, je ne suis pas sur FB
    Roseanne: Post office said “If your lucky it will arrive Friday, otherwise Monday”. Ref: V. Woolf Let me know when it arrives, I want to see how long it takes!!

  8. Quack Quack, I was just going to post that one — are you on my FB page. LOL.

  9. “The ship, due to carry Greek, Norwegian, and Swedish passengers to Gaza, was found with its propeller shaft broken, the ship’s spokesman Israeli activist Dror Feiler told Haaretz.”

  10. Glen Greenwald’s piece on Hillary’s comments:

  11. Moon Shadow says:

    So QQ, now that I realize you are “across the pond”, is this receiving substantial coverage, or just your own internet research? I used to live in London (until I was deported) and was impressed with the coverage as compared to the US as well as the knowledge of political happenings around the world. Something most in the US don’t bother to educate themselves on.
    “Pastor” John Hagee is a nazi wrapped in a satanic shroud.

  12. “We play an excerpt from a press conference when State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland is repeatedly questioned about the Obama administration’s threat, but refuses to answer whether the U.S. considers the Israeli blockade of Gaza to be legal.” ~ Democracy Now
    Democracy Now — Obama adminstration warns of fees and fines and even incarceration for those who go on The Audacity of Hope.

  13. Lucifer Sam says:

    Well there he is! The anti-semitic flase prophet himself… funding the Israel Law Centre, who in 2008-2009ish claimed the holocast was only propaganda lies to keep America in line.
    We’re doomed if we can’t overthrow these mother fuckers!

  14. QuackQuack says:

    “Israel Law Centre behind harassment flotilla funded by homophobic End Time pastor John Hagee”

  15. QuackQuack says:

    Just a tad off topic:
    “The Israeli Diamond Industry is preparing to participate in a huge way, its largest, at the forthcoming JCK Show – Las Vegas. IDI Chairman Moti Ganz said, “The US market is recovering and we are pleased to see that the demand for diamonds is rising. About one-half of the diamonds sold in the US are Israeli diamonds”

  16. Tippy -Lite says:

    There’s a reason for leaving from Greece. If you don’t veer left or right, you can land on the shores of Gaza without going into Egyptian waters or Israeli waters…..
    In Cynthia McKinney’s case, Israeli war ships torpedoed their boat anyway, and left them to sink and die.
    The only reason we get to hear this tale, is because they did not indeed die, and mostly because an “international CNN journalist”…. Was able to get his voice heard on European radio, telling the real story of how Israel is destroying ANYONE who brings aid to the suffering masses of Gaza.

  17. Moon Shadow says:

    Your links are better than ANY coverage I’ve seen. Keep it coming. Don’t think we’ll hear about this in the mainstream until Israel attacks again, so it’s nice to see the events unfold, and hear the TRUTH about what is happening.
    Greece is fucked and is bending over for anyone and everyone. Should have left from Sicily, would love to see Israel try to fuck with the Sicilians!
    So many heroes. Any blogs, facebook or tweets you’ve seen from the heroes on the ships?

  18. QuackQuack says:

    “Israel warns media over latest Gaza flotilla”
    “Israel may ban journalists aboard planned aid flotilla for 10 years and also seize their equipment, official says.”

  19. Moon Shadow says:

    “War and fighting are NOT instinctual to the human spirit……..It has been programmed into us.”
    Word up Tip! This can all end NOW, right fucking NOW!!!
    The ONLY way, I mean the ONLY FUCKING way this is EVER going to stop is when the collective comes to the consensus that the PATRIARCHY has done this. Done it ALL!!
    The breeding males need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up and SERVE the matriarchy. Acknowledge they fucked up, ask for forgiveness and put the guns down, NOW!!

  20. Tippy -Lite says:

    My mom was tweaked for her entire life because of her young experience in a war torn place. Aside from the plain o’l brutality of war, she also suffered from starvation which took place in the form of “sanctions”…lasting over 5 years.
    She lived her life with PTSD and raised all of us under those mental faculties.
    My point is, does anyone know how long this US supported war in the mid east has been going on and better yet, does anyone know how long these country’s have been sanctioned?
    Since Desert storm over 20 years ago.
    People, this is the same war.
    20 yrs.
    Packaged differently, but the same.
    Can you believe it’s been going on this long?
    Can you believe that we have allowed the innocent civilians of a country to suffer starvation and more for over 20 years?
    Does anyone know what this does to a decade of people? What kind of children are going to be raised by traumatized damaged souls?
    Go see the traumatized people from Reagan’s “operation condor”….of Guatemala..
    20 years later…the people sooooo broken,
    …they do not smile….
    No matter how it is packaged, war is the decimation of souls and the almighty spirit…..
    ask an American Native, they would know.
    War and fighting are NOT instinctual to the human spirit……..It has been programmed into us.

  21. Tippy -Lite says:

    Women can stop this blood shed.
    Bravo Alice Walker
    Boo Hillary

  22. Tippy -Lite says:

    and I’m not trying to change the topic of this thread because Gaza and Peace are very important topics to dicuss.

  23. Tippy -Lite says:

    “Despite the intervening woman’s movement, the results are very similar to those found when the same question was asked of Americans in 1941.”
    so if that shit is true, it’s only because the Bush Admin rolled back womens rights for 8 years.
    I heard a “Catholic Doctors for Choice” speak at the capitol some years back, and this young doctor spoke and said that in med school for instance, medical students were then (during bush) receiving hundreds of hours of schooling on “vasodilatation” and related studies to be better prepared for the ‘Viagra sales’ that would later be expected to consume their practice. He also said that women’s studies and needs which most people understand as far more complex, were being cut down to half that of their classes for men’s health studies…..
    Just sayin

  24. Tippy -Lite says:

    Thanks Dashy…
    I must post this twice…
    survey has it that we will follow in China’s footsteps and have plenty of destitute American boys for Imperialist fodder.

  25. dashus christ says:

    This Is True Tipi- and Your new look is appealing!

  26. Tippy -Lite says:

    Of course War-Hawk-Hill wants peace activists to stay out………
    she plays a mans game which is War……….

  27. QuackQuack says:

    Palestinian blogger

  28. QuackQuack says:

    Complaint against US boat threatens Gaza voyage
    “Israel has pulled out the stops in trying to get the flotilla to stop before it begins by threatening the Greek economy,“ said Ann Wright, a retired State Department official and former Army colonel who is the main organizer of the US boat to Gaza. Sitting in the lobby of the noisy Athens hotel, she added, “Greece is caught in the middle. There is tremendous public support for the flotilla, but the government is getting pounded by the Israelis.” Not naming her sources, Wright, visibly exhausted from a year of organizing for the flotilla, contended that “Israel is going to try to sink the Greek economy if they allow the flotilla to sail from Greek ports.”
    Read more: http://www.thenation.com/article/161633/gaza-aid-flotilla
    The Irish boat is reportably out at sea now.

  29. Gaza TV News: Arab ship to participate in flotilla to Gaza.

  30. Frank Barat
    The French ship to Gaza, ‘The Dignity’, has just left Corsica. French MEP is on board, other VIPs TBC. French Government did not block the boat. This is 1st victory for the flotilla. The flotilla has begun!

  31. Moon Shadow says:

    Same shit, different faces.
    Sellouts with no moral compass, no heart and NO common sense.
    (thanks for the links QuackQuack, always expect to see Kucinich on the common sense side)
    BARR 2012!! FOR A NEW DAY!!

  32. QuackQuack says:

    Six Members of Congress Call on Clinton to help “ensure the safety of the U.S. citizens on board” the U.S. Boat to Gaza

  33. yes and post it here on the blog–front page

  34. Thanks for sharing Quack, Quack.

  35. QuackQuack says:

    “Alice Walker: Why I’m joining the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza”
    “Pulitzer prize-winning American writer Alice Walker is on board an international flotilla of boats sailing to Gaza to challenge the Israeli blockade. Here she tells why”

  36. QuackQuack says:

    “Anti-Flotilla video fraud has links to PM Netanyahu’s office, official Israeli hasbara agents”

  37. Hillary Clinton is giving Israel the green light to attack this flotilla.

  38. I will request an interview with Alice Walker — this is huge to me.
    Yes, something not good may happen and we will all be bearing witness.

  39. I sure hope Alice Walker gives government the finger. I can’t imagine her doing anything else.
    Government doesn’t currently have the solutions, so a peaceful attempt like this one is okay in my book.
    One must gamble, occasionally, to win.

  40. So Americans are protesting restrictive policies in international(?) waters. I’d be curious to know who these people are. Anne Curry? Barbara Walters? 60 Minutes? Let’s get on it!

  41. My common sense is don’t tell my neighbors how to run their lives.

  42. QuackQuack says:

    For those who are NOT registered with Twitter, use
    Type in: #flotilla or just flotilla
    #flotilla2 or just flotilla2

  43. QuackQuack says:

    “Freedom Flotilla II, comprising ten ships carrying 1,000 activists from 20 countries prepares to sail to Gaza.”
    Twitter: #Flotilla2

  44. QuackQuack says:

    Twitter: Follow #Flotilla

  45. QuackQuack says: