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GET ME ON THE BALLOT–i will stop these criminal dems and reps!:

You are very welcome Roseanne! This has been therapy for me… Below are the petitions for you, Roseanne, to get on the Ballot in each and every State in America. Even the District of Columbia has a petition even though Maryland is already listed with a petition.

I will now be moving onto creating the facebook questionaire polls for the nominees of each super-state!

New Mexico:















North Dakota:

South Dakota:





New Hampshire:

Rhode Island:


New York:




New Jersey:


West Virgina:

North Carolina:

South Carolina:

















District Of columbia:

I stopped at ss10 because I didn’t know exactly which names were supposed to go on the ballots in ss11 and ss12. If you could provide a list of the names altogether for ss11 and ss12 that would be a great help. I just need all the names for each super-state in one list for each.

Below are the ballots of ss1-ss10. When they are all done, I and/or we can send them to each facebook address for all the facebook individuals on the ballots… see how this would work more quickly?

Super-state Parliament #1

Super-state Parliament #2

Super-state Parliament #3

Super-state Parliament #4

Super-state Parliament #5

Super-state Parliament #6

Super-state Parliament #7

Super-state Parliament #8

Super-state Parliament #9

Super-state Parliament #10


  1. Joshua-Paul says:

    However, visit the US Parliament page and you will see my name and others not listed… To my understanding, you have to vote using the US Parliament page, by sending an email…
    the petitions are FANTASTIC, but I am confused about this Facebook box voting?

  2. Joshua-Paul says:

    I am confused-
    What are these SS facebook voting links? Also, I am Green Tea and my name is not added- I noticed there are several others who are not added…

  3. Lucifer Sam says:

    I just spoke with the office of the secretary of state of Colorado. There is only a $500 filing fee to get on the ballot here in Colorado and we need to speak with the FEC to get Roseanne Barr on the Election Campaign.
    Things are going to be a little easier than I thought. We should all as Barr Election members, be calling our sec. of state of our own states to see what it takes to get her on the ballot.
    Thank you all for sharing the efforts with me. Together we are a strong fortress.

  4. Lucifer Sam says:
  5. Signed for Wisconsin.
    Barr 2012!!

  6. tart_sprite says:

    I signed for Washington! Roseanne 2012!

  7. Lucifer Sam says:

    It’ll be okay prejesus… I’m going to change direction with the petitions a little bit and see what state election offices have for petitions of Green Tea Party Presidential candidates. So as long as your name and other names are on the petitions I can put them on the paper ballots. I’ll recognize whether your name or other names are repeated or not. I’m the perfectionist type, I’m never finished until it works out perfectly for all of us.

  8. Shoots I did the same can we contact them to change mistake?

  9. Lucifer Sam says:

    Thank you everyone for signing the petitions. Your signatures mean everything. I can start writing the signatures on a paper petition to avoid the conflict of my signature being on every petition, this way I will only be on the paper petition one time.
    So don’t stop signing, you are making a difference!

  10. Lucifer Sam says:

    Well I created the petitions and that makes my signature automatically on there. Technically, I can’t sign in that state but I had no choice and I can’t un-sign it. So I’ll have to make do with me being on every petition. Sorry bout that.

  11. I think there needs to be more clarity in what this petition means. I too have noticed Lucifer has added his signature to every state mentioned but James Ogle has only signed for his State. Surely, you have to be registered/living in the State to vote for that State. This petition is open to abuse. Anyone can add there name to it, whatever age you are. Can dead people add there name too it. So, what exactly are the legal rules. I mean this petition is really to find out how many people are interest? then move onto the e-ballot?? Surely, there are rules and regulations for the voting process. It would be a shame to have this all thrown out, due to irregularities and fraud because James Ogle has put in a lot of hard work.

  12. dashus christ says:

    I signed in my state and wondering the same ? as you Aunti–TY L Sam for your dedicated work!!

  13. hey Lucifer Sam, i noticed when i signed in Hawai’i you were the first signature, even if your listed as from C Springs…whats the deal are we allowed to sign for more than one state?
    big thanks for all your hard work!

  14. I signed the petition for Maine. Go, Sister, go!

  15. Lucifer Sam says:

    Thanks, I couldn’t have done it at all unless you had that C-section LOL. Love you *red cheeks*

  16. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    Thank YOU for caring so much!

  17. Signed for CA :) A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step ..

  18. Thank you LS for all the work you have done. You must have worked for hours to accomplish everything.

  19. Lucifer Sam says:

    Thank you Goddess!

  20. Lucifer Sam says:
  21. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    I signed the petition for my state. I am serious about voting for you.