even though the subject is actually about class,


the writer mentions only race and sexual preferance, (which is common for middle class whites–gay or straight)–this article has a lot of good things in it–


  1. PoeticJustice says:

    I don’t or maybe I should say can’t understand why we can’t all be classified as human first and all the other traits running far back in the field.
    No matter what else we are we are all born and die the same we should all have the same rights in every aspect. Who made it ok to disallow someone’s rights just because they love someone who is their same sex or of a different race. Laws should be to keep the peace and not as an excuse to punish people because they are different. We should all live by the same rules and not regulate people unless they are acually hurting others with their behavior. Sexual persuasion and the color of one’s skin should play no part in what we as a people are allowed to do legally or in our day to day life.
    OK I will wake up from my dream world now however begrudgingly.

  2. truth: there is nothing he has ever written himself–he takes all his orders from his mother.

  3. I think that homophobia is another form of sexism.
    Classism, I believe and speaking as a satanic white male, is a cheap way of winning. We decide women are weak, gays are biological errors, other races aren’t human, etc. Capitalism is our religion. Charlie Sheen is our mascot.
    I appreciate artists that break down sexism, because the winning white man is an utter bore. He needs a new role and if he doesn’t write it himself, it will be written for him.

  4. Moon Shadow says:

    It’s always about class. I have always been ostracized from the classist elitist gays. I just couldn’t learn the narcissistic behavior well enough to pass for this group, with their limitless sums of disposable income and lack of any empathy or social consciousness.
    Haven’t been watching any TV so have no clue how this (TM “rant”) has been covered, and have seen no footage of his act (if any exists).
    Unless the comic approves and owns all copyright and reproduction rights (or contracts with another individual or entity), anyone taping or filming should be prosecuted for theft of intellectual property. Just sayin…