cutting thru all that “forgiveness shit”–

Tatum, your dad is toxic–you however are a marvel, a good person, and a survivor–


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    it is not good to talk bad of the dead but i am witH you on that tpoic. i mean joke. LOL!

  2. Did she really do that? Seriously? I’ve heard and read bad things but not that, so I can’t tell if this is you trying to be funny. By the way, women are generally way funnier than men. They’re also more competitive than men, too, and I mean that in a good way. I fell in love with the Olympics during the summer of ’84, when I was just 13 years old. L.A. was the host city, and Mary Lou Retton was the queen of that summer. It was a very confusing time for a young gay boy like me. I mean, I knew I was gay and doing everything I could to hide that fact (living in a small town like I was), but I had the BIGGEST crush on Mary Lou Retton. Maybe it was her boyish haircut and her massive thighs that got me, but still, I was a bit confused. ANYWAY, she was a fierce competitor, too, and to this day I’d rather watch women’s gymnastics than men’s. Again, strange, considering being gay ‘n all. Unfortunately, I think Mary Lou would not approve of my “lifestyle”, as I’m sure that’s how she would say it. I get the very distinct feeling that she is a very conservative Christian woman, but who knows, I could be wrong. Maybe she’s got a posse of gay men who help her when her husband won’t. I digress again…. my point is, women are way funnier and way more competitive than men.

  3. joaby.boaby says:

    I liked it. lol.

  4. her mom locked her and her brother in a garage for three days with only dogfood–its good that she is dead–i was being funny or thought i was—

  5. No, I didn’t like it and I don’t agree. I was being sincere, and it seems that you thought I wasn’t, judging from your response. Tatum seems like a smart and self-aware person. But regardless of how smart one is, I think it’s biological to always want the approval of our parents, no matter how badly they may have treated us. Yes, I am also speaking from experience, so I see myself in her, and it makes me angry that she is still trying to get her asshole father’s approval. But I get it.

  6. her mother was the worst drug addict ever, but at least she had the decency to drop dead. (there, didja like it?)

  7. It’s interesting that no one here has talked about how fucked up Tatum’s mother was. Yes, she survived two bad models of parenting.

  8. it is so sad to see talented people so messed up with drugs and what ever.. ps roseanne i can”t get 0ct 25 06 to play…it was a good show dean&jean

  9. Dancin4Joy says:

    (I guess what I mean is it was somehow obvious even then that he wasn’t capable of letting HER – the child – be the focus of his greater concern.) An example of this is even on the recent clips of Roseanne with her kids and grandkids on the Oprah show, it was obvious that they and her nurturing matriarchy were her focus in everything she’s doing, not her celebrity.

  10. Dancin4Joy says:

    Maybe she was hoping for their story to turn out like the Judd’s did. Walking through very painful things and learning to hear and respect each other’s experiences at the same time. I noticed that on the one show I saw he seemed to be in denial and discounted her experience. It’ll be interesting to see the rest, I hope he comes around he’s not getting any younger and he’s loosing people faster than he’s gaining them which should be a red flag for his current path. Ryan – relationships are WORK and WORTH the effort, but ever since I was a kid your relationship with Tatum totally depressed me to watch both on and off film – I was little but it was palpable to me even then.

  11. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Did anyone see that ryan did not even join his daughter Tatum on the talk today on cbs? they said he planned on coming but never came. ryan is a jerk.
    i can not find the link for today,s show at this time but if anyone else finds it please post it for me. thanks

  12. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    yes your right. ryan has no class he is very sad.

  13. twistedmonkee says:

    you cant fix stupid! hes pickled! its hard to live a normal life after being in a dysfunctional family. she is a survivor! kudos to tatum!

  14. joaby.boaby says:

    Poor Farrah, yo. And Tatum too. He’s a pig.

  15. PoeticJustice says:

    I think Ryan just used Farrah’s illness to get back on TV. There were several things he did and said in the documentry that made me feel this way. She had said in the recent path that they weren’t that close anymore before she got sick.I think Tatum needs to say good riddence to bad rubbage!

  16. twistedmonkee says:

    forgiveness…whats that?? lol

  17. i hear that, disturbing is right. he actually BLAMED tatum for farrah’s cancer. the man is far removed from reality. what a sick, sick thing to say.

  18. dashus christ says:

    Ryan is a very disturbing sick old man-that’s something he can’t fake.

  19. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    Silence usually speaks louder than words. Tatum has class…Ryan umm none at all.

  20. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    Fathered by ONeal and married to MacEnroe. Its a wonder she got out with her life.

  21. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Tatum did not even talk bad towards her father when she was Joy. she just said they were going to be on regis.

  22. Ladyjane Green says:

    Tatum oneil was so cool, when we were the youth. papermoon was a great movie, i think i knew i was gay, right beween her and christy mcnichol, before jody foster… lol. Honest to God hard to believe she was married to MacEnroe. That alone seems like being” Tied to The Whipping Post.” Ryan is a trainwreck. Convincing as a played out con man on bones. One of those hes not really acting situations.

  23. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    what an ego on Ryan. He is a true sociopath. He turns his “charm” on and off. He is scary. It is no small feat that Tatum survived her childhood with him. Hopefully, he is a dying breed. My heart goes out to Tatum.