chris rock and wanda sykes use the moment tracy morgan created:


NOT to discuss THE HOMOPHOBIC HATRED that exists in the black church and parts of the black community, or the Mormon, of course—(that would be too risky raw and righteous, after all)–but to further attack a fellow comic who is more brilliant and edgy than the two of them rolled into one.  Tracy made public the stuff that talibangelist ‘Christians’ are saying in this country coast to coast.
let’s not attack the messenger, but address the substance of the message–america is going taliban-christian-jihad zionist-soon we will all be wearing the veil and have sister wives.


  1. Wanda ROCKS!
    Used to enjoy her talk show Saturday nights. Too bad it got cancelled.

  2. bananahammock1 says:

    Roseanne is badass! This is all i have to say in this one..

  3. PoeticJustice says:

    He also said that regarding bullying The Gay’s need to stop being pussies with the recent suicides I find that to be a tasteless joke.

  4. oh please, not the Sister Wife!! If I HAD to choose, it would be the veil rather than a Sister Wife ;D
    @ Smiles ;<

  5. joaby.boaby says:

    Roseanne when you blur the line between comedy and political activism I usually find it thrilling and funny as hell. Not so with this guy. If this is what Tracy Morgan was truly meaning to say he should have written better jokes. Because I am sure that anyone in the audience that night laughing was laughing at Tracy Morgan’s blunt homophobia (truth) and not at their own inner hatred of the gays. If I know anything it’s that derogatory comments like that don’t wake anybody up to anything. If Tracy Morgan meant it that way it must have been a private joke.

  6. joaby.boaby says:

    Wanda Sykes is using her voice in a positive way, imho. Chris Rock initially stepped out in support of Morgan, and was then forced to backtrack. His opinions mean nothing to me.
    Being Australian I’ve never seen Tracy Morgan in a stand-up routine, but from what I’ve read this is not the first time he has brought up homosexuality being a choice. He states it without conclusion, and no punchline. As if that were the joke? A lot of us would take the implied “truth” as being that he believes it so – or what does he hink his audience is laughing at? Also, I think Tracy finds the mental image of a child getting stabbed for using a gay voice funny. I really do. And I suspect its his own latent homosexuality and self-hate that leads him there to that conclusion.
    I don’t think he’s a comic genius, as a matter of fact I find his character on 30 rock witless. It’s a stale and repetitive parody of Cuba Gooding Jnr’s character in Jerry Maguire, if you ask me. Tracy is a man who is frightened to be what he is, and his comments were a reflection of that. Yes he s poking fun at himself as a gay man if he is one, but nobody is seeing it like that are they?

  7. Why did Tracey say it in TN just after the Gay word was banned there? Patriarchy always plays it both ways
    arms- both sides of wars. Yes, free speech is essential to Life but so is a brain. I think they are playing Tracey for their own agenda in TN and elsewhere.
    I live in the South, the homophobia is palpable as are all the ism’s. But homophobia is a serious uncomfortable mental illness with low impulse response that requires skilled help to extinguish. I have fear of spiders- i get it! I jumped out of a moving car because of a spider-got hurt. Dumb? Way dumb. Besides, I’m Gay and it took me some years to unwind my own internalized homophobia
    It can cause someone to react real fast and hurt/kill a child or another adult i.e Uganda. Again their agenda there, is for control of the largest food region as Uganda could feed all of Africa. So let’s “kill the gays” and get the little people all Fired up, why we steal your food.
    Wanda Sykes gets it. He did yell Fire and the homophobes (the majority) in the South will love it,justify it and use it at home and on the street. The rest of USA can have a civilized discussion to help evolve the meaning of killing or at best dis-owning a gay kid, as you Roeeanne suggest. But his remarks will reinforce the phobia in South- hence know your audience.
    Its a S and M culture and we need to change it. How? Keep speaking out on the Patriarch’s religions” agenda. Did you know Jesus had 2 daddies.?
    Do they? Of course. but it’s a sick demented ploy. Heal us please ,Great Goddess of Ten Thousand Names.

  8. PoeticJustice says:

    Which is exactly what I meant. I am nothing and my opinion counts for the same.

  9. I’m watching Entertainment Tonight, and they’re quoting all the dumb celebrities.
    The news takes your jokes as serious commentary (Bill O’Reilly analyzing them) and ignores your insight into serious political situations like this one.

  10. im an artist so i can if you are one and have made your face known to many, then go ahead, if not shut the fuck up

  11. PoeticJustice says:

    Your blog your rules I’ll let you do all the artist bashing from here on out.

  12. RevolutionaryBum says:

    Why do people have such faith in something that has no proof (religions) and are against something that is obvious and everywhere. (love) Gay or straight people can and do care for each other.

  13. And she does make sense on that and I would agree that its possible!

  14. No clue, that was just Wanda Sykes opinion. I guess she’s trying to say that he’s really a product of an anti-gay government, which could be the truth I guess because the government (especially Tennessee’s state government) is not that gay friendly—also she was implying that maybe if his stage was in LA that maybe his words would’ve been different since people in LA are much more accepting of gays then those in TN.

  15. it was not a hate filled rant–it was exaggerated truth on a comedy stage. I do not allow artist bashing here, so stop it.

  16. i say he is–and I do not allow artists to be bashed here, so stop it.

  17. PoeticJustice says:

    Don’t get me wrong I have nothing good to say about TN lawmakers, but what do they have to do with what Tracy Morgan said in Nashville? How do the hold responsiblity for his statements. Wasn’t this all brought to light because the audience members were outraged by his hate filled rant?

  18. I don’t think Tracy is a brilliant comedian, he’s not funny. I’ve enjoyed the comedy of Rock and Sykes-they’re funny. He wasn’t pointing out others flaws, he was demonstrating once again that his comedy sucks!

  19. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    Sad what irrational fear makes people say to those they love.

  20. Wanda Sykes wasn’t necessarily attacking Tracy Morgan in general, but she went at anti-gay politics even more. Read some of the other things she’s said, like:
    “Had time to think. Tracy is just a dumb comic. I fault the TN lawmakers. They’ve created an anti-gay environment.
    Don’t believe Tracy would be so ignorant in LA, because we have a mayor, a city council,and police chief who believes we are all equal.”

  21. when i came out as gay to my family my dad told me “i wish you’d just kill yourself and get it over with” this shit fucking exists, we just wait til someone brings it to attention and then we attack them

  22. in this life it is okay to start wars, deny people health care, control what a woman can do with her own uterus, give corporations more rights than human beings and such, but deliver the truth of things to people and watch what happens

  23. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    What a surprise. Chris Rock is calling Tracy “crazy” or “a little off.” Ya cant be normal and say things that challenge people to think.