the grotesque sexism that I wrote about in ny mag:

this guy and every one of his commenters loathe women–check it out–I’m just the only one they dare to call a cunt and a bitch in public, as they trip over their own feet to gobble Hollywood knob.
  Ken Levine is a farily respected sit-com writer, and yet he has no respect for me as a fellow writer in any way.  Why would a writer have no respect for another who accomplished far more than he ever did? Because that person is female, that’s why. 
   Why would he insult me for wanting credit for my writing, when he himself is a writer and a member of a guild that protects him from being ripped off, or having his work published under someone else’s name?  He would howl like the balless little bitch that he is if that happened to him, but it wouldn’t because he is a white jewish man who has thousands of peers who would take his side with him if that happened to him.  It happened to me, Ken.  You purposely mischaracterize my words in the New York magazine article that I WROTE.  I took responsiblity for bad behavior, but explained that the bad behavior was during a nervous breakdown brought on by having to work in a hostile work environment, and I am pretty sure that women who have worked for you in the past (if indeed there were ANY) worked in a hostile work environment.  Let me know, women writers out there–how were you treated on Ken Levine’s staff? 
   He uses a racist term “gypped” in his ignorant article about me–so I am sure if there were ever any people of color on his staff that they worked in a hostile work environment too–sexists and racists are not nice people.
  I did not have fawning guys up my ass trying to get a future job out of me like you do, Ken, I had only contempt, like the kind that drips from your article about me and denigrates my work, and gives a man credit for it.  My work was stolen from me, and I will never get over, and neither would you, if that happened to you.
  Because I am a woman writer who wrote almost sixty percent of the words in the pilot that does not bear my name, you could care less, but if it were you, you would be on the phone with your fat Hollywood lawyers in a heart beat, and probably be crying crocodile tears.  So many artists, woman and man are victims of hypocrites, and I decided after twenty years of hearing how crazy I was, from every single corner of Hollywood, that I would write about my side of things for once.  You really prefer the tabloid versions of me and who I am and what I lived through, and that is because, you are not on the side of writers at all, which makes you a hack.  
  Your writing is so arrogant and narcissitic that I would fire you if I could, because you deserve it.  Try a little empathy for a fellow guild member next time, asshat.  Again, for the thinking humans and women who are no doubt the victims of the hostile work environment that your words plainly encourage –as can be gleaned from the language you choose to use, which is completely derogatory and woman hating, call the California Labor Commission and register a complaint, I encourage you.  You have a lot of power in your hands when you bring charges of fostering a hostile work environment to Hollywood’s sexist and racist producers.  You can shut their whole ops down, and thereby save our country from pointless offensive destructive white boy ‘humor’.
  The sexism of male writers is so apparant in the inane woman loathing comment section, that it totally proves my point: most male TV writers are unappreciative, petty, narcissitic, hateful, ignorant idiots who will repeat any canard on earth as long as it makes them think they look like they are smarter than any female.  
  These pricks all stick together too, and have each other’s backs—all for one and one for all–few of them have the brains or guts to stick up for a fellow writer if that writer is female, or a person of color, trust me it’s an every day reality–and I encourage those who have experienced it first hand to blog here.
  I am also going to ask several of my favorite male writers who loved working with me and still do to this day to also blog about that here–stay tuned–


  1. Cindafuckingrella says:

    Well, I LOVED the article in NY Mag – I thought it was very well-written (!) and there is no doubt in my mind that that whole world is as sick as you describe.
    In 1991 I was an exchange student in Waldport Oregon and I lived with a family who had a 6-year old girl. When the mother of the family wanted the girl to do this or that – and was just about to scold her, she’d always say: “Do you want me to be a Roseanne-mommy?” Like that was the biggest threat. I assigned it to the language barrier, because I always thought “Roseanne-mommy” was quite wonderful. I loved the quick wit and the sarcasm. (Oh – and I too looooved John Goodman.) Since then, I’ve realized it was simply because she didn’t get the humour.
    So you just rock on, Roseanne. I love you and think you’re one of the most talented writers the world has seen. Now that’s something.

  2. Roseanne, loved your article in New York Magazine. I’m not at all well-versed in the Hollywood sexism, though always suspected it. I was pretty shocked by your article. My field is graphic design and men always seem to float to the top in this field also.
    Wanted to mention I saw a movie on Netflix instant download “The Pixar Story” (2007) last night which I thought might be interesting for graphics and production reasons. Instead it’s the “story” of the most sexist company ever!!! Was I surprised! It’s the story of a complete boys club with the founder hiring hand-picked guys that are replicants of himself. Later, each of these chosen ones is given the opportunity to write/create/direct their own movie just because. They have several of these guys actually admitting on camera that when they were hired they had no idea what they were doing and had never worked a computer. They just got the job because . . . they fit the mold. Will make you want to barf, guaranteed. You’ve got to see it!

  3. It’s not just Levine. There are others in the television industry that are just as bad.
    My experience:
    Wrote a game show. Didn’t know the ropes. My friend knew an agent. The agent was interested. He wanted 10% (that’s the law). My friend initially wanted 25%, but changed it to 45% and producer credit after the agent got on board. After a couple meetings, we had a producer interested. After the meeting my friend tried to get co-creator credit. He screamed and yelled (duress and undue influence) to get his way and when I didn’t succumb to his demands he made threats that it was his way or the highway and if he left, the agent and producer would go with him. The second time he gave me an ultimatum, I took the highway and I’m glad I did even though I’m still looking for a producer and can’t get a meeting.
    Life is too short to work with dishonest aholes who want all of the credit.

  4. Lucifer Sam says:

    Oh… i didn’t recognize the joke, it just seemed unsympathetic.

  5. QuackQuack says: are a gem of great magnitude

  6. it’s called humor asshole, look into it.

  7. speaking of delusional: you don’t know me. You don’t understand my writing, nor my political commentary. You know nothing of my life and what I have done nor do you know anything about my family–the crystal meth that you are addicted to is rotting your brain, and your homophobic closeted life is driving you over the edge. I hope someone you know becomes aware of how sick you are and turns you in and that you will detained for psych–trust me–it is going to happen to you any time now, it’s inevitable.
    I can only pray that you have no contact with women or children in other countries, because you are an ignorant hillbilly with a gut full of rage at females and gays. what goes around comes around.

  8. Lucifer Sam says:

    Eh hem *cough cough* I served in the military and find your position and views offensive. Would you prefer to keep the military the way it is, where our soldiers have no constitutional rights?

  9. Disgusted says:

    Yea right, like anyone who thinks that serving in the armed forces isn’t a real job would actually not only become commander and chief but beat out an incumbdent that was able to have Bin Laden killed. Lets step down from being delusional.
    To answer your question from last night though, Roseanne, that you humorsly and cowardly deleted, what I’ve done in uniform that you may consider a terrible thing is delivered vessels of food to starving children in Africa that could only dream of such pampered hardships that you write about, but being in a position of privilege what exactly have you done? Ya know, besides lying and making up accusations including ones that put your own family through hell.

  10. Lucifer Sam says:

    @Disgusted-There’s a lot more respect due to a ‘has been’ than to someone like you who was and is a ‘never been’ lol. You may have missed out on the other threads, but Roseanne is clearly turning from ‘has been’ to future President and Prime Minister.
    @Moon Shadow-I love the line in your last comment… “We all know only the truly brilliant geniuses are slandered!”
    What is this turning into… battle of the blogs LMAO. Roseanne gonna win this one, she has a bigger name and has a rep. for fighting for her show and position, that tops all else.

  11. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Kens website is a waste of time. No smart female need go on there. Need i say more?.

  12. Disgusted says:

    And a mediocre spoiled ‘has been’ publishing articles about the horrors of being denied complimentary 5 star dining is any better? OH MY GOD, when I read your article and and the part where Hillary turns and said that the Palms was booked, like that just sent chills down my spine, like oh my god how could anyone go further with having to hear such trauma. Good thing it didn’t happen in 2001 or the news would read “The WTC north and south towers were hit with planes and just collaps—wait we’re recieving breaking news: OH MY GOD. Roseanne Barr was denyed free pizza. Oh noes!!!!! Time to panic!!”
    Get a fucking clue, or better yet watch the movie ‘Clueless’ and add a couple mental illnesses and that’s the picture your painting that your life is like. As long as the last minute reservations go thru and Roseanne has the choice of flannel or plaid then, yes, the world truly can go on! You did get Hillary counselling for having to hear such heartbreaking news from the Palm, right Roseanne? Like oh my god, that could scar anyone.

  13. Moon Shadow says:

    Ken’s site is tailor-made for all the women with penises (or at least act like they do). Easier for them to write the dick jokes and thicken their skin so deep they can’t find their va-jayjay’s.
    Similar to the “affluent” gays who avoid politics and joining forces and supporting other minority groups and women to spend spend spend and consume consume consume with their “disposable income”.
    Or the “affluent” women of color who choose to buy blood diamonds and slaughtered animal skins to flaunt wealth and divorce themselves from the POOR class, regardless of race.
    Shit, I guess anyone who has a fucking wad of cash and doesn’t give vast sums to the ever-increasing poverty-class, locally and globally, can just go FUCK themselves. I hear there’s an increase on penile enhancement “procedures” just for this purpose.
    Enough PR for the slimebags who continue to create SHIT rather than work on ONE masterpiece (ROSEANNE) which will not only stand the test of time, but continues to become more and more relevant even 15 years after it ended.
    Stay in your lane fucktards and continue write your SHIT. We all know only the truly brilliant geniuses are slandered! Those who sit in the stench of mediocrity crave the attention and seek to tear down that which they will never achieve or aspire to.

  14. dashus christ says:

    Yes–No woman was ever meant to kowtow to any man ever!

  15. lol! i’d sooner be gut shot than have to bear the whining of mediocre hacks attacking what they will never understand: a woman who won’t bow down to their sanctioned bullshit.

  16. Come over to Ken’s blog Stace, you’ll be treated with more respect there.

  17. dashus christ says:

    @ Rowan- – -oh brother

  18. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Well the truth is the truth and it needed to be said. I do not sit around and let people bully me i say the truth and move on. I have things to do i do not have time for bullies. I defended Roseanne and it needed to be done. Now i am going move on.

  19. Lucifer Sam says:

    nice one man, it’s good to hear a little positivity every once in a while!

  20. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Here is what i know. Ken badmouthed Roseanne and that is wrong. He also sounded sexist on his blog post abount her. Please stop defending the wrong, Thank you. It also sounds to me that it does not bother you that men are sexist to you, ok that is fine is is your life. But it bothers Roseanne so why dont you Feel her pain, and stop defending sexist men?. Sexist men are not nice men why dont you understand that?.

  21. Scary

  22. Derrik.Moore says:

    Well thank you, Roseanne, for taking the time to provide an explanation. All of that is completely understandable, and really who cares what a few writers thought of your show—regardless it was and still is a hit to its viewers in several demographics.

  23. he is defending the offenders of course–that’s who he is. He doesn’t get what I was saying in this blog or in the original article, because he has no empathy for people like me or charlie sheen or valerie harper or any of the other stars who have survived a hostile work environment—but nonetheless, it is against the law to foster one, and even though Labor Laws are the bane of Hollywood, they do exist and should be used against producers who defend offenders. that is the very definition of fostering a hostile work environment–to band together to attack the credibility of one who brings a complaint–read the law, and use it–it is the only recourse women and minorities have against arrogant and ignorant producers.

  24. neither of these women were very good writers, and the cast and crew used to really hate Laurie’s scripts the most– they brought nothing to the table, really,– if they had any talent at all, they would have been offered big jobs by carsey werner or other producers—most of the women writers got big production deals to make their own shows after just two seasons writing for ‘roseanne’ and they left to make their own very good shows.
    ‘Tom Arnold’s buddies’ were stand up comics that I found funnier than regular script writers. i preferred edgy comics

  25. Derrik.Moore says:

    As well as when he went further in the comment section to say as well that your blog writing it “hypocritical” and “if you want to talk about empathy for fellow guild members, then where was your empathy for your fellow guild members Matt Williams and Chuck Lorre”

  26. Derrik.Moore says:

    Roseanne, just curious to if you’ve read Ken Levine’s latest blog entry about you rebutting your blog post where he posted statements from his female middle class coworkers who also worked for your show, that said they love working for him but didn’t feel the same about your sitcom because allegedly you gypped one of them out of a job when you “fired the writing team to hire Tom Arnold’s buddies”. What’s your opinion on that?

  27. I thought I was the only one who noticed that Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t ever funny. Love ya DJ :)