now women can oppress women too!! hurray!!


  1. dashus christ says:

    I Very Much Loved this video you linked here-(Unplugging the patriarchy),THX PJ!!-You post such Great links Always!!!

  2. What happened to Roseanne’s Penis in the sky post? Thought that was my cue.

  3. haha i get what you mean hon, but you did strike a chord i been struggling with, like once u pass 50 by a few years like me , that im suddenly supposed to wear old lady cloths…course i never did much i was supposed to do…mahalo for your reply

  4. you are welcome

  5. dashus christ says:

    So True-thx for link!

  6. and to that i share,

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    We Believe You! I was hoping we would hear your take on this, from the frontlines of education…

  8. urbanteach says:

    sorry, to belabor the point, good teachers do make a difference in the lives of kids!
    The Poet and teacher Taylor Mali:

  9. urbanteach says:

    sorry to be off topic, but I have read comments regarding school bullying and I just have to say my peace, forgive me. The single factor in controlling bullying in the classroom is the teacher first and then the school community. Bullying is not a rite of passage! It must never be tolerated even in its smallest forms. Here’s the problem, bully kids are raised by bully parents the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I implore anyone who has a child be bullied to contact the school immediately and demand a response and ACTION. Strong teachers in the classroom = control of student behavior. I DARE some little shit in my class TO try and intimidate another! Unfortunately I can’t be in the halls and lunchroom, etc. that is when it must be the responsibility of the school community.

  10. I am sooo excited that I found this site! I watch the show Roseanne religiously (to the point where my roommates get annoyed with me) and I had no idea that Roseanne had a website! She is so insightful! Being motherless, I wish so much she was my mom! My ultimate dream would be for her to be my mentor…she’s so awesome!

  11. LOL!
    Looks like I should have contacted you for advice instead of Gloria Allred.