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now women can oppress women too!! hurray!!


  1. dashus christ says:

    I Very Much Loved this video you linked here-(Unplugging the patriarchy),THX PJ!!-You post such Great links Always!!!

  2. What happened to Roseanne’s Penis in the sky post? Thought that was my cue.

  3. haha i get what you mean hon, but you did strike a chord i been struggling with, like once u pass 50 by a few years like me , that im suddenly supposed to wear old lady cloths…course i never did much i was supposed to do…mahalo for your reply

  4. you are welcome

  5. dashus christ says:

    So True-thx for link!

  6. and to that i share,

  7. dont forget that capitalism is bullyism too and so is religion–we learn early that god will strike us dead if we dont do things HIS way…its all the same bullshit and might makes right

  8. Ladyjane Green says:

    We Believe You! I was hoping we would hear your take on this, from the frontlines of education…

  9. urbanteach says:

    sorry, to belabor the point, good teachers do make a difference in the lives of kids!
    The Poet and teacher Taylor Mali:

  10. urbanteach says:

    sorry to be off topic, but I have read comments regarding school bullying and I just have to say my peace, forgive me. The single factor in controlling bullying in the classroom is the teacher first and then the school community. Bullying is not a rite of passage! It must never be tolerated even in its smallest forms. Here’s the problem, bully kids are raised by bully parents the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I implore anyone who has a child be bullied to contact the school immediately and demand a response and ACTION. Strong teachers in the classroom = control of student behavior. I DARE some little shit in my class TO try and intimidate another! Unfortunately I can’t be in the halls and lunchroom, etc. that is when it must be the responsibility of the school community.

  11. I am sooo excited that I found this site! I watch the show Roseanne religiously (to the point where my roommates get annoyed with me) and I had no idea that Roseanne had a website! She is so insightful! Being motherless, I wish so much she was my mom! My ultimate dream would be for her to be my mentor…she’s so awesome!

  12. LOL!
    Looks like I should have contacted you for advice instead of Gloria Allred.


  14. Ladyjane Green says:

    I would hope youd dress and act any way you please! just keep all primary and secondary sexual characteristics safely stowed in the overhead bins. lol jes messin… no, to be honest, I was referring to a particular style of highly sexualized, overly revealing “ho bag” costume that can be seen on teen agers or certain kind of older gals trying to defy the natural aging process via surgery and clothing meant for kids half their age. u see it more on the mainland, in places lyke The Glendale Gallaria in sub- urban Lost Angeles. Hawaii culture way different. LJG is no bastion of maturity, or even decency. One of my fave shirts 2 wear to Farmers market is my “I Support Single Moms,”with a cartoon stripper on a pole. Clearly as an old adage goes,” youre only young once, but you can be immature fo eva!” Dress how u lyke, but remember, if yer dressed too slutty you could be arrested for provoking a man to sexually assault u. In The New World Order of the U.S. Slay. i just wish that” womyn are being dragged back into the sexual and societal stone age” feeling would dissapate….

  15. Lucifer Sam says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been hurt in your past, or rather you’ve had to fight off the pains of life, but sometimes running away is a way of dealing with the problem or at least allowing karma to smack the person back who made us take flight or fight in the first place. I never had a best friend because I was so defensive, and fought back every time I felt pressured, so I understand a little bit. However, I think you if you settled down and revised a bit of your thought process you would find Roseanne to be on the same terms you’re speaking from… Not to pressure or provoke you, I only hope to encourage the positivity that I know is in you!

  16. thebiggreenl says:

    not sure if anybody else said this already, but this happens in the corporate world all the time…

  17. love what your saying, but but but , just how is a grown women like myself supposed to dress and act? only my body is old, my mind is still young and kolohe.when my kid escapes my adult, and rules my actions/dress/limitations, am i like freaky friday material?

  18. excellent watch, putting it on my channel. mahalo

  19. awwww again you are sending shivers up my Shebrew spine, truth is addictive…more please

  20. Danny Breitbach says:

    In dead we are a bi sexual creature, like many if not all animal species.Actually I think a true straight person is the minority. AS well, as far as the catholic church out of all religions that illustrate the god concept, I feel the catholics have deviated more away from actual biblical interpretation than that of all other religions.Not to mention the bible was inspired by god, written by man ,well humankind was primitive then, so if god would reactivate that inspiration he now could send that energy to a more knowledgeable source there for I feel it would be written entirely different..And as far as bullying, It’s more of a peer thing much like homo phobia itself.They are trying to demonstrate to their friends that they feel the same way as the group.Individually they probably would never have acted out..Human nature is a complex issue,then throw brain washing religion into the equation and you have one mixed up society and children fighting literally for an identity..

  21. I actually never thought of it that way before.

  22. Yeah Oprah should have really had a show or two on that subject. Keep up the deprogramming of bullshit. Knowledge is power.

  23. you should have poisoned him early on.

  24. thanks—i am getting better and better at it i think–also enjoy exposing child abuse enablers too! their programming is the hardest to crack–the victim role is so completely satanic a role to play.

  25. start with the title–in other words, what looks like progress is anything but–putting women in male positions is bad for women.

  26. Thanks Ladyjane. I’m rather tired. It has been a long road, but I’d do it all again.
    Gloria did try to help with the evil christian brother problem. When my attorney left me (on the first day of the trial), I contacted her. Since conservatorships are not her area (civil law) she referred me to an attorney. What I learned from that experience was attorneys are not interested in helping on a contingency basis unless the estate is worth more than a million dollars.
    The DA had the case for about five months and told me that they didn’t have time to pursue it because they were short on staff.
    Glad it’s over so that I can move on.

  27. Maybe I missed something, but what does this article have to do with the oppression of women?

  28. Thank you for clearing up the Jesus gossip Roseanne. Way to break that bullshit program!

  29. Ladyjane Green says:

    Mahalo, and thanks for the kind words(;