Maria’s Karma:

   When Tom became Arnold S’ best friend (birds of a feather) during the making of True Lies (which ended our marriage–I should actually thank Schwartzie for that perhaps) Tom came home and said that Arnold had told him that if you give your wife a baby, then you can have sex with whomever you want to. Tom thought that was pretty sick, and then he started talking about us having a baby all the time.  ((((Duhhh))))

  Tom (and everyone else) knew that Arnold was bagging everyone in sight, and everyone knew that Maria knew it too, but, being of the Kennedy clan, she had been trained to turn a blind eye. One of my make up artists that I hired once told me that she had sex with Arnold at his home with Maria in the next room when she went over there to dye his hair each week.
   It really made me sick the way Maria cleaned up after her vile husband, when she knew that he was a liar, a groper, a freak and an opportunist, yet despite all that, she used all of her celebrity goodwill to get him into the office of Governor of California, so he could fuck all of the people of California.
When I saw Maria and Arnold in Maui when my baby Buck was just a few months old, I went over to say hello, since I had not seen them since I got a divorce from Tom, and wanted them to see my new baby, and meet my new husband, Ben.  Maria’s words really shook me, they were so insensitive and ignorant, I will never forget them–ignoring my new baby totally, she said, in front of all of her kids who were laying on suncots, “Just curious, Roseanne, but why are you always saying such terrible things about Tom?  He helped my brother get sober, and was the one person in Hollywood who was a true friend to Arnold.  I just wonder why you can’t let things go?  He’s a good man!”
  I said, “You weren’t married to him! Why would you think it’s any of your business to say any of this shit to me?  Don’t you have any manners at all?”   Then I walked away from her.  
  I’m shocked that she isn’t out there defending him now.  Some say this is his second love child, not his first, during their marriage. 


  1. joaby.boaby says:

    Holy shit! Finally a realistic perspective on this flimsy news item. I lol’d.

  2. Arnold life is a TRUE LIE.First of all let’s get the fact’s did you ever wonder why rich little skinny whores are bitchy iz cus she don’t eat.maybe you got her before she had her salad and was hungry.
    on serious note:She’s just that a bitch and is real term and, i won’t say sorry.

  3. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    yes linda true but my point of doing that was to say if you feel someone is like tom he is. By no means am i saying he is cool, he is not cool he is a sick SOB and i do not like him. Sorry for the misunderstanding if there was one.

  4. Ewww, Tom Arnold isn’t even worth mentioning. He’s just proof to what Roseanne’s book says that flattery will get you anywhere. He’s not even that good of an actor, the only movie of his I even sort of liked was “The Stupids” and that’s only because it was so bad it was actually a little funny.

  5. Dancin4Joy says:

    I mean the title “True Lies” as fitting because at some point you cant separate the lies from the liar and the truth is that there’s always a lie in it somewhere.

  6. Dancin4Joy says:

    Seriously – is there a more fitting title for anything they appear in? I mean no one is perfect but when you make your living in a low-life way, cutting the rug out from other people and pointing fingers well… it’s just so wrong.

  7. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Ya know i watched true lies and back then i liked tom arnold but now i do not like him at all. all he does is talk shit abount roseanne and i am not friends with anyone who does that. Roseanne Do or did you ever like the movie true lies?.

  8. cheshire572 says:

    So I wonder why she is leaving now. Did she find someone better? One of the boys is said to have changed his last name. Makes you wonder if they won’t grow up to be just like their parents. Just what we need a whole new generation of irresponsible adults.

  9. Dancin4Joy says:

    I gotta be honest, it makes me sad that she couldn’t have just treated you like another woman with a baby who wants to show off the baby and say ‘HI’!
    I worked with a lot of famous people over the years in television at a network etc and at Disney and one thing that I knew early on was that it’s hard enough many times for people who are well known to be treated just like any other person you’d see and say ‘hi’ to without an ulterior motive.
    Sure working together is fun if it works out and collaborating in a creative sense is such a fun high but like she knew that and she still came at you over something she really knew nothing about. I think it comes from her own inability to see the truth at that time.
    It was probably AS$’s influence over the years of hearing back from TA about you and feeling like she needed to address it. I love babies and children and family, I love chatting and brain storming and being creative. I so would have been asking you about Buck and how you’re managing all the crazy schedules changes and stuff like that.
    Even if my husband was pressuring me to ‘say something’ to you I’d have been like ‘there’s two sides to every story dude’ and told him that it wouldn’t be right to act as Tom’s emissary (shaliah) or something, friends don’t get in the middle of stuff like that – he can hire one if he wants that. I mean really what is this the mob?

  10. Let’s create a list.
    Assholes who need to be exposed List:
    (1) Tom Arnold
    (2) Arnold Shwarzenegger
    (3) Mel Gibson

  11. That would’ve pissed me off too. I “love” it when people think that just because they know one side of a person, then they know who that person really is. You never know or understand what kind of man someone is in a marriage based on your friendship with him, and no one sees behind closed doors. They need to mind their own damn business and STFU.
    Talking about it is sometimes the best way to get through all the shit you had to deal with. Yeah, people will think that you’re just a big complainer – oh boo hoo, woe is me – but you earned that right being married to him, and if you feel it’s your duty to expose him to the world, then do it.

  12. …Tom came home and said that Arnold had told him that if you give your wife a baby, then you can have sex with whomever you want to. Tom thought that was pretty sick, and then he started talking about us having a baby all the time. ((((Duhhh))))
    T.A. (aka T&A) might also have been thinking about getting alimony. Good thing you didn’t fall for that trap. Can you imagine? Having to deal with him, court, and a child for years after the divorce. What a lifelong nightmare that could have been.

  13. Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

  14. Yes…I just broke up with a guy like this. Turns out he was messing around on me,with the other women he was with AND he was married with a kid!!! i was like,wtf?
    O well….moral of the story is: Stay away from guys like this..they will break your heart. Like mine is. I just cant believe the hideous irony of this story coming out right at the same time as mine with him did…

  15. Moon Shadow says:

    You just can’t find people with your honesty Roseanne! You always seem to be years ahead of the curve. The strength it takes to maintain your honesty and clarity amazes me.
    The pedo and pedo-loving Cathlick Kennedy’s possess very ugly souls. What a fucking bitch to attack you and back an asshole like Tom A.
    Time for the Kennedy’s to just fucking go away!!
    btw, did you see the Oprah (Season 25 – Behind the Scenes) spot regarding your segment promoting the book? She called you brilliant, a genius. Was an honest truthful comment. She obviously really respects you.

  16. Sometimes you need to be broadsided by the truth to really believe it. If this ain’t a Mack truck of a blindside hit, I don’t know what is.

  17. That is sad. Yet unsurprising.

  18. Sexual degenerates. So Maria knew all along what a sleeze Swartzy was? And she stayed with him with all of the deadly STD’s out there? Nobody plays with my life that way. Evidently you don’t go for that either Roseanne. I just saw an old episode with Buck in it. Tom Arnold could have never produced such a beauty. Good decision for letting go of “Arnie”.

  19. I just read your NY mag piece. Thank you. it is distressingly easy to not notice that the working class is under complete assault on all fronts – because we don’t admit to class in america. and feminism has lost the fight, yet we’ve all been told that the goals were met, and there’s no more issues. thank you for your astute reminder, and for wrapping the whole message in your beautiful caustic witty voice. don’t stop telling it.

  20. Obviously, Arnold isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I remember being shocked he was actually elected. But then I dismissed that shock by thinking “hey it IS California.”
    The line between entertainment and politics is really started to blur. We should be scared.

  21. Just finished reading your NY Mag piece. JUST WOW. You’re my hero. Would love to interview you for

  22. stokastika says:

    Dear Roseanne,
    Pardon this comment is out of context, but I just read your article from New York magazine and I can say that that has been one of the most inspiring and well-written and comical magazine articles I have ever read. I walked away with a screaming message in my head, “Those who win are those who care the most.”
    I am a female graduate student who is battling the inconsistent ideologies and theories within the university, who I have discovered have been largely invented by males in the whole history of science and knowledge (what a surprise!). Thank you so much for your article, I will continue to hold my head up high and hold on tight toward a more interdisciplinary degree in environmental media, because I care, and I’m the only one who really does care.
    I wish you all the best and I guess I’m just another case study fan who is verifying Your Role Model-ness.
    Much much regards, Victoria

  23. Dear Ms. Barr:
    I’m a fan for years and was lucky enuf to ‘see’ you once at Mohegan Sun the nite I think former Pres. Clinton played sax, Dan Aykroyd rode in on a harley re Blues Brothers, Paul Schafer so much talent was in the Den that nite!! Anyways, thank you for saying out loud the truth that nobody dares to say and for why I haven’t figured it out yet – aside from Greed. I’m one of the former middle class single ladies that is now poor but not broken! I look forward to following your news w/ thanx.

  24. Countrygirlgo says:

    I didn’t know yo had a baby, that is so sweet. Forget people that are rude—it will come back a bite them in their backsides.
    I believe in telling it as I see it and that is why you have always been special in my home, I am still watching reruns of your show.
    I hope you will do a special once in a while, but I would not want to leave my beautifl spot in Heaven in Hawaii—just to please other people.
    Have a Wonderful life,