“obama will find osama just before the next election. with a clear and huge mandate, obama will begin his true task–bringing business back to the united states by presenting a cheap and docile work force of fat americans who will work for fake cheeseburgers fries, cokes and hot apple pies, and be happy to live in work camps.   


  1. Danny Breitbach says:

    To elaborate more, it will be like the same character with a different flare.And I have a feeling he will fit the character and his own charm will develop, morph into the chemistry of all the other actors..Just that is exciting to me, cant wait to see it..I also understand you will be in a new show, something of your wonderful garden.WOW just accrued to me that what I am writing will be seen by Roseanne barr.
    WOW your strong personality scares me some ,but I know you are kind..Can feel it!!

  2. Danny Breitbach says:

    I also should state. I have been a huge fan of yours love your show and all the different ways you wore your hair..Funny how they get the chemistry on these shows or do the actors grow into that mold,,Will be interesting on Aston taking Charlies place ,like I say many complexe people evolve from what 6 basic human personality types..

  3. Danny Breitbach says:

    Yes love is like a valuable priceless piece of jewelry. And if the person you give it to, does not polish it and protect it like the priceless value it is, then take it back.Because there is some one out their to cherish it.I think like they say we keep finding dysfunctional people tell we have healed the child withen or stay with an other wise abuse person tell they have both healed.I am presuming that you have psychic abilities.Do you actually get visions and all??d

  4. omg, I remember you posting this. And…”buried at sea”?! Sounds fishy.

  5. Lucifer Sam says:

    Don’t forget, your prayers to kill Satan have also been answered, now that Osama’s dead we can all pray for a prospering country.

  6. Lucifer Sam says:

    Damn you’re good. I’d I’ve seen your psychic Roseanne pic… you are very pretty, even with a huge eye drawn on the forehead.

  7. Moon Shadow says:

    I think the new paradigm shift requires “mood” altering substances to maintain this new sense of “reality”. We’ll likely see serious discussion on legalization of all pharma and dharma to replace the old drug of consumption. The masses who were placated with things and more things will now have to numb there mind and body to maintain the American Dream fantasy.
    When they can no longer CONTROL us, REVOLUTION is imminent!
    tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock….

  8. Skip Hunt says:

    Heh! No thanks. Now I’m thinkin’ some peyote and home made desert goat cheese is sounding better. Besides, Mexican Coke is way the hell better anyway. ;-)

  9. Ladyjane Green says:

    Id like to call this transformational process “The Vealing Of The Nation”

  10. Moon Shadow says:

    Stop by your local recruitment office and you can sign on the dotted line. SERVE your country! And all the fake cheeseburgers and AMERICAN hot apple pie shall be yours. ;)

  11. Skip Hunt says:

    work for fake cheeseburgers, fries, coke AND hot apple pie?! And I get to camp too?!
    Sold! Where do I sign? ;-)

  12. Yep, I remember reading this prediction, and thinking, “So true.”

  13. Moon Shadow says:

    Yes, I’ve gone back over the past few months and seen some of your predictions which have come true.
    I think you are right on with the conclusion of your prediction.
    It’s always about the economy dipshit! Time for a shift, or more likely, OBL’s replacement is already being created…